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New Entry Bench!

Front entry bench (Sunny Side Up)

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Oh this is a happy day.  I can finally say that my front entry is complete!  I say finally because for the last five years that we’ve been living in our new home I have been hunting for the perfect bench for my front entry and it’s finally here!

Front entry bench (Sunny Side Up)

To be honest my new navy bench is not exactly what I pictured and a little modern for my taste with its tall straight sides.  But I’ll take it!  And celebrate the fact that I’m done with my never ending hunt for a bench for this spot.

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

Two reasons I’ve struggled to find a bench for this entry:  1) I  knew I wanted a navy bench.  That narrowed the search pretty quickly right off the bat. :)  2) I had to find something narrow.  Most benches are a lot deeper than this bench and would have come out too far past my front door.  It was a narrow spot to work with!  I had the color and style in my head and the exact dimensions I needed and NOTHING I found fit the bill.

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

Except this one. :)  It’s the Adela Shelter Banquette from Horchow and when I first saw it on-line I decided it was so close!  The perfect color and size, but too modern for me.  But I kept going back to look at it and after a few weeks it sort of grew on me!  Then one Saturday I went to look at it again and it was marked down on sale.  I decided it was a sign and I was meant to buy it!  I think also knowing that if I didn’t jump on it I would most likely be looking for the “perfect” bench for another 5 years helped close the deal.  I asked Kenny if I could pull the trigger and he was like “for the love.. please just buy something and have it done and stop talking about finding a bench for that spot!”

Ha!  My strategy that I didn’t even know was a strategy.  I patted myself on the back for that one and plan to use it in the future.  I call it the “talk about it enough that you drive your husband crazy and get exactly what you want” strategy.  Look for my book coming out with details next Spring.

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

I still love my entry console table (it’s back in stock for a great deal here!) and the Party Favor Art and the navy lamp I decorated it with.  The pink ginger jars from Lo Home are a fun new addition on this table for Spring.

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

I also added some festive eggs to a favorite dough bowl!

Entry marble wood floor and Easter Decor (Sunny Side Up)

That pretty much sums up my Easter decor this year.  I know.. you’re all so impressed.  I’m taking Pinterest by storm with this one.

Easter Tablescape (Sunny Side Up)

If you have more energy for Easter decor than I apparently do this year (or are in charge of Easter dinner) there are a few fun ideas in this Easter Tablescape post.  I hung my eggs on my faux flowers for a centerpiece.  I would actually love to put together a new Easter tablescape this year, but I still need to finish decorating my dining room!

Dining Room Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas Dining Room Post/Sources}

I had it decked for the holidays, but after the Christmas decor was put away I was left with a blank slate that I’m still working on.  I ordered this Sunken Treasure Canvas to go over my navy table..Front entry bench (Sunny Side Up)

(SO gorgeous!) and am patiently waiting for it to come.  I’ve had my eye on it for a long time!

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

For now I’m celebrating my new bench!  I added this favorite throw to it after I took these pics and it looks so good!  Makes me want to order another one but it would be my 3rd.  Ha.  Seriously.. it’s the throw that looks good everywhere!  I’m also debating this textured blush throw as another option.  One piece of furniture/decor at a time and at one point I’m going to have this house completely decorated!

Just in time to pick a room and start all over again. ;)

Entry marble wood floor (Sunny Side Up)

I was taking pics of this space when Addison got home from school.  A friend brought her home (I have quite the carpool situation worked out this year so that I can get my kids home from their 3 different schools every day).  She walked in the front door, tossed her dirty backpack, binder and water bottle on my brand new bench, sat down and gave me this look.  Rough day at middle school Ad?  I snapped a quick pic and said “well.. my new bench is officially broken in.”

That didn’t take long now did it.



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “New Entry Bench!

  1. Congratulations on the new bench. Looks like it’s a keeper if your kiddos feel comfy enough to plop onto it after a long day at school. Did she think it was comfortable to sit on? The color is beautiful and it looks pretty luxurious! Happy for you to be one step closer to finishing up the decorating. Progress. The canvas you chose looks beautiful, too. I admire that you have an eye for design and a vision what you want for your home! And appreciate that you share! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Although my kids feel comfortable plopping on just about anything.. ha. ;) Progress for sure. Good day! Enjoy your weekend! I hope you have something fun planned! Or at least a little R&R.. you deserve it! xo

  2. Love the bench!! What color is your front door?? We are debating between factory stained or painted and the problem being
    what I put on the outside will not look good on the inside!! So big dilemma here!!

    1. Yea! Thanks Brenda! Our door is “black” by Dunn Edwards. So original right? Ha. You can do two different colors for front and back! I’ve seen that done before. :)

  3. Congratulations, it’s beautiful! I know the struggle is real…I’ve been looking for a year and a half. I’ll be using your new strategy, love it!

  4. The bench is so pretty. I LOVE the color. It looks great. I just moved a bench into my entry and it’s just not the right one! Bench struggles are real! Ha!

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