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Spring Porch Update! (and favorite Spring dresses)

Coastal Craftsman home (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We are mid week on Spring Break #2 at our house.  3 kids in 3 different schools = 3 separate Spring Breaks and let me tell you.. productivity is at an all time LOW around here.  You should all be very impressed that this post is even happening right now.  I sure am. ;)  I’ve actually been loving some time with each of my kids home and it has felt like summer thanks to some surprisingly hot weather the past 2 days.  Makes me excited for things to come!  The sunshine and warm temps inspired a little porch re-fresh!  I cleaned and swept my porch and then found the cutest new outdoor rug.  I still love my black and white striped rug but was ready for a change.

(Lots of fun sources and options are at the end of this post!  Affiliate links used.)

Coastal Craftsman home (Sunny Side Up)

Of course still stripes though.. I’m not ready for a change that wild and crazy.  Ha. :)

Coastal Craftsman home (Sunny Side Up)

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{navy striped rug/similar hello mat here and here}

I found this cute rug on Amazon and it’s plastic!  I was a little skeptical ordering it, but was so happy when it arrived!  Really nice quality and it will be so easy to keep clean.  I added my hello mat and knew I needed a pop of yellow flowers.  I looked all over for the perfect flowers and after not finding what I wanted I decided I would go to the nursery and then plant some in pots myself.  Two days later I was shopping for groceries and these pretty yellow plants were in front of my local grocery store!  In pots and everything.  SCORE.

(Sorry babe.. I forgot dinner.. cute yellow plants took up all of the room in my grocery cart and sort of distracted me..)

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Another fun score?  This Daisy Cotton Shirtdress.  So cute for Spring!  I’m in love and it was just marked 40% off!

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s a closer look.  The puff sleeves are my favorite!  It runs a little long so I’m wearing a size 2 petite (I’m 5’3 and 1/2.. don’t forget the half).  The regular 2 about went to my ankles. ;)   I’ll link shoes and accessories below (I found SO many cute similar purses and shoes and earrings!)  I’ve been doing some on-line shopping to get ready for a fun upcoming trip and can’t believe all of the cute new things out for Spring.  (Btw.. this dress is part of Julia’s Gal Meets Glam dress collection and I love everything she does!  Really simple, modest, flattering dresses.)  

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I got this cute Promenade dress from Anthropologie and it looks like the green is sold out, but it also comes in a pretty blue!  So comfortable and green is one of my favorite colors to wear every Spring.

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

These Orchid Earrings I mentioned in my Floral Favorites post are so good you guys!  I’m in love!  They are lightweight and so pretty.  The perfect pop of pink with almost every outfit!

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch Spring Dresses (Sunny Side Up)

While we’re talking green dresses from Anthro.. this Nova Knit Dress is another long time favorite dress of mine that’s back in stock!  Comfy and casual.. and green.  I’m nothing if not predictable. :)  I love pulling this out every Spring.

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch Spring Dresses (Sunny Side Up)

Another fun dress I’m loving that I also shared earlier in my Floral Favorites post is this Flutter Sleeve Dress.  This dress is a little out of my comfort zone because I tend to gravitate toward solid colors, but I just love how feminine and pretty it is for this time of year!  Sorry the lighting is so bad!  I was wearing it to an evening event when I snapped these 2 pics.

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch Spring Dresses (Sunny Side Up)

I love the way it’s short in the front and long in the back.. really slimming from the side too!

Coastal Craftsman home Spring Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Nothing like a new dress and a new front porch rug to welcome Spring is there!?

Coastal Craftsman home (Sunny Side Up)

I think not. :)




..loving every one of these!


.. also loving pink/gold earrings and layered necklaces these days!


xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Spring Porch Update! (and favorite Spring dresses)

  1. You are beautiful and your porch looks fabulous. Congrats on all the new fun finds! Love all the dresses! They sure fit your shape and personality very well. Those greens are lovely. I love floral fabric, so that dress also really appealed to me. Three Spring Breaks sounds like a never ending vacation. Good luck to you! ;)

    1. So sweet of you Jeanne! Thank you! Your comments are always so kind and heartfelt. They cheer me up! :) And yes.. never ending vacation/craziness over here. I might not survive the week.. ;)

  2. Erin,

    Looks so wonderful! By chance, do you recall what the name of the pretty yellow plants is?


    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! I saved the little tag to know how much to water them and now I can’t find it! So sorry. If I find the name I’ll write you back with it!

  3. Love the dress with the pretty puffed sleeves! And I love that you mention that it runs long on you because then I know I might have a chance of it not being too short on me. Haha!
    Great find on the yellow flowers! They’re perfect!

    1. Ha.. yes Courtney! If you’re taller this is a perfect dress for you! So cute. Thank you! I’m so happy you like the dress and flowers! :)

  4. Over thirty years ago, our whole province (over 5 million people) went to a standard school year calendar including Christmas holidays and spring breaks. So much better for families and for planning. I loved it as a teacher who worked in a different district than the one my kids attended. The downfall was that the costs skyrocket for that week!!

    1. Oh my word Jane.. SO much easier for families! But yes.. crazy when everyone is taking a vacation at the same time! Ahhh! :)

  5. I love this floral dress and will be ordering it for my daughter’s graduation!! Thank you!! And the rugs just got added to my cart !! Always love your posts!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Susan! And so fun she is graduating this year! No doubt she will look beautiful in it. :) Thank you so much!! xo

  6. So fun, Erin!! That kelly green is my absolute favorite color! The dresses are beautiful and look great on you. Love the porch update too! You have such a good eye for what coordinates well. Happy Friday!!

    1. So sweet of you Genelle! Thank you! That kelly green is my all time favorite color too. My sister teases me because half of my closet is that color! It’s just so pretty. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend! :) xo

  7. Gorgeous entry! Could you please send me a private email on where you found your HELLO mat. I know you gave suggestions but they don’t excite me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much! My exact HELLO mat is sold out! Whenever something I have is sold out I always just link to similar options which is why those other suggestions are there. I’ll share the news if it ever comes back in stock! xo

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