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Winter Fashion and a Pajama Party!

Christmas parties are in full swing!  My favorite so far?  My pajama party.  It was more like a veg and chat session with a few close friends than a party. :)  We were all texting a few weeks ago about everything we all had to do.. how busy this month gets and how all we really want to do is hang out in our pjs eating yummy holiday food and watching Christmas movies by the tree.  So I said let’s do it!  Come over in your pj’s and we’ll just RELAX.  Eat dinner and treats, watch a movie and of course exchange more pajamas.  Because pajamas are the happiest gift.

In my book anyway. :)
I of course wore my favorite PJ Salvage pajamas!  The Graphic Henley top and Polar Fleece lounge pants.  Loving these so much!  I get excited to put them on every evening.    (My Ugg socks sold out so crazy fast!  There are a couple of cute styles left that are more like socks than houseshoe socks.)

We look so calm and serene in these pictures which kind of makes me laugh because we were cracking up in-between each one.  You know those friends who you are your true dorky self with?  That you laugh with until your sides hurt.  The friends who are always there for you.  These girls are those friends for me.  Minus one who couldn’t make it and several like that who aren’t local. :)  My husband was watching a movie with the kids upstairs and we recruited him to take some pictures for us.
We drew names a couple of weeks before the get together so that we knew who we were buying pajamas for.  We decided we’d buy each other one nice pair of pj’s instead of giving small gifts to everyone this year.  I headed to Nordstrom of course.. straight to the PJ Salvage section.  :)
This picture made us crack up.. not quite sure what we were going for with the two on the ends holding hands.  We were like .. K.. WHAT are we doing?  Ha ha..
Then we laughed even harder when we saw this one.  Ha!  Vanessa and I are a bit too close for comfort.  See Darci’s cute blue print flannel snowflake pj’s on the far right?  I got her those and she loved them so much she changed into them immediately. :)  They are so soft!  I love the color and I love snowflakes.  I bought my mom a pair too not long ago and she loves them.  Katy is wearing the same style of PJ Salvage pajamas on the left.  They come in so many styles and prints.  CUTE.
Then I bought them each one of my favorite things!  Nordstrom Butter socks.  Have you all tried these?  Like walking on a cloud!
I got us all this white pair that will go with any pj’s.  They are 3 for $18 right now!  We got laughing pretty hard about all sorts of things while we were taking pictures so my husband decided it was time for him to bail and head back upstairs. :)  Then we ate!
I wish I would have taken more pictures of all of the food Katy made!  I only have this one of the salads.  Oh my word.. she made the most delicious meal!  It was seriously so good.  We were all still talking about it the next day!  I didn’t take any other pictures the whole night because I was busy just enjoying my friends. :)  We actually didn’t even end up turning on a movie.  We just took pics, exchanged pj’s, ate dinner and then ate treats we had all brought while we sat around my couch all night talking and laughing.  We couldn’t believe it when it was past midnight.  Felt like the night went by so fast!  We were all bummed when it was over and feel like we need a night like that every month.  There is nothing better than a night spent talking and laughing with girl friends.  I’m so grateful for mine!
Also grateful for my cute pj’s!  I just rotate between my Oh Deer top and my Adventure Awaits top.  Katy drew my name.. want to see what pj’s she bought me?
Does she know me well or what?  :)  I LOVE them!  Same style of top that is my favorite in the black Merry and Bright paired with these fun thermal lounge pants.  This top runs big.  She bought me a small and you can see it’s a bit baggy and long so order on the smaller size of this style of top.  Although it’s fun when pj’s are baggy.  You feel like you can eat anything.  And this weekend I’ve done just that.  These Ugg slippers my mom bought me years ago and they are long time favorites.  (Similar here!)
On to some fashion!  I’m so excited to show you what I found!  It has been cold lately in San Diego.  For real legit COLD weather and we are all loving it.  I’ve had these Baily Button Uggs for years now and love pulling them out in Dec/Jan when it’s finally cold enough to wear them.  This Mock Neck sweater has been on repeat too.  I’m in the dressing room at Nordstrom in these pics.  I took this pic of what I had on that day after I tried on some cute things.  The girl helping me kept coming by saying “how is everything going…”  I’m thinking  “I’m great.. don’t mind me.. just snapping pics in the dressing room.. “  Blogging is so funny sometimes. ;)
Christmas came  a bit early for me when I found this coat!  I’ve been telling my husband I want a for real coat for Christmas.  I don’t have one!  So funny but I really don’t.  I have a ski coat that is warm but huge and then lots of jackets I love like my Cargo jacket and my Utility jacket.  But I don’t have an everyday coat for cold weather.  We don’t need one long in San Diego which is why I haven’t ever bought one, but whenever we visit family in Utah this time of year I’m wishing I had a coat.
SO IN LOVE with this!  It’s called a Faux Fur Hood Puffer Jacket but feels like a coat to me. :)  It comes in two colors.. olive and navy blue (it’s a dark navy that looks almost black).  I had the hardest time deciding which one to get!  I really love both colors.
But came home with the olive. :)  Olive always wins!  I told Kenny “great news!  I found one of your main gifts for me this year!  It’s a coat and I love it!  Thank you so much!!”  He shakes his head and gives me a hard time but secretly he’s always so relived when I make Christmas easy for him.  I’m such a good wife that way. ;)
Closer look.  I love the buttons and zippers and love the fit!  It runs true to size.  I’m wearing a size 2.  The best part?   The hood comes off!  It just snaps on and off.  So excited about that because I’ll be able to take off the hood and wear it longer when it isn’t as cold here.
I had Kenny snap this on my way out the door.  Just running to the grocery store but I just couldn’t wait to wear my new coat.  Plus my grocery store is always FREEZING.  Seriously.  They keep that place way too cold.  I keep a jacket in my car just for grocery shopping.  Wearing it with my favorite black Ugg boots.  My porch is looking all sorts of festive too.  Yea for coats and a festive Christmas porch!  More porch details coming soon. :)
A few other cute new finds!  Couldn’t resist this casual Varsity Stripe Cotton Tee.  Comes in a few different color combos.. I love the navy and yellow.  I’m always a sucker for a good stripe. :)
Here it is in better lighting.  Wore it a few days ago with my Adidas sneakers that I shared in my annual Favorite Things post!  The top runs big (this is xs and I wish they still had xxs in because it’s a bit baggy so order down a size.)  I love casual outfits like this one for every day running around with the kids.
Another casual favorite is my Cuff Crewneck sweater.  Comes in so many cute styles (love the stripes on all of them!) and it’s 25% off!  I have two other styles in this and love how comfy it is.  It’s not fitted so I usually tuck a bit in the front to give it some shape.  This looks like it needs to be ironed.  I avoid ironing at all costs and would rather just wear things wrinkled.  #truth  Sorry about that. ;)
This top I’ve had for a while and kept forgetting to share it!  It’s the Vince Camuto Zigzag sweater and such a perfect top!  I love all things Vince Camuto so I knew this would be a favorite as soon as I ordered it.  My shoes are also Vince Camuto!
It’s hard in these pictures to see the zig zag ruffles on the black that make this sweater so darling.  It’s fitted but not too tight – a very flattering fit!  Wearing it with my favorite gold Tanner Pendant necklace again.  I mentioned in my last fashion post that it’s 25% off right now.  I ordered another one in the gold for someone in my family (who I hope isn’t reading this..) and the silver for me.  I wear it almost every day!
I also ordered this top in the Antique White to try.  I love this but it’s a bit see through so I’ll probably return this and keep the black.   I usually order multiple sizes and colors in tops from Nordstrom.  That’s my favorite thing about their store!  Easy no question returns.  This also comes in a gray, red, blue and pink that is 40% off!  Might have to snatch up another color.
Last pic I found on my phone from a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty basic outfit but sometimes I just want to wear one of my favorite long sleeved cotton tees with cute boots and call it a day.  :)

Here are a few more fun gift ideas from Nordstrom if you are still finishing up your holiday shopping!  These are things I’m giving my kids and others on my list.  I’ve told everyone I’m buying for to stay away from my blog.. ha!  I want them to be surprised!

If you made it through that marathon of a post you are a trooper!  It turned out a lot longer than I intended.  Love talking fashion with all of you. :)  I’m off to edit pics for another post coming up soon!  I still have a lot of fun Christmas decor to share with you!  I’m never going to want to take it all down.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

*Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And for always making my holiday shopping such a fun, easy and enjoyable experience.

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Winter Fashion and a Pajama Party!

  1. How fun was this post !!.. seriously so cute what a fun idea!
    I immediately went to order some butter socks and I saw kids ones. .. soo cute I ordered a pair each for my kids!
    Nothing like a great girls night in!!.. and I wanted all those PJ’S so bad !

    1. Yea! So happy you liked it Heidi! Thank you! PJ’s are simply the best and you will love the butter socks! I got my girls some too. :) xo

  2. What a fun thing to do with your girlfriends! Getting dressed up is fun, but during a stressful season it’s nice to just cozy up with your pals. :)

  3. Your pajama party looks like it was so much fun. What a great idea. You know how much I love my pj’s/comfy pants. If I’m out, and on my way home, I can’t drive fast enough to get home and into to them.

    Your house and pour hot look beautiful Erin. Can’t wait to see the rest. xo

    1. Ha ha.. same Cathy! Kenny always laughs at how quick the girls and I can get home and into our pajamas! Lightning speed. :) Thank you so much for your kind words about my house! I’m so happy you like it. xo

  4. So happy for you that you were able to get together with your besties and just hang out. Your pjs look so comfy! How fun that you exchanged pjs, too! Great fun pictures!! Love all your fashion posts. I know you post the ones that look good on you, but I suspect most of what you try on works. :) Yay for coats.Looks like you found a winner! :) Thanks for the great post! Have a great day! Hugs! :)

  5. What a fun way to chill with your girlfriends. Sounds like you had an amazing time. All the PJ’s are so cute. I love the winter coat you got. I just bought one like it, but mine is a bit longer (about mid thigh length) in olive with the faux fur hood. It is so warm and I love it! More great finds…cute sweater. That blue color is so pretty. Your porch looks so cute! I am jealous, we get too much snow and wind to do cute stuff on ours. :)

    1. Thank you so much Pam! Sounds like we are twinning in our new coats! Love it. :) I know.. we are lucky on the outdoor decorations. Although I sure love the look of Christmas lights on houses covered in snow and we never get that! We always want what we can’t have right? ;) Enjoy your day cutie! xo

  6. Oh, I love the new coat that Kenny got you! The olive is just gorgeous on you! Sounds like your pajama party was a lot of fun. As for Vince Camuto, I am crushing on the Vince Camuto Ladies Baguette Crystal watch in rose gold. It is seriously stunning in person. I just bought a new watch two days prior to that but I am seriously thinking about it. Pictures do not do it justice.

    1. Thank you Sue! So fun to hear from you cutie! Oh my word.. I’ll have to check that out. It sounds absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m so in love with all things Vince Camuto! That brand can do no wrong in my book. :) Happy holidays to you and your darling family! xo

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