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Kitchen Christmas Decor!

Alright friends!  The Christmas marathon continues!  I haven’t slept much this week and a shower is sounding pretty good right about now.. but #priorities.  I’m having so much fun sharing my holiday decor with all of you!  Up on the agenda today.. the kitchen!  I kept some of my kitchen Christmas decor the same as last year, but also added a few simple things.  I took a lot of pictures so I’ll let them do most of the talking and try to not ramble on like I often do.  You’re definitely hearing enough from me this week! ;)

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My blue vintage scale was once again filled with mini ornaments.
And poinsettias were once again placed here and there.
My favorite new addition?  Fa-la-la-la-la…la-la-la-la.  :)  I’ve wanted a fun Christmas banner for this spot over my farmhouse sink since the day we moved in and finally found “the one” this year.  It was from PB Kids but is sold out now.   So cute and it fit this space perfectly!  It makes me want to sing every time I do dishes.  Quite often when my kids aren’t home I do.  If I sing when they are home I get eye rolls and everyone heads to another room.  I sing about as well as I cook so this is understandable behavior.  Which is why I just focus on the organizing and decorating.

And sing when I’m alone. :)
Another fun new addition is this mini found dough bowl.  I have the large dough bowl in my formal living room and love it so much I finally ordered the small size.  Each dough bowl is so perfectly imperfect!  I love them and have so much fun filling them with different things each season.
This side of my kitchen is feeling all sorts of festive!  I can’t ever photograph my bay window very well.  It looks much better in person!  Wish you could all just come over to see. :)
Some red plates and candy canes was all it took to add Christmas to my glass cupboards!
All of the red and silver is a happy sight to wake up to each morning.
I also bought a new rug for my nook!  I always take out my coral rug for the holidays (coral and red.. NOT a good combo!) and the past two years I’ve been hunting for a holiday rug.  I finally found it and I love this rug so much I’m debating ordering another one with a different color of border to keep during the rest of the year.  It looks so good in this space!  It’s PB’s Fireworks Custom Color-Bound Seagrass Rug in Cardinal Red.  It comes in different colors and it’s custom because you can pick the size!  How perfect is that!?  Looks so cute with the red and white striped table runner I’ve had for years.  red-and-white-striped-runner
When we moved my faux fiddle leaf fig to put in our Christmas tree I needed a new place for my beloved plant.  It looks so good in this corner!  I’m not going to want to move it back.
The only snag I ran into is what to put on my table now that the fig is there.  I had this arrangement with my favorite lanterns last year and loved it, but when I tried to do the same this year the greenery looked so bad with my fig behind it!  Too many green leaves!  Amazon rainforest in the breakfast nook.  Just no. :)
So I swapped the leaves for a few ornaments until I can figure out a better solution.  The table top is a work in progress. :)
Our elf happened to be hiding in my plant the day I took these pictures.  I was going to move him, but then he’d lose his magic and I’d have to deal with the wrath of my three kids so.. hello from our elf named Joy who is keeping a close watch on behavior around here. :)
Butler’s pantry is also feeling all sorts of festive!  Love my new Merry Christmas sign.
I tried to figure out a better solution for my oven hood than real garland because I hate the mess when it comes down, but I just haven’t found anything I like as much!  Plus it makes the kitchen smell SO good.
View from our family room which is also decked for the holidays!
And that’s a wrap on my kitchen Christmas decor!  Fa la la la la.. la la la la. ;)



This week I’m so excited to be joining up with some of my blogging friends to share a part of our holiday home for the All Through the House Tour!

Check out their fun holiday posts below!  I can’t wait to visit them all and be inspired. :)  Enjoy!



Wednesday, December 7th

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xoxo, Erin
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53 thoughts on “Kitchen Christmas Decor!

  1. Fab u lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lous!! (I think I have the right number of lo-s) Oh well, you get the idea. I think that banner is awesome! Well, I think your whole house is, but I really like when it’s decked out for the holidays. Pretty pointsettias, lovely silver and teal/aqua. Great new rug. Just infuses an all kind of happy feeling. Fun spot for Joy. Hey singing isn’t one of my many talents either…let’s get together and get the kids to roll their eyes and dab as they exit the room. :) Thanks so much for sharing your many, many talents with us!

    1. Ha ha! It’s a date Jeanne! :) I agree.. Christmas decor brings out ALL the happy feelings! So do your comments. :) Love you cutie! xo

  2. Sooo pretty! I love the blue and red pops of color…such a great combo. Love the “Fa La La” banner, it is the cutest thing. I think your space is decorated so nicely and not overdone. Just the right amount of cheer! The garland on your hood is so pretty, but I get the messy part. I made an ornament garland a couple years ago that looks really nice on a mantle/ledge. Just another idea. xxoo

  3. just the right amount of Christmas colors to make it so festive. loving the combo colors with silver and red. Question, it’s your farm sink in front of the window a 30 or 36 inches? and is the divider at 3/4 wide? I want to be able to fit my full size baking sheets that are 18 x 26. I might be on the lookout for one when renewal time comes up next year! Thanks and Merry Christmas! sure it’s looking wonderful :D

    1. Thank you so much Lilly! I’m so happy you like it all! My farmhouse sink in front of my window is actually 39 inches and the divider is an inch and a half. It’s big! :) Merry Christmas cutie! xo

  4. Erin! It is so beautifully! Your home is stunning and you have added the perfect amount of little Christmasy details – I love the glass door cabinet display! The elf in the fig:) So cute!! So glad you joined in for this tour!!

    1. Thank you so much sweet Krista! It was so much fun joining you all this year! Thanks for thinking of me! I hope you have the happiest holidays with your family. :) xo

    1. Thank you so much Jen! I think I’ve seen that before but haven’t taken the time to get out my flash and try it! New Years goals for sure. :) Happy holidays! xo

  5. I was wondering where you found the black/white utensil canister on your kitchen counter and the red/white pitcher on the counter of the butler’s pantry? I love them both. I also wanted to tell you how much I love your ideas. I have ordered many of the items you have provided links to. It’s like my birthday every day when the deliveries show up!! Thank You.

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you! I’m so happy you’ve found some fun things for your home from my blog! The black/white canister was from West Elm.. I would have linked to it but it’s sold out. :( The red/white pitcher in the butlers pantry was a Home Goods find! So sorry that’s not much help! Happy holidays cutie! xo

  6. You have such a beautiful home, Erin! I love how clean and crisp everything is, and that little banner is so perfect above that window! Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh girl, I absolutely love that you own every possible kitchen gadget and don’t use them for their intended purpose. The scale with the ornaments is awesome! Perfect. I really love it and this is not in anyway an insult. It’s just cute and makes me giggle. What do you decorate your blender with😘😘

    1. Shelley you just have to click on the links at the bottom of my post! You’ll see blog names under each day and you just click on those to be taken to the other houses. :)

  8. I adore your kitchen! Everything looks amazing from your silver and poinsettias to the pops of turquoise (which I’m a little partial to)! Your little elf in the fig is too cute! Great home tour.

    1. Thank you so much sweet Becky! I’m excited to read your book over the break and share it in January. :) Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family! xo

  9. Hi! My name is Lori, and I absolutely love your decor and paint colors! I have found the Seattle grey, the Chelsea grey, but could not find ‘Arothane’ at all. When I searched on the web, I only found that Arothane was a type of paint, not the color of it.?

    1. Hi Lori! Shoot! I don’t have any other info. on my white paint! So sorry about that! I’ve looked for a number or something but can’t find it. I’ll text my painter and update my paint color post if he remembers what it was called! xo

  10. I think I love your kitchen EVEN MORE at Christmas time than the rest of the year…I didn’t think that was possible. :)

  11. Absolutely lovely! I loved the Fa la la la la, that I searched and found it on the PB kids website. Thanks so much for the Holiday inspiration. Your home is gorgeous!

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