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Fall food, traditions and a clean house!


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Happy Wednesday friends!  It’s cool and cloudy here today and this morning I wore my first scarf of the season.  (This one and I LOVE it and will share a pic of it soon!)  Oh happy day.  Finally enjoying some Fall weather!  I’m also in a good mood because I have a couple of hours blocked out tomorrow morning to plan and clean my office.  It’s such a disaster right now!  A lot worse than it looks in this picture of my kids doing homework the other night.  Getting on top of our paperwork is one of my favorite things to do because I feel like it helps clear out my mind!  When my office is a cluttered mess so is my head.  Speaking of my cluttered head, I’m also due for a good “brain dump.”  Anyone else?  I have so much I want to do in the next few weeks and I need to get organized and prioritize if I’m going to make it all happen!

Sharing my favorite cleaning supplies with you yesterday motivated me to get my house whipped into shape before things get crazy with the holidays.  (You still have a few days to get my favorite Fall cleaning supplies for free so check out my last post if you missed it!).  When I first introduced Grove and their amazing products and service, I talked a lot about my cleaning routines/secrets.
I do have a few tips for you on this topic so if you missed my post on how I keep my house (for the most part) clean and organized you can read it here.  A clean house just seems to make life feel more manageable, doesn’t it!?
Not long ago I “met” Jamielyn from the popular blog I Heart Naptime on Instagram.  She is such a sweetheart!  We became fast friends and recently she sent me a copy of her new cookbook.
I had to share it with you all because it’s so good!  Really simple, family friendly recipes – totally my style. :)  I mentioned yesterday that Fall is the only time I enjoy cooking and baking.  Maybe the word “enjoy” is a stretch.. ha!  But I don’t dread it quite as much this time of year because I love smelling something good baking when it’s cold outside.  I’m excited to try her cheesy broccoli soup soon!

And speaking of Fall food/recipes.. I have a few staples I make our family every year that have become tradition around here.
You can find those recipes in this post along with a few other favorite Fall traditions.  I’ll have to post a few more of our favorites.  This is hardly a food/recipe blog, but we all have to eat.  :)

Ok.. how’s that for a random post!?  I told you my head is a cluttered mess right now!  The struggle is real.  Off to do that brain dump.

And maybe next time we talk I’ll stick to one topic. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Fall food, traditions and a clean house!

  1. It’s always fun to get a peek into what you are up to, Erin. :) I’ll bet your house smells amazing. Cute kiddos working on homework, too. I can personally attest that some of your traditional fall favorites are yummy and help the house keep that amazing smell. That cookbook looks like a good one. I wanted to share with you that I finally saw most of the latest episode of This is Us(or at least the one they showed this week, don’t know if it was a repeat). I had to miss the last 15 minutes, but up to then I was intrigued. I saw the last 15 minutes or so of the first episode so knew the twist on the triplets. I really liked how they go back and forth relating the story and the backstory. We’ll see if I can keep watching it. Thanks for the recommendation. Might be an interesting football game tonight. One of us might go to bed not so happy. LOL Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I’m so happy you liked This is Us! Such a great show. And I have a feeling I’m going to be the one going to bed bummed.. we aren’t off to a very good start this year. I might have to jump ship and cheer for your team. Kenny will love that.. ha! ;) xo

  2. Always love hearing other people’s holiday traditions! This time of year just keeps a permanent grin on my face. It is only going to be 53 here today in Wisconsin. The leaves are really starting to change too! Enjoy all your wonderful traditions with your family, Erin. The time really goes by all too fast!

  3. Thank you for linking your post about cleaning. I love how detailed and open you were. I have always wondered how it would work for a stay-at-home (or work-at-home) mom to have house cleaners come while she was home. :) I really struggle with cleaning our house, and I think I would love to hire some help, but I’ve always thought it would be weird to sit around while someone else cleaned for me. Ha! I didn’t know you could actually do it together. :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yes! You can do it with them. Most of my stay at home mom friends leave the house and run errands for a couple of hours while the cleaners are at their house. I’m just a control freak who likes to keep an eye on everything. Ha! ;) Either way works! xo

  4. Erin, I love the counter-height chairs you have in your office/craft room!! The nailhead trim is perfect! Can you tell me where you ordered them from, and are they leather?

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