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6 Things

1) I have been craving this fruit dip all day today.  So I’m going to make it tomorrow.

Thought I’d share the link in case any of you want to make it too!  Perfect fruit dip for summer BBQ’s.  Or for when you’re just craving something that makes fruit more fun to eat.
2)  We are making progress in Kole’s new room!  This is our soon to be guest room that he has been sleeping in since we moved into the new house.  His books were the last thing we moved.  As you can imagine it took us a while to go through these and decide which ones to keep.  He was such a huge help with this process.  ;)
Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.26.47 PM
I’ll be sharing where I’m at with his new room at some point!  Most likely once the kids are back in school and I have time to take pictures.  I decided to get him this Owen bed in a queen size and it looks so good!  I’m excited.  He slept in it for the first time two nights ago and I checked on him at least 10 times.  I don’t know why really.  But I did.  The new bed didn’t swallow him up so all is well.  Happy with my decision.  :)
3) El spent last week at her first Girls Camp with our church.  She was nervous (which made me nervous!) but ended up having the best time.  I drove a group of girls to camp the first day and then drove up with Ad half way though the week to check on Ellie see if anyone needed help with anything.  Wore my happy camper shirt because.. you know.. it finally made sense.  :)  She had the best time and did so many fun things.  We were thrilled, but we missed her so much!  Our house just didn’t feel the same.   So glad she’s back home.  I’m an even happier camper now.
4) Ad got her braces off!  Love seeing her pretty smile.  This called for a major celebration.
Some of you asked what “chewy party” meant on our summer to-do list.  That’s what Ad wanted to call her party when she got her braces off.
We bought all the “chewy” candy she has been missing for the past year and a half and pigged out during Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  A good time was had by all.  She might have 5 new cavities because of our little chewy party, but hey.. at least those cavity filled teeth are straight.  ;)
5) Loving summer evenings spent outside in our yard.  My white roses are all blooming!
A few other plants we planted this Spring on our side yard are growing too.  It’s so fun watching everything start to fill in.
Kole and I check on the plants and yard often throughout the day.  This boy needs lots of outside time!  The two of us both start to lose our sanity without it.  He is keeping me so busy this summer and some days it’s hard, but I love spending time with my little buddy and if I could bottle him up at this age forever I really think I would.  He told me last week that he “loves me more than snakes” which you might think wouldn’t mean much.. ha!  But if you knew how fascinated he is with snakes.. that they are his most favorite subject and animal ever.. you would understood why that single sentence gave me a lump in my throat.  The good kind.
6) A quick pic from this morning before I woke everyone up for church.  Enjoying a peaceful, clean house – so rare!  Especially in the summertime.  A quiet moment of calm before the storm.
navy skirt

{skirt/shirt/shoes/purse/necklace/watch/rug: home goods}

Sunday best from later in the day!  (Shared these last two pics on IG).  I wore my new navy pleated skirt from the Nordstroms Sale to church and I’m in love!  So feminine and comfy.  My friends loved it too which made me feel better since my girls told me I looked like a school teacher from the 1800’s before church.  Oh how I love their honesty.  #notreally
7) It’s August!  I can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by.  This past weekend I pulled up my post from last year on Getting Organized for Back to School and started making my list!  I’ll share the progress we are making around here soon.  I’m in no rush for summer to end, but I like to get a jump start on back to school prep early or the last few days of summer are spent scrambling around town instead of at the pool.  I much prefer the pool over scrambling around town.  You too?  Maybe this post will help. :)

8) I guess I had more than 6 things to share.

9) No surprise there.

10) :)

Happy August everyone!

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xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “6 Things

  1. Ad looks so pretty! Congrats on getting her braces off! Is the bed you got for Kole made out of real wood? Going forward I’m only buying solid wood furniture. I’m tired of the cheaply made wood veneer furniture that fills our house! Your roses are beautiful and look so good against your gray house and white trim. :-)

    1. Thank you so much Joanna! I’ll tell Ad you said that. :) The bed is made of solid pine. I really like it! I looked at lots of options but just kept coming back to that one! xo

  2. I love the bed!
    Grace had her 1st YW camp last week too. She loved it, I was so anxious lol
    We still have 5 weeks of summer vaccation left yet I’m going ‘ back to school shopping’ today before everything is picked over. .. wish me luck… I should not have started my healthy eating today.. I’m for sure going to need a diet coke lol

    1. Ha ha.. I hear ya! A diet coke comes in pretty handy when you’re back to school shopping. Especially if you’re taking the kids with you! Best of luck my friend. ;) xo

  3. hey, can i ask why addison had braces at such a young age? we’ll be beginning the adventure of braces soon enough, and it seems to be so different from when i had braces (i got them on at 17!) and the information often seems to conflict (put them on when they are preteens vs waiting until their mouths stop growing, etc.). i’d love to hear an opinion from a parent who’s already gone through it recently!

    it’s such a big investment (time and money!) i don’t want to screw it up :)

    1. I felt the same way Wilma! But our dentist said we needed to do it now because of spacing issues she had in her little mouth. She may have to get them again when she’s older, but it would only be for 6 months if she does. We trust our dentist and just did what he said was best. :) xo

      1. thanks for the reply–it’s nice to hear that if she does need them later (fingers crossed she doesn’t!) it’ll only be for a short time!

  4. Hi Erin, I’ve never made that fruit dip but have had it at parties and it is so good. Love the rustic and industrial look of Kole’s bed. Ad’s smile is beautiful, and I hope she enjoyed all that chewy stuff. Elle sent the kids back to school this morning. They go back early but get a lot of time off during the year like 3 weeks for Christmas. Elle will agree with you. Things go so much smoother when you start early. Hard to believe fall will be here soon. Don’t want to see summer go!

  5. Oh boy! What a fun post. (I think I say that about a lot of your posts, huh, Erin?) :) I so enjoy them. This one is full of fun and good things. Yay to your sweet daughter enjoying summer camp and your other adorable daughter getting her braces off. She had a lovely smile before, but now…wowee! Oh my heart went pitter pat looking at the shot of Kole among all those books. Such a great sight. Pretty picture of mom who does NOT look like an 1800s school marm. (kids!) Your roses look absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the enjoyable read about this, that and the other. A sweet glimpse into your life. Makes me smile. :)

  6. Oh, girls camp is the best! So glad El had a great experience her first year! Imagine when Ad joins her, they’ll have the best time!
    Ad’s smile looks SO beautiful! Yay!
    And I totally laughed about the girls telling you you looked like a school teacher from the 1800’s! Though I did not think 1800’s, I totally thought you looked like you were going to work!

  7. Stumbled on your bog and love it! so many great ideas. I am starting on renovating a cape house that we recently purchased, so great advice. Your house build is amazing, of all the beautiful details, I am admiring the roof. What material is it and may you share the details? I want that roof on my cape!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much! LOVE cape houses. :) I don’t remember much about our roof! They are ceramic shingles and the color was custom because I wanted it darker than all the colors available. Sorry that’s not much help! Best of luck with your renovation! xo

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