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Hello friends!  We are back.  Maui was wonderful and now I’m in a funk attempting to adjust to the time change and well… the reality of the trip being over.  Why do vacations ever have to end?  WHY!??  :)  Sharing a few pics of our trip.  I’m still in the process of deciding how to best save our family pictures (separate family blog vs. digital albums vs. the Project Life albums I’ve done in the past) but until I get that figured out, this “blog of all trades” is all I’ve got.  :)

Because this was a family trip with the kiddos we spent a lot of time at the resort.  Our agenda for most days was back and forth between the pools and the beach.  This pool with a slide was the girls’ favorite.  Fun to see the pure joy on their faces each time they went down.  I may have gone down a time or twenty myself.  :)

My little buddy worshiped the pirate ship pool.  What 4 year old little boy wouldn’t!? 

The first words out of his mouth each morning — “WHEN can we go to the pirate pool!?”  I think he would have just lived there if we would have let him.  A great pool for parents because you can just lay under an umbrella and watch your kids be entertained for hours.  My kind of pool!  

My three were fascinated with the koi fish.  :)  We had to visit them daily.
And what’s a trip to Maui without plenty of beach time.  Oh my word.  The water is so amazing!  I stare at it in awe every time we visit the islands.  Such beautiful varying shades of blue. 
This trip was a bit of a turning point for our family.  We are done with all things baby and not yet into any teenage drama.  Our three kids are all happy doing the same things and playing together.  It’s bliss!  Not that there aren’t moments of typical kid issues, but overall such a fun stage.  I never want it to end!  We are truly enjoying them.  

Aside from swimming in the ocean and watching the kids play I was also able to read a couple of great books this trip.  I love to read on vacations.  I love to read always but struggle to find time for good books when we are in our day to day routine.  Time management is such a fascinating topic to me!  Time management and organizing books are my favorite.  My mom was teasing me for reading this.  She thinks I should read a book on cooking or something I struggle with, but where’s the fun in that?  :)  I’ll share more about this book as soon as I finish it.  Loving it so far!

Our favorite beach days were the days the turtles were out!  They swam so close to the shore and I loved showing them to my kids.  Caught this pic on my phone of Ad telling El “it was THIS big!”  :)
If you look close in this picture you’ll see a little turtle head peeking up out of the water!  Just to the right of my mom and girls.  This was a smaller turtle but later we went snorkeling and saw life-size turtles.  Unreal!  

My parents went with us on this trip and we loved spending time with them.  The rooms we were staying in were hooked together so every night we’d get the kids in bed in our room and then head to their room to stay up late talking and watching movies. 
Special time with grandpa.
And grandma.  

Traveling with my parents also meant Kenny and I were able to sneak away and enjoy some couple time.  Serious perk!  We really enjoyed walks along the beach.

And calm kid free dinners.  :)  Such a luxury!

Several times during the week I insisted suggested we stop by for some fudge.  Pretty sure I gained at least three pounds from this fudge alone but I have to say that it was worth it!  SO so good.

Our favorite fudge stop is located right next to our favorite shave ice stop so it just wouldn’t seem right to get one without the other.  :)  Right before we took this pic I met a darling woman who reads my blog!  How cool is that!?  She recognized Ellie.  I gave her a hug and introduced myself and then immediately realized I didn’t need to tell her my name.  Ha!  So a quick hello to my new friend from Nashville!  I loved meeting you!
I’ll leave you all with a pic of my little buddy running laps up and down the corridor in the Maui airport.  This one has a hard time sitting still for 10 minutes let alone 5 1/2 hours, so before the flight home I had him run laps.  Lots of them!  Worked like a charm.  Plane ride home was MUCH smoother than the ride there.  
After years of traveling with little ones this mom has learned a trick or two.  
xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Maui

  1. Oh Erin – your pictures are amazing! We have been on a few cruises, but never have been to Hawaii, and now I really want to go! What a wonderful thing that your parents were able to share this fun experience! I never knew that turtles swam so close to people in the surf! I would just love to see that. Your three looked like they had such a great time! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Oh what a GLORIOUS vacation! We have never been to Hawaii, we would LOOOOOVE to go but I have this flying ISSUE and doubt I could make it that far. So, I am living vicariously through you right now. Beautiful pictures, that water is amazing!!!! Thanks for taking us along!!!!

  3. Erin, love your blog!! I remember earlier this year you went to Kauai as I did too, could you post pictures of that trip and do some comparisons to both as I am looking to go to Maui in the future.

  4. Glad that you had such great family time in beautiful Maui!
    Looks like the resort is very kid friendly, and wonderful that because of the grandparents, you also had couple time with Kenny:)

    Have you looked at BlinkBuggy for organizing your photos?
    I love it!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

    I am also a reader who tends to rush through and not comment, but I wanted to stop to say: I love your “blog of all trades”!

  6. hi there I love your blog. Quick question we are going to Hawaii in February with our 4 kids (ages 10, 8,8, 1) did you bring with you sand toys or buy them once you got to Hawaii? Just trying to plan ahead. Thanks

    Tricia Reeves

  7. On scrapbooking… I have recently been documenting our adventures by doing a combined book of digital Project Life and traditional Project Life. I still do some traditional paper scrapbooking too and I always throw some digital pages in those albums too. There are so many GREAT freebies and fun digital products! Give it a try! :)

  8. Thank you so much everyone! Loved hearing from you all today!

    Cathy – we stayed at the Westin in Ka’anapali. :)

    Pinky – my mom gets SO stressed to fly too! We talk her through it every time. Don’t let that stop you from going to Hawaii someday! It’s worth it! Promise. :)

    Anonymous – oh my word – totally spaced posting those Kauai pics! Kind of a fluke we went twice in one year. Yes! I’ll share a few pics from that trip and talk about the difference in a Q and A post for you. :)

    Constance – I haven’t looked at that for organizing pics but will! Thank you!

    Jac – what a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much. Means a lot to me. :) I really appreciate you taking the time to say hello! xx

    Tricia – we bought some sand toys there because we were trying to not pack a lot, but then Kole wanted to keep them so we brought most of them back home.. ha! So fun you are planning a trip there with your kids! It’s the best. :)

    Shawna – I’ll have to look into that! Thank you!

  9. I haven’t commented forever…sorry! I love that you ran into a blog reader! Such a small world! So happy you had such a great trip! I’m with you on the 84765 reunion vs. planning a big one! No thank you! Miss you!

  10. Hi Erin,
    Loved reading your post. I do have 1 question. You mentioned leaving your kids alone in the room while you went to your parents room. Does that worry you? I don’t know if I would feel comfortable leaving my kids unattended in a hotel room.

    Thanks :)


  11. Love all your pics! Any tips on activities to do with the kids in Maui? Or restaurant recommendations? We will be there in a few months. Love your blog and your new house!! Thank you!

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Tondra you are too sweet! I’d love to meet you. :)

    Liz – we are totally on the same page my friend! So fun to hear from you! I miss you!!

    Alyssa – oh my word – I would never leave them unattended in a hotel! Our rooms were hooked together! We had the door to their room open and I could hear them snoring. :)

    Hi Kelli! Yes! Lots! Email me! :)

  13. Hello Erin! I loved meeting you too! I have to admit, I was super excited and actually a little nervous to say, “hello” (corny, I know) but I’m SO glad I did! You were flawless and fabulous! XO, Megan from Nashville :-)

  14. Hi Megan!

    Oh my word – I’m SO glad you said hello in Maui! It made my day! I was thinking after you walked away we should have snapped a picture together! So fun meeting you. You were fabulous as well my friend. :) So happy we were there at the same time!


  15. Hi Erin!
    I’m an avid follower of your blog although I’ve never actually commented. Your pictures are fabulous, really stunning! As a photographer myself (hobbyist mainly), I’m just wondering about the photographic aspect, did you learn photography? your photos are so striking, the color and clarity is amazing. and your composition and lighting is also so impressive.
    I love your blog!


  16. Hi Rochelle! You are too kind. Thank you! As far as photography goes I’m pretty self taught. I’ve learned a few things just from so many years of taking pictures. I love photography and am planning to take classes at some point when the kids are a little less work (if that day ever comes – ha!). Most of these Maui pictures were taken with my iPhone! Thanks again for your sweet comment! And for reading. :) So nice to “meet” you!

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