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Summer Snack Station

One of my favorite things about summer is that it’s an easier time for me to eat healthy.  Do you feel that way?  So much fresh produce available this time of year and with temperatures heating up, lighter meals usually sound more appealing.  Plus living in my swimming suit is always a lovely reminder for me of how I need less cookie dough and more carrots in my life.  ;) 

I’ve found that I eat the best if I have healthy snacks easily available (prepared ahead of time).  So I created a little “summer snack station” in my kitchen.  Just a tray with some little snack bowls, a farmers market basket to hold some fruit all washed and ready to eat, and my scale to look pretty measure the food of course.  ;)

 A quick {summer snack} with the label maker added a nice touch.  #everythingisbetterwithalabel

I’ve had these fun mini bowls from World Market for a while now and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  Turns out they’re perfect for cherry pits!  Or a small bowl of fruit for the kids.  

 We’ve rotated different fruit in the basket.  
Cherries, apples, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, etc. 

Colorful food makes fun kitchen decor so this little snack tray is a win/win around here.
Wonder what a little basket of cookie dough would look like?

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Summer Snack Station

  1. Love this idea. Even as an adult, I find that if it is already cut up and ready to grab in a jif I eat so much healthier. And, this gosh awful humid temps curbs the appetite for sure!

  2. I’ve learned that if I clean and prep the fruit & veggies so it’s ready to eat my family will grab it before they grab the not-so-healthy choices. My snack station doesn’t look nearly as cute! But then, I don’t really have a snack station. ;-)

  3. That snack station is so adorable!!! I have had a few fruit salads for dinner this summer. I really don’t want hot meals much this time of year. Cold salads are the best. I have had a hard time finding good melons. I think I have thrown away more that I have ate. Have you had any problems with fruit this year??

  4. That snack station with the fresh fruits and vegetables is a really smart thing to do!
    And I should do it instead of making buttered popcorn and eating chocolate!

    Have yummy healthy weekend. You are inspiring me to do the same:)

  5. Thanks friends! :)

    Mary Lynn – I bought that at our grocery store of all places! Kind of random. :)

    Cathy – I haven’t noticed that! But watermelon is the only melon I’ve bought. LOVE cold salads in the summer too!

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