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Organizing Camera Equipment

One of my summer goals is to organize my office.  What a mess!  It will be a miracle if I can pull it off during this busy season with the kids home, but I’m sure going to try.  One drawer and cupboard at a time.  :)  I’m going to share things as I’m organizing them and then hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll be able to give you a complete tour of the space.  This weekend I tackled my camera equipment.  I’ve never had a designated place for camera equipment.  Kind of crazy because I use my camera every single day.  My main camera is always just out on the table or counter somewhere and manuals and other equipment have been spread out in various cupboards and drawers and closets.  Time to consolidate!  

I have a couple of drawers in my office that pull out.  I decided to use them for things I am reaching for every day.  Camera equipment was the first thing that came to mind!  I wanted it tucked away so it stays safe, but easy to access.  (I snapped these pics with my phone since I was taking pictures of my camera.)  :)

I used small blue bins from the dollar store to hold misc. things like battery chargers and extra lens caps.  I had extra space in the drawer so I added my label maker and a few other often used office supplies I wanted close by but not on the counter.   So nice to have this all in one place!  Consolidating like things into one location really helps me stay organized.  If you aren’t into photography this works for anything.  Umbrellas, extra blankets, tools, etc.  It’s so easy for things to get spread out in various locations all over your house.  Bring like things together and find a place to call their home and there you go!  You’re organized.  :)  

What about all of those instruction manuals that come with photography software and equipment?  Mine have been hiding in boxes I didn’t need.  I went through it all tossing things I knew I wouldn’t use and only keeping the essentials.  Then I grabbed some Ziploc bags to give camera instruction manuals, etc. a home.

I love using Ziploc bags because they are easy to label.  Just grab a marker and you’re done!  

Then I put them all in one of my office baskets that I keep close to the drawer holding camera equipment.  
This whole thing took about 20 minutes.  Easy organizing!  
No more wasting time searching for the camera battery charger or my tripod instruction manual.   
And just for fun, here are a couple of other ways I’ve used Ziploc bags to organize our things.  

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your week is off to a good start.
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Organizing Camera Equipment

  1. Love this Erin! Our camera equipment is currently in a cabinet in our media center, but seeing yours made me realize I have a lot of empty drawers, one with a power strip perfect for my chargers in our recently repaired foyer dresser. Can’t wait to tackle it!

  2. Hi! I LOVE the idea of getting rid of the boxes and just storing the essentials! I will have to do that! The boxes are so bulky!! I also love Ziploc bags!!

  3. Hi Erin! I am currently struggling with storing all of my lenses and camera gear as well. I SO wish I had a drawer like this to spread it all out in! Now I’m on a mission to find a better spot in my house to store all of my stuff ;)

  4. What a great idea and no more searching or wondering if you still have your manual or have thrown it away. I’m in the process of leaning how to use my camera out of auto

  5. Ziploc bags are the best thing since sliced bread!! Do you have any of the mini kind? Oh my gosh, I use them for everything!!

  6. Hi Erin, it looks great! We are in the market for a new dslr. We have upgraded twice and I’m ready again. What do you use and would you recommend?

  7. Aren’t ziploc baggies the best? I use them for all sorts of things. Perfect for keeping small items together through out the house. I have even used them when packing my kids clothes. Complete outfit with accessories per bag keeps everything in order and my kids know exactly what they need to get dressed. Love the idea of having all my camera accessories in one drawer. I need to do this!

  8. Hi Michelle!

    I started with the Canon XSI (that’s an older model so it probably isn’t around now!). Then last year I upgraded to the Canon EOS 5D. I’ve loved it! Hope that helps!

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