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Laundry room rugs

K.  LAST laundry room post for a while.  Promise.  :)  Just wanted to share the first bit of decor in the laundry rooms.  Rugs!  When my mom was at my house visiting a couple of months ago it was driving her crazy that I didn’t have a rug outside by our french doors that lead to the backyard.  (Kids are in and out of those doors all day.)  So when she made a Target run one afternoon to spoil my girls with yet another pair of pajama’s pick up a few things we needed, she bought me this rug!  Gave it to me as a housewarming gift.  So cute, right!?   WAY too cute to be an outside door mat that the kids will inevitably trash in a matter of days.

So I decided to just try it in the main floor laundry room.  But once I put it there, it didn’t want to leave.  So thanks mom.  And sorry there still isn’t a rug by the back doors, but my laundry room is a happier place because of you.  :)
Isn’t this a gorgeous kitchen?  I’ve loved this picture for so long.  What I mostly love is the black and white striped rug with that beautiful green tile back splash.  That combo just makes me smile.
So when I was thinking about a rug for our upstairs laundry room that beloved image popped in my head and I knew exactly what I wanted up against the blue/green cabinets!

It’s a bit playful.  It really made the black hardware on our door pop.
And it didn’t want to leave either.
p.s.  If you want to try one of these rugs in your house you can find the turquoise indoor/outdoor rug here and the black and white striped runner here.
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Laundry room rugs

  1. I love both rugs and love both the laundry rooms. Your so lucky, you can wash two loads at the same time and really get your laundry done fast if you need too.

  2. They are both nice, and, per usual, your mom seems like a sweetheart, lucky you! That black and white one looks awesome in the kids’ laundry room. Great find!

  3. Just curious, how do you stop the mats (rugs) from sliding around on the floors – do you put Velcro on them or something.

    I love how your house is coming together:)

  4. Good Thursday morning to you, Erin!

    I love the outdoor/indoor rugs from the Frontgate catalogue like these.

    So many cute patterns and styles to choose from.
    I have them by the kitchen sink, entry door into the house from the garage, and at the sliding doors too.
    Making your house your special place with the things you choose is so much fun:)

  5. Love them both! I have to say the best outdoor mats I have found are from Ikea. They are a bit larger than the ones found at Target, are plain, and you can easily paint them to add a bit of fun. Oh, and they are CHEAP!!

  6. Anonymous – thank you! That’s the best part of having the two spaces for sure. :)

    Thanks JC – yes my mom is a sweetheart. :)

    Julie – I buy rug pads for some of them. Some of them (both of these laundry room rugs) have enough traction on the bottom so you don’t need a pad. Thank you! :)

    Thanks everyone! Lauren – I’ll have to check out Ikea!

  7. I just had to come back and admire your kids laundry room. I just love the cabinet color, its just such a nice looking space. Your so lucky!

  8. Love them both!! Make sure the green one doesnt bleed though, I bought a similar colored one from target once that bled alll over my carpet and stained it :(

  9. Your laundry rooms are beautiful. Could you tell me the dimensions of your downstairs laundry room ? Would love to incorporate some of your ideas in our remodel. Thanks so much for sharing.

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