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Our 4th

Sharing a few pics of our 4th!  We spent the weekend in SLC at my sister’s house with family.  So much fun.  My crew and I drove back to San Diego today and I’ve been awake for about 17 hours at this point so this post will be short on words.  I don’t know how coherent I am at the moment and I don’t want to re-read this post in the morning and ask myself yet again why I always write my posts late at night when I’m in such a deliriously tired state.  (That NEVER happens btw.)  
 Cousin bonding.

Lots of time at the pool.
My sister’s darling neighbor has an original 1930’s Ford.
He gave the kids all rides around the neighborhood.
 And some of the adults too.  :)

 Aunt Carly also gave everyone Vespa rides.  A tradition when we visit.

 Time for the parade!

 These three were glued at the hip and all bawled when we had to separate them.  

Nothing like the Bagpipes.  Always my favorite.
Love my sisters.  And that boy draped across my lap?  He’s ok too.  :)

Daddy daughter bonding time.
 Quick stop to feed the bunnies.

Saturday we went to a Family Reunion.  Loved seeing all of my crazy family.  It was so HOT.   This is the only picture I have of the day.  I didn’t get any pics of all of the fun commotion, the hugging, the laughing, the bonding… the sweating.  Good thing I love everyone so much.  It was worth leaving my stable 70 degree weather to see them all.  ;)

Another great Independence Day!  
xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Our 4th

  1. What a cool 1930’s Ford and Vespa rides!! I can’t get over how big your girls are getting…love the pigtails on Ellie <3. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family! Janel in NJ

  2. Happy Monday to you, Erin:)

    Looks like it was a really fun 4th for the kids with the swimming, the old fashioned car, and the parade!

    Hope you can get a good nap in today, and catch up on your sleep tonight. 17 hours without it is exhausting!

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