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Holding down the fort

Hi friends!  Is it Friday already!?  I’m losing track of the days!  This has been a slow week on the blog because my mom and I have been holding down the fort with all 7 grand kids.  The “Magnificent 7” as we like to call them.  Too much fun.  Take a Tylenol every other hour fun, but fun none the less.  :)  Cousin time is the best.  My siblings will be around this weekend and I’m so excited to spend some time with them too.  And to have a little back up!  

The other day my mom and I went in our rooms to get dressed and laughed when we both came out in stripes!  We think alike more often than not.  I’ve been meaning to pull together a summer Fashion Friday post (per your Instagram requests!) but haven’t had time this week.  So this skirt is from Gap (I’ve lived in a lot of their fun striped skirts this summer) and that will have to count as Fashion Friday for this week.  :)  

 That same evening my parents let me sneak away for a couple of hours of peaceful shopping time.  With no children!  So rare and lovely.  I seriously found so many fun things for the house!  Can’t wait to get home and start decorating.

Here is one thing that is coming home with me.  LOVE it.   

My dad gave the girls their first archery lesson.  (My dad is an avid bow hunter and aside from running a college, owned an archery shop when I was growing up.)  
Do you love the “Old Guys Rule” shirt?  Father’s Day gift from me.  :)  My dad really does rule.  He is perfect in every way and can do no wrong in my book.  This theory of mine often drives my husband crazy.  Especially since he also adores my dad and knows it’s true.  ;)
 They were naturals!

{circa 1993}

SO took me back to my childhood.  Did I ever tell you the story of when I was at my dad’s shop practicing and lots of his archery friends were out watching.  There were big pictures of animals for targets and I pulled back and hit a rabbit dead on.  Just nailed him!  My dad’s friends cheered and said “Wow – your daughter is a natural!  Sure takes after you.”  And my dad was so proud and so was I.

No one needed to know I was actually aiming for the deer.

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Holding down the fort

  1. Looks like you are having a fun visit. I love that sign you bought. I use to always sing that song to my son.

    I laughed so hard at the end of your post.

    Enjoy your family time. :)

  2. My dad also owned an archery shop. He just sold it a couple of years ago. I have lots of sweet pictures of him giving the kids lessons! We are home at my parents house as well!

  3. Aiming for the deer…Bwaahaaahaaahahhaa!

    Lily likes archery and got a recurve bow last summer. I need to get her back out on the target!

  4. Wow, your mom and the granddaughter that she is holding, look SO much alike. Please do a post on your shopping haul, I would love to see what other treasures you found.

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