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Organized art caddy

Summertime.  Are you feeling it?  That smell in the air?  That’s most likely a neighbors BBQ that you’re wishing was yours?

I shared this pic on Instagram today.  Poolside watching the kids swim with my HGTV magazine in hand.  The last two days have been such a non-stop whirlwind of activities that it felt wonderful to sit down and relax this afternoon.  The whole 20 minutes of it until Kole decided he was done with the pool and needed food immediately.  :)  But I could taste summertime for those 20 minutes!  Hearing my kids laugh and splash around in the water while reading about the “not so stuffy way to style shelves.”  (Vary the heights of your decor – that’s key.)  See how much I learned.  In just 20 minutes of down time.

Because summer is quickly approaching (wonderful smells and all) I’ve been thinking about a lot of things I want to do to get ready.  Time to prep for those sometimes loooong days with the kids home!

I found this wooden bottle caddy at World Market and it was love at first sight.  
All of those dividers!  So many organizing options!
I immediately thought of our stash of art supplies.
And how I would love to have them organized and out in the open during the summer.
Easy access for the kids!
 Now they can create on a whim. 

 And then put everything back in its place when they’re finished.  

Summertime is starting to smell even sweeter.  
xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Organized art caddy

  1. Oh my word! That caddy is adorable. Leave it to you to come up with such a cute way to use it!! I may just have to buy one!

    I also love the smell of summer. Long days, warm nights. I love all of it. :)

  2. Great minds think alike. I saw that caddy 2 weeks ago and bought it too. I haven’t decided what to do with mine yet. I am sure I will think of something. I was wondering you are going to share another room in your house? It’s been awhile and I need something else to dream about. :) possibly your master bathroom ;) thanks for sharing. Mary

  3. Hi Erin how I long for summer. It’s the first official day of winter here in Tasmania Australia tomorrow. It was so frosty this morning. Totally love you blog and your kiddies are so cute. Cole reminds me of my little girl with his cuteness. Enjoy your lovely warm days. Fiona x

  4. I know you probably shared your paint colors somewhere, but I have looked and looked and can’t find them? Could you please share or direct me please?

  5. Thanks everyone! So glad you like the art caddy. :)

    Caroline – I haven’t shared a list of them all – I just mention each one when I post about the room. The main color throughout a lot of the house is “Seattle” by Frazee. If you are looking for a specific room color shoot me an e-mail and I can help you out. :)

  6. I love this! And great minds think alike because I just invested a whopping $20 at Costco the other day on a 10-drawer, rainbow colored rolling cart that was screaming “ART SUPPLIES FOR SUMMER!” We’re still 2 weeks out from the last day and the supplies are already dwindling, but really, how could I say no to rainbow colored drawers?

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Anonymous – thank you for sending those links! I read them all. SO scary. Pool safety is such a huge priority for us. Pools scare me to death! I appreciate your concern! xx

    YEA Lucy! Rainbow!? Sounds fabulous. :)

    grammabebe – you can find me on instagram at erin_sunnysideup

    Thanks! :)

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