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Putting away Christmas

 It’s a New Year!  But I am still wrapping up the old one.  My kids don’t start school until Monday so we are still enjoying Christmas break around here.  (I will be in total denial when it all ends!)  Because of this I’ve decided to put off all New Year goals until Monday.  So basically I am still eating to my little heart’s content.  :)  We are also way behind putting away Christmas decor because the day after Christmas we traveled out of state to spend time with family.

(Me with my little bro who doesn’t look so little anymore.)
We had a great trip but came back to a messy house (hate that!).  My main goals for the day were to take down the tree and unpack our clothes.  Lofty goals for a day with my three year old home!  But I’m happy to say that we did it.  Christmas is never as fun to put away as it is to put up, is it?  Here are some pics I snapped of how I store my ornaments..

I put quilt batting at the bottom of some boxes to create a soft pad for breakables.  
 Ignore the lovely reflection of me and my camera.  I was too lazy to edit.  Or get out of my pj’s all day.  Part of the whole “I’m still on vacation and eating whatever I want to eat” thing.    

I used Ziploc bags for things like ornaments from the kids.  
 I had also saved some of the original packaging that I re-used for bigger ornaments.  
One of these days I’m going to break down and spend some money on real Christmas storage.
Or not.  
Signing off now.  Because there’s still time for a little more chocolate before bed…

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Putting away Christmas

  1. Such great ideas!! I am doing the same thing over here …. it’s driving me crazy :) Also I LOVE your purse!!! I don’t think I have seen you use it before … it’s gorgeous!

  2. Hi Erin! I can definitely see the family resemblance on your brother and you! He is really handsome, just as you are so beautiful!

    It looks like you take the little hooks off your Christmas balls before storing them. Do you buy new ones each year, since they get so tangled up? I started using narrow ribbon in various colors a few years ago, and it stores well. I never thought about using the Gladware to store the small items! You always have the best ideas!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Jess – thank you! That purse was my Christmas present last year. :)

    Jane – Thank you! You are the sweetest. I’ll have to tell my brother you said that! It will make his day. :) Yes – the little hooks drive me crazy so I always take them off when I store the ornaments. I keep them in a ziplock bag. I replace them every few years because they are so cheap and get bent so easily. Narrow ribbon is genius! I think I’ll have to try that next year. Thank you for the great idea!

  4. The kids start back on Monday here, too, but I didn’t think about holding off on New Year’s resolutions until then – d’oh! Might be your best idea yet : )

    Love your storage ideas. Will would love them more because it would mean less awkwardly shaped, fragile (“be careful!!”) boxes to lug up our attic ladder. Need to get (send Will) to Target asap.

    And can I just say that everything looks so great next to those gorgeous floors. Can you tell I am up to my neck in floor contemplations/dreams/reality for our mini-makeover. I wish I could hire someone to just make all of those decisions for me! Do you hire out? : )

    Happy New Year to you all!

  5. We are putting away Christmas here too since it’s below zero in rural Columbus, Ohio and we are staying warm at home! I’m hoping to get several projects done actually during this cold snap. Happy New Year and looking forward to reading the blog in 2014!

  6. I’m not taking my decs down till after Jan 6th, probably next weekend:) I like to enjoy them for as long as possible.

    I don’t take the decorations off my tree. Instead I wrap it up in 2 large rubbish bags & put it in the closet.

    One tip I have is to take pix of the box where you store your Christmas cards & wrappping paper etc. Then before you decide if you need any new paper etc just look at the pix first:)

    Also, when putting away certain items before decorating for Christmas – photos & vases etc – put them in one of the boxes that usually has some Christmas decs in. I actually need to remember to do this next Christmas as I never usually know where to put them!

    Yesterday I saw some Hot Cross Buns in one of the shops & on Christmas eve I saw a rack of Cadbury’s creme eggs etc!!! I couldn’t believe it:)


  7. First of all, you are ADORABLE!!!! I have not taken ANY Chhristnas down yet cause hubby doesn’t want to have it down yet. PLUS I am going away to Fl. with girlfriends from 1/13 to 1/17 and he wants me to WAIT TIL I GET BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! OY!!! P.S. You should take off word verification: ALOT of people won’t comment if you have it. Just an idea:):)

  8. Taking a quick break from putting ornaments away and what do I come across? You’re post on ornament storage–perfect timing! Love the ornament storage ideas, especially using Glad/Rubbermaid containers.

    I, too, take off ornament hangers and store them in ziplock-type bag. What color are yours? I have standard green and “fancy” gold & silver. I’ve also used thin red ribbon–just depends on what I think will look good with ornament on tree.

    Again, like you, don’t really start New Year’s Resolutions and stuff like that until the kids go back to school. :-) Happy New Year!

  9. Thank you Lucy! I sent Kenny to Target yesterday! :)

    Hi Pinky! I’ve taken my word verification off before and I get crazy amounts of spam! So much that I have to keep it on. Such a bummer! Enjoy your trip! Sounds fabulous!

    Tiffany – mine are all silver but I am so excited about trying ribbon next year!

    Thank you Emily! I never did take a good picture of it! Just the peek of it in my Christmas Eve post. I’ll do better next year. This years Christmas decorating was a trial run for me. :)

  10. Happy New Year, Erin&co!
    Some great packing-away ideas there! I keep everything up for the full 12 days of Christmas so we still have a few more days of enjoying our tree and then it’s time to pack away (and eat all of the candy canes that we always forget to hand out!). But we don’t go back to school until early February here in Australia so we can be a bit more leisurely. I can’t imagine just having a few days off for Christmas/New Year and then back into the swing of things (I mean, I used to live in the UK and that’s what happened but I was only 7 so I don’t remember the logistics of it all, haha)

  11. I got all of my Christmas deco put away on Saturday after Christmas. I love putting it up and sitting in the living room with just the Christmas lights on…But…After Christmas. I start to feel like it is clutter (Of the prettiest kind) That is collecting dust. I am so ready to take it down and start cleaning. Which I did for 5 hours. I know, I am crazy. But, I always feel so good after it is all said and done.

    I love your scarf Erin. Where did you get it?

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

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