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Christmas in the kitchen

I had plans for Christmas decorating this year.  BIG plans.  I was going to deck the halls like there was no tomorrow.  And then reality hit and I learned a few things…
1- Moving in will take us a year.  Not a month.
2- Finishing the new house will take months.  Not a week.
3- Christmas decor looks best sprinkled in with regular furniture and decor.  Which we don’t have much of yet.

Painters and carpenters have been in my house “finishing up” for weeks now.  I started putting things on the mantel and then had to take them down to paint the mantel.  I wanted to put garland on the stairs, but there were too many places that needed touch up paint on the stairs.  You get the picture.  Let’s just say that this year was a bit of a wash as far as holiday decorating goes around my place!  But that’s ok.  Next year we will be a bit more settled and hopefully have a table or two!  The one spot I was able to spruce up a bit was a corner of my kitchen.

A little Christmas decor in my bay window was enough to help us get in the mood for the season.   I love having a bay window in the kitchen.  I’ve always wanted one.  My window guy tried to talk me out of it because he said it would be such a pain to clean.  What!?  It’s so not a big deal to climb on the counter get on a chair and wipe it off once a week.  Glad I didn’t cave!

 This is my favorite spot in the kitchen.
You can see in this darker picture that I have a great view of the backyard.
I love to do the dishes and watch the kids play.
 Sometimes I get distracted from the dishes and the kids playing because I’m staring at my sink.
It seems to have that effect on me.
I’m so careful not to scratch it.  I bought these racks to keep in it to protect it.  Sometimes I think I should just not do the dishes at all.  You know.  To protect the sink.
See.  I’m getting distracted.
Back to the Christmas decor!

Just a tree and a plate in one corner.

Poinsettias in a pitcher and candy canes in the other corner.  Our candy canes are quickly depleting.  I’m clearly not the only one who is climbing on the counter.

Close up of the faucet.  Because you all wanted details.  And I’ve already led us astray in this post.

A touch of Christmas in the corner!  I didn’t have time to shop for anything new this year so I tried to come up with new ways to use things I already had.

My reindeer is wearing the same bling as last year.
He loves the bay window too.
 I just tossed some white pitchers, pine cones and ornaments in a basket and called it good!

So while we weren’t able to do much for holiday decorating this year, we at least have a touch of Christmas in the kitchen.

 Now if we can just get the rest of our lighting we’ll be set.
Enjoy your weekend!  Lots to do!
xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Christmas in the kitchen

  1. I love the kitchen and your decorations! I was wondering if would do a post on how you celebrate Christmas. Also do you and your husband get the kids a certain amount of gifts each or spend a certain amount of money on each?

    Merry Christmas!!! Looking forward to the new year coming and your new posts in your new home :-)!! God Bless!

  2. Thanks Jen and Stacie!

    Stacie – I mostly just try to make sure they all have the same amount of gifts to open and yes – we have a budget for each that we try to stay within. I really try to not over do it because I’ve found with little ones less is more! :) Have a great Christmas cutie!

  3. You are right Erin. Next year will be our year. I love the silver and red together. I think the touches you added are beautiful.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Our will be busy with family.


  4. The bay window is amazing!As is the faucet and sink! I love it…what a dream. Erin, you did a fantastic job on all your picks! Your Christmas touches look great! Thank you for sharing…Kellie s.

  5. I LOVE the racks in the sink! Where did you find them and did you have to have them specially sized? I wish I had known about them when we redid our kitchen because our sink is scratched now. :(

  6. Thanks so much everyone!

    Andrea and Leann – we purchased the racks with the sinks. They were an add on option – made to fit the Shaw farmhouse sinks. (We bought all of our sinks and fixtures through Ferguson’s.) Hope that helps!

  7. Very pretty! If you wouldn’t mind, what are the various nozzles/dispensers for near your sink? And are the poinsettias fresh or synthetic? I’ve never seen them displayed in a pitcher before–but I like it!

  8. Thanks Nola! The dispensers by my sink are soap, filtered/chilled water for drinking and a hand sprayer to spray out the sink. The poinsettias in the white pitcher are fake and the small poinsettias in the silver vase are real. A mix of both! :)

    Axelle – thank you so much! So kind of you to say. I really appreciate it! Happy Holidays!

    Cathy – you’re the sweetest. Happy Holidays! Thinking of you this year. xx

  9. Awe! You’re giving me flash backs. We moved into our new house Dec. 1st last year. I have all these visions on a Martha Stewart Christmas.. What I got was a table saw still in the formal living room.. and a chirstmas tree surrounded by furniture boxes of the stuff for that room. This year is so much better.. And I was still unpacking in June.. ;) Merry Christmas!

  10. Oh my…You have the kitchen of my dreams! I am in love with it! It looks fabulous! So modern and at the same time a little vintage! Hope that someday I will have such kitchen at home!

  11. I’m in love with your faucet. We’re currently undergoing a kitchen remodel and I’d love to know the info on your faucet! I tried looking for sources and couldn’t find it. Would you mind sharing with me? ❤

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you! I am going to find it on line for you and add it to my sources page hopefully this weekend! I’ve been slowly filling in my source tab in my header and the kitchen is on the agenda this weekend so check back! :) xo

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