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Organized Silverware

Slowly making my way around my kitchen!  Half of it is now organized and in tip top shape.  The other half – not so much.  But progress is progress and I’m just happy to finally know where things are instead of scrambling through various drawers or in boxes in the garage.  First up:  the silverware drawer.  Because it’s easy to organize.  Dump everything out on the counter.  Wipe out your silverware tray (buy/make one if you don’t have one).  Get rid of anything you have in that drawer that you don’t need or use.  Put everything back in its place.  10 minutes and done!   

I bought these grey and white organizers at Target.  Love them because they have non slip rubber on the base holding the silverware and on the back so they don’t move around in the drawer.

This fun little basket is from Anthro and was a perfect solution to hold all of our corn holders.  I placed our cheese knives next to them and beaters to the right by the knives.

We need some new knives at some point.  I think these were from our wedding!  I wash the wooden knives in the dishwasher and I’m not supposed to.  But I’m not a fan of things I can’t wash in the dishwasher.  So I do it anyway and magically they’ve lasted all this time.  Although they aren’t the prettiest knives around.

A few other organized silverware pics to get you in the mood to wipe out those crumbs and straighten up the spoon and fork drawer…

The organizer I used in my previous house.
 My mom’s silverware drawer.

My SIL’s silverware drawer.  They bought the fun colored trays at TJ Maxx.  
It’s a quick/easy drawer to knock off your “to-organize” list that makes a huge impact.  How many times are you in and out of this drawer throughout the day?  I am A LOT.
And now I smile every time I open it.  
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Organized Silverware

  1. My mom has the same wooden knives. Pretty sure she got them before I was born (I’m 28) and always washes them in the dishwasher too. They look just like yours and apparently last forever :) Excellent organization post. Love your blog, and your new house!

  2. That is so pretty and would make me so happy every single time I open them. Would you mind sharing where you got the cute blue basket that holds your corn on the cob ends? It is darling!

  3. Looks great, love the little pop of your “signature” turquoise! A tip I discovered just recently is to group your forks and spoons so that the heads line up inside or one on top of the other, then store them on their sides in their tray. SO easy to do, and it makes them look so neat – I even got my messy hubs on board with that trick and I love a tidy cutlery (British!) drawer.

    So excited to see how you’ve been organising your lovely new home.

  4. I love how clean it looks! And you have more space near the dividers, lucky girl!
    I also wanted to ask something about your kitchen: could you tell me why you have two separate sinks? We don’t see that here in Spain!

    XO ;)

  5. I am working on mine right now. If we lived close, I would just bribe you with coffee or drink of your choice to do mine – ha ha. Looks fabulous, and, thanks for such good information.

  6. Thanks Amanda!

    Caitlin – I bought that at Anthropologie. They have bigger ones too – all different colors. SO cute!

    Anonymous – oh that is a GOOD tip! I need to try that! Thank you!

    Thanks Alba! Two sinks are pretty common around here. The idea is that one is a “prep sink” in the island for preparing food. It’s nice to have two when you are entertaining because someone can wash their hands while someone else is cleaning vegetables, etc. It’s also nice if you have two people preparing food. :)

    Thanks Gina and Rhonda! Rhonda – it wouldn’t take much bribery to get me to help organize something. :)

  7. Thank you for your answer, Erin! That have lots of sense =)
    And that can also solve lots of “kitchen space” problems. We love to be at the kitchen at the same time (my boyfriend and me) and I know what you mean ;)


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