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Dining fixture and new barstools

 A few new additions in the house!

We finally got our dining nook light installed.  Yea!  
Light over the table at last!  I had a really hard time choosing a fixture for this space.  I wanted something chrome like the kitchen lights, large enough to fill the nook area, and something that I loved.  Obviously.  :)  Finishing the house was so hectic towards the end that I decided to just wait until we moved in when I would have more time to search for what I wanted.  I’m glad I did because I like this so much more than a lot of the other fixtures I was considering.  I know it’s a bit trendy, but I love this pattern so much that I don’t think I’ll grow tired of it anytime soon.  Kids are just happy to not be eating dinner in the dark anymore.  I tried to make it a cool thing but “Friday night candlelight” was getting a bit old.  :)  
We also got the new barstools we’ve been waiting for.  Fun Christmas present for me!  
I’ve been in love with these Marcello barstools from Ballard Designs for a looong time.  When the grey barstools I bought at TJ Maxx didn’t work because of the grey islands I immediately knew what I wanted to replace them with.  But when I went to order these they weren’t the right fit for our islands (not standard height for some reason?).  So I met with my friend/designer who has helped me with a few things (pillows for the girls rooms, etc.) and had some custom made to fit under our island with the same look.  

I didn’t love that the Ballard barstools swivel back and forth because I know my three year old would have way too much fun with that little feature.  :)  Plus I was worried the gap would be a catch all for crumbs.  So I had them made without the separation between the seat and legs.

 I kept the large chrome nail heads the same because those are my favorite part!  

I really wanted a fun pattern for a pop of color/design, but I just knew I would regret fabric barstools. One night of spaghetti with my three kids and they would be history!  So I chose this white material that looks like fabric, but isn’t.  You can wipe spills/messes right off.  Kid friendly and mom approved.  :)  

Ignore the half way done decor in my glass shelves.  I’ve changed it three times since then.  :)  Still a work in progress.  Now that our light and barstools are in I’m itching to find a table that goes better in the nook.  I’m having a hard time with that one.  I’m having a hard time with all of the main furniture we are considering.  The only rooms coming together decor wise right now are the girls’ rooms.  I’m excited to show you the progress!  

You can see we also got the light over the kitchen sink.  I’m wondering if it needs to hang longer?  It came with another rod to extend it but when the rod is on the light hangs down into the window too much.  I might need to saw the rod in half.  Now that’s a scary thought.  That would most likely end with me losing a limb.  Is the perfect light length worth it?  :)   You can also see in this pic my little buddy with his fishy crackers.  Best way to get him to behave for 2 minutes so I can snap some pictures.

And when the crackers run out a little guitar serenade from his sister also does the job.  
Tricks of the trade. 
xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Dining fixture and new barstools

  1. I’m in the process of picking out paint colors for our new home, and I was wondering if you would share the name of the grey paint color you are using in your kitchen/breakfast nook. I love it! You have such good taste!

  2. Thank you so much everyone! I’m thrilled you all like them!

    Jess – you can order the light from Layla Grace or Candelabra. It’s called the “Regina Andrew Brushed Nickel Patterned Pendant.” How’s that for a mouthful. :) It’s pricey but looks so good in person!

    Anonymous – thank you! That grey paint is called “Seattle” by Frazee. I have it throughout a lot of my house and LOVE it! It’s a great true grey. Good luck with paint! I know it can be so tricky!

  3. I love the barstools Erin. I agree with you on the design. Not a fan of the space in between the other one. I am loving the pattern on the dinning room light also right now. Everything is really coming along.

  4. Erin, I love your new light fixture! Perfection!!! It is so much like a table from Ethan Allen called “Tracery” dining table. It has the same Moroccan pattern with a silver bisque metal base with glass top and is 48″ round. They also have a side table and coffee table of the same.

    I LOVE the bar stools you had custom-made! They are just beautiful with the large silver nailheads and dark wood legs that go with your floor. You were so smart to have them done exactly the way you wanted instead of getting the ones that had sliding chair tops!

    I am just in awe of your home and your decorating skills!! Those silver hanging lights in your kitchen are a dream of mine! I’ve always loved them. I’m so excited to see more!!

  5. Your beautiful home is looking more and more like it came straight out of a magazine. You have great taste in style.


  6. Oh, Erin. I love the light over the table. It is gorgeous. I was wanting to know how you designed your little mans bathroom? Will you share that with us? Thank you so much for sharing your home and decorating ideas.

  7. I love your house – absolutely gorgeous! Can you please share where you get fabric that looks like fabric but is able to be wiped down? Thank you!!

  8. Thank you so much everyone! I’m thrilled you like them!

    Jane – LOVE that! Thank so much for showing it to me! Although I spent way too long on the Ethan Allen site! :)

    Burse Blessings – Thank you! Yes! At some point I will definitely get around to sharing Kole’s bathroom. :)

    Anonymous – thank you! Shoot me an e-mail and I will give you my designers contact info. She can tell you all about how to order the material I used for my barstools. :) (

  9. Do you need to sell your old grey barstools!? :) I’ve been looking for something like that and our TJ Maxx / Homegoods doesn’t have them :( Your home is Gorg!!

  10. I have been searching your site looking for the name of the pendants over your kitchen islands. Are they the smaller of the RH Benson? satin nickel?

    Also, did you share the name of your front porch exterior pendants?
    Love them all!

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