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A not too healthy salad and new additions to the family

Attempting to get into better eating habits again!  December and the chocolate party I was having during December have ended.  What a bummer.  If you are in my boat (most people in January usually are!) I thought I’d share a quick/easy/healthy lunch I often eat.  During months when I’m not having a chocolate party.  :)

I’ve shared this salad before I think.  I love it and it literally takes just a few minutes to prepare.  All you need is Spring Mix (so you can be lazy and not wash your lettuce), an apple, almonds, cranberries, and feta cheese.  Don’t forget the feta cheese.  You’ll be sorry if you do.  Your salad will be TOO healthy.  And we wouldn’t want that now would we.  That’s why I also add a little drizzle of Briannas Poppy Seed salad dressing.  It’s delicious and also takes the salad down a notch from TOO healthy to just right healthy.  
Slice up some apple, toss everything together and you’ve got a quick, easy, healthy but not TOO healthy salad for lunch.  
Here’s another healthy salad I often make when I’m trying to eat more salad and less chocolate.  You can read all of the intricate details here.  You know my recipes always include top secret intricate details.  
Since we seem to be on the subject of lettuce I think it’s time I introduced you all to our new family members.  You heard me right.  Santa brought the girls a pretty special surprise this year for Christmas.  My girls have wanted a pet FOREVER but dogs, hamsters, etc. aren’t an option because of Addie’s allergies.  Reptiles seemed to be the only way to go.  Santa couldn’t bring pets in his sleigh (harsh weather conditions and all) so he left them an entertaining letter that explained that mom and dad would take them to the nearest pet store to pick up their own Russian Tortoise.  After extensive research he seemed to think that they would make fabulous pets.  Fabulous LOW maintenance pets.  
 Picking them out was an exciting day.  

They were immediately named.  El’s is Coconut “Cocoa” for short.  
Ad’s turtle goes by Tank.  
Showing them their new home and feeding them lettuce (mom has lots in the fridge right now) has been even more thrilling.  
 They have provided hours of entertainment.  
By doing absolutely nothing but mulling around in their new home.  

 The girls take them outside for exercise every afternoon.  
They are so in love with their new pets.  
How am I feeling about our new little additions?  
Let’s just say I’m making an effort to be a low-key-let’s-have-a-pet type of mom.
  But the turtles were home just 20 minutes before one of them peed on my new staircase.  
They kind of stink.
I’m paranoid about the kids washing their hands if they’ve even thought about touching them.
And as you can see, they aren’t the most photogenic.  
But I’m trying.  
Not for Cocoa and Tank’s sake.
But for my three little turtles who seem to think that their new little turtles are awfully special.  
xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “A not too healthy salad and new additions to the family

  1. That brings back the days when I had a pet turtle. His name was Michaelangelo! I know your kids are loving their turtles. And from one mom to the next, turtles are so much better than fiddler crabs. We have two and they freak me out.

  2. You are hilarious! :) yes, they seem to be very little photogenic :). But I think turtles are nice pets, I used to have both these when I was about five and the smaller version later, after I threw my turtle over the balcony?!? (It survived. But I am not sure how I managed to convince my parents I need more turtles): Anyway, they are great and you will enjoy having them, especially if you keep them away from your stairs :)

  3. My boys have a saltwater turtle that lives at my mother in law’s house {because she found him and introduced him, she gets to keep him!}. He FREAKS me out. He’s only silver dollar sized, but he just really grosses me out. I have no idea why. And I am super paranoid about the whole WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU TOUCH HIM thing, too. But they love him. Ours is named Peter Pan. HA!

  4. Lol – your posts always bring a smile to my face and motivate me! – in this case, to be a ‘low-key-let’s-have-a-pet type of mum’ too – I would be on the stalk with the hand sanitiser :) They look like very loved turtles though – my babies want a dog, and husband is keen too – if only I had allergies!!

  5. PS: I’ve had to cease chocolate month too (but wasn’t it a good one?!) – and have been loving rice paper wraps for lunch! I’ve been filling them with just basic tuna, grated carrot & sultanas, but it’s all in the dipping sauce ;) (as in, the taste, and the calories ;)) They taste even better with shredded chicken or almost anything other than tuna – I’m just trying to eat more fish and hold onto some of the brain cells my baby in my belly is eating!

  6. We, or should I say I, have a Russian Tortoise-my son lost interest many years ago. Anyway, those things get BIG-we had to move ours to a children’s plastic swimming pool. They become really attached to their owners. Mine loves me-knows my voice, knows when I walk in the room and wants to be hand-fed by only me. Have Fun with yours!

  7. Way to go Erin! You are brave. We are so lame that we opted to buy our four year old an ELECTRONIC pet (Zoomer the dog) in hopes that it will fill the void of no pets at our house. We have done a rabbit and a few fish. I couldn’t even stand those, so this is about our only option. Poor kids of mine. I put a picture of Brayden with our new pet Zoomer up on Instagram and one of the comments from a friend was, “I guess it’s better than no pet at all.” Yikes, gulp. I know, I kind of suck. Maybe someday I can be brave like you, but for now, I am riding the wave of some bought time with Zoomer. :) Good luck to us both!

  8. I guess if you HAVE to have an animal this is a good one to have! :) Sorry to some of your readers but I can’t take an animal in the house!

    I eat the same salad every day except the fruit on mine are Clementines! Feta is my favorite cheese on my salad and pecans give it the crunch I love!

  9. First time commenting, but I love your blog Erin! I was looking at your nursery pictures and I think it’s no surprise your kids (who are adorable btw) are infatuated with turtles….. :)

  10. I love your blog Erin! I was looking at your nursery pictures and I think it’s no surprise your kids (who are adorable btw.. have you noticed?) are infatuated with turtles.. ;)

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