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The “no post” post

No post today.  
I just got back from dinner with friends and like usual we talked way too much and stayed way too long and were kicked out of the restaurant again.
Now it’s late and I’m tired.  
I haven’t posted much this week, have I?
I’ve been busy organizing and decorating.
And doing all things kids because my husband has been traveling for work all week.
Which by the way is hard, but is getting less hard.  Every night after homework/baths/dinner I would say “girls – while I get Kole to bed go upstairs, pick up your rooms, lay out tomorrow’s outfit and brush your teeth.  I’ll be up in a minute.”  
And guess what?
They did it.
I feel like I am entering a new stage of parenting.  The girls are getting more and more independent and Kole just stopped napping last week.  (Which btw I love at noon when we aren’t scheduling around a nap but hate at 4:00 when he’s tired and melting down and it’s too early to put him to bed).  I am now officially out of the baby stage.  My little buddy is still a handful but the girls are a big help.  The norm has been that when I reach this slightly easier stage I have another baby.  But this time I’m not.
And that feels sad.  And nice.  All at the same time.  
I am so looking forward to this year.  I just want to really enjoy my kids.  With no distractions.  From a new baby.  Or a new house.  Or anything else.  They are growing up so fast.  My Ellie is turning TEN this weekend.  Ten!  I can’t even believe that.  
I’ve been planning a birthday sleepover party for her and her friends.  
In between the organizing and decorating and mothering.  
It’s going to be a panda explosion like no other.  
I have to show you something cool.  That has nothing to do with a girls’ night out or parenting or anything else I’m randomly mumbling about tonight.  
Technically I’m typing, not mumbling but you know what I mean.  
Check out one of my new little lemon trees in our backyard!  
So exciting.

Lemonade anyone?  

I guess I do have a post today.  If I mumble type about everything and nothing and show you a picture of something, I can technically count it as a post, right?
It’s the “no post” post.


I warned you I was tired.
Have a great weekend everyone!  
So very happy it’s here.

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “The “no post” post

  1. This might actually be my favourite post of yours. Which is really saying something because I love almost everything you post. It’s a showcase of the amazing things to look forward to in the future whilst also being a wonderful reminder to enjoy the current moment. Thank you for that.

  2. Glad the stage is getting easier! Have fun with the party. My daughter turned 10 in September and I still can’t believe it. She recenlty made a panda using rainbow loom and a YouTube video. Maybe you could try that for the party.

  3. Erin, I just LOVE your lemon tree! I have heard that the lemons grow HUGE in California! I can easily go through a bag of lemons a week because I use them so much in cooking.

    I think this will be your best year ever – especially with your backyard! The pool and winding bicycle path will be so much fun for the kids, and I seem to remember that you built an outdoor kitchen for entertaining! I wish you only the best!! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us – I look forward to every single one of your posts! Have a great weekend!

  4. These are my favorite-your spur of the moment, no posts Erin! Love that lemon tree and your thoughts on a year without distractions-I know that feeling, and it’s nice-you are ready for it I’m sure after this busy year.

  5. A lemon tree in January! How great is that! It’s nice to know there is sunshine someplace in the world as we are buried in snow in Iowa. lol

    I enjoy reading whenever you post. I’m so thrilled for you all that you are moved into your house.

  6. Entering into a new stage of life with your kids is so exciting! I remember when I finally didn’t have to carry around a diaper bag anymore. It was sad but also rad at the same time. My kids are 12, 8 and 6. I still miss the baby stage but the big kid stage is just as awesome! Enjoy!

  7. Wow. What a kind thing to say Bethany! Thank YOU! I’m impressed you got all of that out of my late night ramblings! ;)

    Kelli – a rainbow loom panda sounds perfect for El! I’ll look into it! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Jane – lemons DO grow HUGE around here! I love it! And I don’t even eat them that often but they are so beautiful filling up our city. Thanks for your sweet comment! Always!

    Thank you Sarah! We are both due for a year with no distractions!

    LOVED hearing from you all today! Thank you so much!

  8. I love your post today. I love your lemon tree also. I am really loving our weather. I never thought we would ever be in the 80’s in January, hence the lemons. :)

    It is so hard to believe El is going to be 10. Time goes by so fast. I am sure her birthday will be fun.

    Miss talking to you. I think this year is going to be a little less stressful for both of us.

    Have a wonderful weekend Erin


  9. Erin the lemon tree is too cool! I live in Michigan where we just dont see those! I understand your perception on just being a mom and enjoying the kids, because they do grow up soooo fast! My Hannah will be 10 this year too, and I cannot fathom that idea! I wish we could keep them at 5 forever!!! Love the no post, post! Your posts always brings smiles! Enjoy!

  10. I love all of your posts, Erin! You inspire me EVERY SINGLE post. I have really enjoyed rereading your posts on organizing…they are the best AND gets me in the mood to organize. Thank you soooo much! Have a fun weekend…my children are now 30 & 28! I wish I could go back in time when they were little.
    Ann R.

  11. I, too, love your lemon tree! I want one soooo bad, but that’s not very likely (thanks to the freezing cold Midwestern winter). And I loved this post! I think ‘random thoughts’ posts are the best. Happy Weekend (and happy birthday to your sweet girl)!

  12. Love when you ramble! LOL The lemon trees are amazing. And yes, they grow up waaaay too fast! Glad things are getting a bit easier. Yes, the end of naps can be good and bad.

  13. LOVE the lemon tree! Parenting does get easier as they get older. You get new challenges for sure. But you have slices of freedom & quiet that were infrequent before. Mine are 11 & 15. My daughter goes in Jr high next year at 12 & to me she still seems like my little girl :( And my son is 6 ft tall now & I have to look up to him ! Its crazy you blink & they grow. The best advice I could give is enjoy them & live in the moment.

  14. HI Erin! I’am reading your “no post” from Chile! yes far fa far away.
    i have to say, that a love you blog. and your ” no post” are the best post ..xd.

    You are so fun, and of course So like us. I enjoy so much your posts.

    Sorry for mi “Tarzan- Jane ” english, i’m just learning.
    have a nice weekend you too
    Kind Regards!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! This next stage of parenting is wonderful, and busy too, but in a different way. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Thank you so much everyone! I have loved reading every one of your kind comments today! I think I need to ramble about nothing more often. ;)

    And Maureen – I am going to take your advice and really live in the moment with my kiddos. Love that. :)

  17. Every stage has its unique blessings, even the empty nest stage! When you see the adults(and the almost adults) your children become, it is so gratifying. It is nice to just enjoy them without discipline, homework, schedules… :-) Hope you have had a great weekend!

  18. Definitely post about what it takes to throw a ‘panda’ party. My daughter wanted a panda party, and I didn’t have time to look on pinterest nor were there many things at the store panda themed already. We ended up with minnie mouse….

  19. Your lemon tree looks so nice and in January what a treat! Far from growing anything where I am in Canada….buried in snow. It is nice to be growing out of the baby stage and sad too. I have a 2 andahalf year old little buddy and feel the same way! Happy party planning, one of the best things about having kids :)

  20. I love the lemons! We have a couple in our backyard and have lemons at Christmas every year, which makes me a little bit giddy.

    And glad to hear things are getting a bit easier. :) You’ve worked so hard getting this house ready and you deserve a little bit of easy!!!


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