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Picture Dump

A guy came to give me a quote on putting Epoxy on our garage floors and he had the coolest little office set up inside his car!  He works on the go and said that this set up has worked like a charm.  I thought it was so smart – functional and organized.  He was kind enough to let me snap a few pics with my iphone for the blog.  He made the little desk with dividers and then just put a rug pad on top of it to hold things in place.

 Compartments for his printer and papers.  

Smaller dividers for office supplies.  Genius!  I had to share it with all of you.  I think a set up like this could work for so many different situations – in your car or in your house.  I called Kenny and told him we were getting our Epoxy from him despite other quotes.  He won me over with his warm smile and organization.  :)
 Pics I snapped last month at a Padres baseball game.  

 Kenny loves to take the whole fam to baseball games in the summer.  The girls and I aren’t all that into the game.  I bring magazines and the girls bring coloring books and we keep ourselves entertained waiting patiently for the real reason we go – nachos and the end of the game fireworks.

 This was Kole’s first game and he loved every minute of it.  I thought he would want to be up and running around the stadium the whole time but he never left our laps!

Every day since he asks me “we go a baseball game today mommy?”  :)  
Not today little buddy.  But soon.  
We are working on getting him as excited about Charger football but with the way they played today I doubt we’ll have much luck with that one. 
2nd grade.  She’s having a ball.  

I saw this white mirrored hutch on TV last week and am DYING over it!  Isn’t it so beautiful with that fun circle pattern!?  I feel like it’s my new mission in life to find a duplicate.  Not that I even have a place I need it in our house, but I might need to create one!  I’ve found a few things similar, but not the exact same one.  Nothing that I like as much.

 I might have to call the Property Brothers to find out where they got it.  
I’m pretty tight with the two of them since we all hang out so much.  
Good days always end with Property Brothers on the DVR.  
Face painting at a firm party.  El wanted the panda to permanently live on her forehead and was so disappointed when it washed off.  

Ad loved her tatoos for the afternoon because they coordinated with her shirt and skirt, but the second her clothes changed she wanted them off.  Too many accessories clutter an outfit.

My mom bought Kenny this shirt for his birthday.  
It’s almost TOO perfect for him.  
Our weather cooled of a little this weekend and for a nano second I was in the mood to cook!  A few things I want to make this week if there is time.  Which there won’t be.  But if there was, this is what I would be cooking:
As soon as we are settled in the new house I am anxious to try so many new recipes I’ve been pinning on my Food/Recipe Pinterest board.  Hoping my cooking mood lasts more than a nano second.


Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Picture Dump

  1. I know this is going to be a stupid question with an obvious answer, but…Ready for it…Where does that man plug all his computer stuff in???

    The pictures of the baseball game are so cute. Kenny’s expression is priceless!! My step daughter went to the Padres/Dodger game last night. She ran into Vince Scully and Tommy Lasorda. Her friend is dating one of the Dodger players. A bunch of players were going to go out with them last night but it turned out they had a 10:00 curfew. She likes one of the players and she was a little disappointed. Maybe next time. Needless to say, Marty was a little disappointed too. He is a huge Dodger fan.

    Have a great week Erin.

    1. I wondered exactly the same thing about where he plugged everything into. I’d love to know how.

      Football (soccer) is huge here in the UK. I’m not a fan but most blokes & boys are. I also love the pix of the baseball game.

      I bet your step-daughter was disappointed. Hope it works out better next time.

      Have you noticed that the comment thing has changed today?

  2. So cute! I love all the photos. I keep checking back to see when you guys are going to be all moved in – I don’t know why but it feels like it’s been forever since you started building – but it probably seems longer to you than it does to me! Hopefully the wait will be over soon and you’ll be all moved into your dream house! :-)

  3. Okay that very first photo – when I saw that the first thing I thought was “Oh my gosh she’s moving in already!” thinking that was YOUR car and you were moving stuff to the new house! LOL Seriously, I think I’m just as excited as you are about move in day.

    I think that apoxy floor guy reads your blog – no way can a man be that organized without help!

  4. Hi Erin! I loved that epoxy guy’s “car office”! He is one organized guy, that’s for sure, and I’m betting he will be a perfectionist when it comes to your garage floors!

    It made me smile to see Kole enjoying the baseball game so much! And it is so funny that your girls took coloring books to the game to pass the time! I love that!

    I really look forward to reading your blog each day!!

  5. One more thing….
    Thank you to Heidi of Operation Organization for providing the link to the Panda Cam!! This is incredible!!

  6. Hi everyone! So happy to have a minute to check in with you all. :)

    K – as far as the car plug goes – I asked Kenny the same thing! He said you can buy a power inverter to plug into your lighter and then you can plug things into it. So cool.

    So fun Cathy! Bummer about the curfew.

    Erika and Katrina – it HAS been forever since we started building! We are still a few weeks away. I am so beyond ready to have it behind me. :)

    Heidi – thank you!! I can’t wait to share that with Ellie! Such a cool site! Oh my word – those baby pandas are too adorable. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!

    Julie – are you talking about the comment moderation? I’ve had it like that for a while now where I publish the comments after I read them. :)

    Thank you sweet Jane! You spoil me. And I love it. :)

    1. Not sure if the comment I just did went through properly so I’m doing it again.

      The comment thing in general has changed. It could be just for a mobile tho as I’m replying on an iPod.

      Re pandas: on fb a few days ago I saw a picture of a zoo keeper dressed in a panda suit (a bit like a onesie) who was helping a frightened orphaned baby panda. The other helpers at the zoo were doing the same.

      I thought of El when I saw it:)

  7. Love that organization!! And I am DYING over the cabinet as well! I have actually been looking for something similar for our living room and have never seen that one … swear I have seen them all! Maybe they built it? It’s amazing, if you ever find it let me know where!

  8. Thanks friends!

    Jess – I will let you know! I’m on a mission to find it!

    Julie – love that you thought of El. :)

    Nicki – thank you! Ad’s shoes are Nikes and I bought them at Nordstroms in the kids’ shoe section. They always have such cute shoes!

  9. For a second, I was not able to tell what was that organized compartment was. Boy, that man is an organized guy – not so common one, I should say. Amazing idea. Maybe I can do the same in my mini van since it currently look like a tornado just passed in it. Thanks for the share.

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