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Entry light (Orb Chandelier)

Lots of light hanging going on at the house this week!  Some fixtures look better than I expected.  Yea!  Some fixtures are too long because I apparently can’t measure.  Boo.  If only hobbits were allowed in my house I would be able to keep my too long fixtures, but sadly one of my carpenters who is over 6 feet tall says they have to go.  Even though they look amazing.  For a hobbit house.  :)  While I am back to the drawing board with my upstairs hallway lighting, I think I nailed it with the entry light!  

I decided to go with this Orb Chandelier from Restoration Hardware.  I have loved this exact one for so long!  But I put off buying it because it was so pricey.  I kept looking for other options and found several fixtures I liked, but nothing was big enough for the space.  Then not long ago this baby went on sale.  The exact size and finish I had been admiring!  I scooped one up so fast and just days later they were sold out.  Seems I’m not the only one who adores the orb!

 So today the scaffolding went up… 
 And so did my light!  Although it needs to be lowered about 4 feet.  

We are waiting for the extension chain.  My electricians were sweet enough to hang it for me without the chain so we could make sure it looked right and see exactly where to put it.  My electricians were also sweet enough to follow me to my old house to pick up the light because it didn’t fit in my car.  My electricians were then sweet enough to ever so politely tease me about my driving.  Apparently they think I have a bit of a lead foot.  “What!?” I immediately protested.  “I was driving my slowest most careful speed not to lose you guys!”  They were then sweet enough to promise to not mention my lead foot to my husband.  Not that it would be news to him.  And now I’ll be sweet enough to stop rambling and stay on topic.   So the orb!  Do you love them?  Hate them?  My mom is not a fan.  (Sorry mom.  I loved it too much to let it go.  I think I can change your mind when you come to help me move.  Are you packed yet?)  

Have you all seen Shelly’s DIY version of the Orb Chandelier (House of Smiths)?  Oh my word.  She made one!  And it looks amazing.  So impressive.  You have to check it out.  If only I had an ounce of her mad DIY skills.  I want to laugh out loud just picturing me trying to attempt something like that!  Let’s just say that if I tried to make one myself, the orb wouldn’t look so orbish.  :)

Hardwood will be finished tomorrow!  Carpenters are running all of the baseboards.  There is still lots to do and we are thinking of pushing back the move date.  (But you can still pack mom.)  I will share more lights soon!

Enjoy your day.

xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “Entry light (Orb Chandelier)

  1. I’ve been madly in love with that orb for months now~ and that DIY is brilliant!

    Also, have you seen Cadbury’s ‘screme egg’ for Halloween? Amazing! Apologies if this isn’t new news in America like it is in Italy :)

  2. HA HA HA LOVE LOVE LOVE the Orb! It’s so beautiful. See what a little patience/procrastination does, it goes on SALE! Oh yea, woot woot. It’s absolutely amazing and well worth it. I think your mom will learn to love it as well. :-)

  3. I love your new ORB light fixture! It is light and airy, yet it fills up a very large space! I know exactly what you mean about having your heart set on a particular light fixture. I wanted one from Pottery Barn and finally took the plunge and purchased two – one for the entryway and one for the dining room. I couldn’t be happier! I am so anxious to see more pictures of your new home!!

  4. We have a slightly smaller version of that same light in our breakfast room (the medium one with 7 candles), and I adore it. People thought I was crazy, but everyone loves it when it was installed. It is such a fun light; it looks great in the stairwell!

  5. Lindsey – A Halloween Cadbury Egg!? My thighs do not need that but I am all over it nonetheless!! :)

    Thank you so much everyone! SO happy you all like the orb! Like Stephanie said – a little procrastination worked in my favor this time around! :)

    Jane – which PB lights did you get? I got a few from PB for my downstairs hallway. Bet yours are stunning!

    Koenig Family – Thank you! That grey is actually a really grey grey. No hints of other colors in it. It’s “Seattle” by Frazee and I love the color! Try it out. I know it’s so hard to tell what it really looks like on a computer screen!

    Rebecca – I bet the smaller one is so cute. I love them all!

  6. Love the Orb. Getting the one with the chandelier in it from RH. Looked all over for another one, couldn’t find anything close and decided to take the plunge. The orbs give off such great color and texture.

    Also love that paint color. Never heard of Frazee – is it local to SD?

    Also, what is your flooring? Gorgeous color.

  7. Also meant to ask what you wound up using for countertop materials in your kitchen. I am really torn between marble (impractical but lovely) and a quartz product. Any thoughts?

  8. I love it! Just saw one in a dark bronze color at a local lighting shop & admired it! We have such good taste ;)
    I sure hope you plan to do a post walking us through the paint/trim colors, floors, and all those decisions you made! I have very similar taste & find that watching your process makes it feel possible to have what you want! We’re currently renovating our whole main floor since we just signed for our new-to-us builder grade house. I’d love to know where you got your floors. We’re looking and deciding right now. Thinking engineered wood though for cost…

  9. Love! I’m curious to know about your flooring. We are redoing our floors soon and I love yours. Where did you purchase? What is the color? I love the dark look, but have been told it is super hard to keep clean. Thoughts?? LOVE your blog and can’t wait to see your amazing home completed!

  10. Thank you so much everyone!

    K – Monday I’m going to do a Q & A post and I’ll talk about counters and floors because I’ve had lots of emails about them too.

    Carrie – Frazee is a southwest paint store (they are all over Arizona, California, and Nevada.

    Sarah – I will for sure do posts on EVERYTHING we chose throughout the house. I just have to finish building it first so I have time to post about it! :)

    Christen – I’m a little worried about keeping the floors clean too! I will see how bad it really is and report on that at some point for sure. :)

    Thanks again for your kind words about the house!

  11. Your house looks amazing. I especially love the wall color shown here in the foyer. I’m new to the blog and you may have already stated the color but would you mind sharing it?

  12. Hi Talysa! Sure! I’m going to do a Q&A post sometime this week so I’ll add my main paint color then (a few others have asked about it). Thanks for your sweet comment! So nice to “meet” you. :)

  13. Oh no! The polished nickel is sold out I’m afraid. :( I bought mine on-line and at the time they only had a few left which was why it was on sale. I called the store before I ordered it and they said they were discontinuing it in that finish. Bummer!

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