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Packing up Fall

Kids were so excited about the pool that they HAD to jump in the evening it was filled.  No chemicals in the pool yet – straight hose water.  Freezing cold!  A few neighbors joined them and they had quite the time together.  Teeth chattering away.  Yard isn’t finished.  House isn’t finished.  Pool isn’t finished.  But they swam anyway.  And loved it.  Water!  It’s all kids need to party.  :)

I spent the afternoon getting all of my Halloween and Fall decor out.
And then packing it all away in boxes.  Kind of bummed I will miss Fall decorating this year!  
But on the bright side, I will be moved in time to deck the halls for Christmas.  

Hoping to find more time for blogging next week!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Packing up Fall

  1. How fun! So nice to have neighbors with kids. Looks like the kids are settling in nicely.

    I can’t even get into fall yet. It was 96 here today. Has it been cooler by you guys? Seems to be hotter the more inland you go.

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Looks like fun! Kids are awesome like that. The water looks nice, the color that is. I hope that’s the color you were hoping for. I love all of the house updates. I will be sad when you are all done building but hoping that the build updates turn to decorating updates. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m bummed I’ll miss all of your fall decorating, too : )

    I have to ask – is that a shallow part of your pool for the little ones (where all of the kids are playing in the picture)? When you showed earlier pictures, I thought that small area was the hot tub; but I may be wrong. If it is the shallow part, what a brilliant idea!!

    Happy weekend!

  4. Please tell me you are going to put a fence around that pool. My 2 year old nephew died today in a backyard pool. It happens in an instant.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Cathy – it finally cooled off today! And yes – it is cooler on the coast, but this has been a HOT month!

    Lucy – I know – confusing, right? I’ll show a pic soon that shows it better. The far right side that the kids were in IS a hot tub. To the left of that is a shallow section for the kids. :)

    Anonymous – that’s awful – I’m so sorry for your loss. We put in a rectangle pool specifically so we could have an automatic, motorized cover for the pool. That’s also the reason we put the hot tub inside the pool – so it can be covered as well. You really can’t be too careful when it comes to pools and little ones.

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