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Quick Fashion Fix!

Not much time to post tonight.  After a typical afternoon/evening of new house issues, helping the girls with homework, Kole’s therapy, cooking dinner, dinner clean-up, and the bedtime routine I was feeling a bit depleted.  Today was definitely a Monday!  (Anyone else feeling it?)  I knew I had a good hour before bed and I could either plop down in front of the TV and blog OR take a nice hot bath.  Hmmm… what to do with my precious hour of free time….??  Then Kenny came home with the new Star Trek movie and just like that – decision made.  Time for a bath.  :)  Even though I’m short on blog time I wanted to pop in to answer a quick question and share something fun I found on Pinterest.  I’m working on a Q & A but thought I’d share the answer to this question I received on Facebook last week since it’s similar to other e-mails I’ve received.

“I miss Fashion Fridays!  Maybe instead of clothing fashion you could do a post on home fashion with ideas of how you plan to decorate your new home???  Pretty Please!!!”

First of all – thank you so much.  Such a kind question.  :)  Let me tell you – building has been a big time commitment (way bigger than I ever imagined!) and while I’ve loved a lot of the process, I’ve definitely had to let a lot of things go.  My house is a mess every day.  Seriously.  Drawers may be organized, but the floor and counters are covered.  Boxes are strewn about everywhere – some half packed.  The laundry?  Done twice a week if we’re lucky (I used to be so good about doing a load a day) and a home cooked dinner is hit and miss.  Of course my blogging time has been limited as well.  I take a lot of pics of the house and then don’t have time to post them.  Plus it has been hard to share a lot of new house pics throughout the process because so much of the house is constantly covered up and a dusty mess.  I promise that once the house is finished and we’ve moved in, I will share a lot more house pictures.  I’ll have more time to share decisions I’ve made along the way once I’m done making all of the decisions.  :)  I’ll also share a lot of fun decor pics along the way while I begin decorating.  And of course, I’ll share lots of the organizing going on as well!  (So excited for that!)  I’m hoping that when this process is behind us I’ll have more time to blog in general and I’ll be able to bring back post topics like Fashion Fridays, gift ideas, etc. now and again.  SO the answer to this question is YES!  FOR SURE!  Just give me another month or so to finish building and to move.  Then I will bore you all to death with home decor pics.  :)

As far as fashion is concerned, currently I’m running around most days in jeans and flip flops with paint all over them.  Nothing too fashionable about that.  :)  So here is something I found on Pinterest to give us all a little fashion fix!

YEA!  Boot season is upon us!  Check out this post for 10 fun ways to wear your boots this Fall.  
It gave me a lot of great ideas.
Can’t wait to blow the dust off of mine.  
Happy beginning of Fall everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Quick Fashion Fix!

  1. I LOVE the idea of Fashion Friday being home decor fashion!! I’m really looking forward to that. I get so many great decorating and organizing ideas from you!

  2. I saw this on pinterest the other day…LOVE IT! Hang in there Erin. I’m sure the process of building is so much fun that it’s completely exhausting:))

    I thought of you today as I was cleaning my closet, and my little man was destroying it even faster:)

  3. I can’t wait to see how you decorate your beautiful home. I love looking at decor. I just walked through some model homes. So many ideas!!!

    I can’t even imagine finding time to blog Since you are at the home stretch. Soon, the real fun will begin!

    After tomorrow, I will be able to slip on a pair of boots. It is 90 right now at 4:00. Thursday, it will be 70. I can’t wait! Are you guys cooler by the ocean?


  4. Oh, thank you! That will be awesome! You can do it, just a few more weeks! You are doing a great job to even post at all right now. We will be waiting right here!

  5. ugh, I so wish I was more fashionable. I need all the help I can get, so thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t wear all of those outfits but there are a few that I think I could pull off.

  6. Anonymous – that’s not me in the boot pics. :) Click on the link below the picture and it will take you to the original source. They would be the ones to ask for info. on the boots. But I agree! They are SO cute!

  7. I love boots. They add so much cool to any outfit, but I have a question: UGGS. Are they in or out? will wear them because they’re comfy, but have they lost their cool factor (many argue they never had the cool in the first place!).

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