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2nd and 4th

2nd and 4th grade.  Makes my heart hurt just a little to say that out loud.  They look so grown up to me in these pictures.  First day at a new school today!  The girls were so excited.  And nervous.  They wanted their nails painted and Ad wanted straight hair for the big day (to go along with her new toothless smile).  :)  I did it for her but told her only once in a while because I miss her curls terribly when they’re gone and oh my word.  It took a looong time to get those curls straight.  

It was strange not knowing many people.  The first day of school is usually such a fun time to greet friends and familiar faces.  We were happy the school mascot was waiting with a hug.  :)  

Kenny took Ad to her class and I took Ellie.  El was a bit nervous and I could tell she didn’t want me to leave right away.  This was definitely a harder transition for her.  After four years at our old school she was so well known and was really missing all of her good friends.  We found her name tag and she sat down at her table.  A darling girl next to her instantly introduced herself and then said “what’s your name?  welcome!”  She and Ellie smiled at each other and it was all I could do to not reach right across the table and hug that girl so tight.  But instead I snapped a quick picture, gave El one last squeeze, whispered that she would have an amazing day and left.  Lingering at the door with a few other nervous parents.  
I had a busy day but couldn’t help watching the clock waiting for pick up. 

And was thrilled to greet them with a hug and see huge smiles on their faces!  They had a terrific day.  According to Addie this school is amazing because she has a class bunny as a pet, the playground was awesome and the desks are made of a cool kind of wood.  :)  El said she was a little homesick for her friends and old school, but really liked her teacher and she made a few new friends.  Our conversation walking to the car…

“You’ll never guess mom – one of my new friends LOVES panda bears!”  

“Well!  There you go.  We were meant to be here so you could meet a panda loving kindred spirit.  It’s going to be a great year.”    
Now.  Fingers crossed I can meet some nice moms and feel better about this transition myself.  My girls weren’t the only ones with that “will people like me?  will I make friends and fit in” nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach today.  (Does it ever go away?)  
My plan is to follow the example my 2nd and 4th grader set.
Hold my head high, smile big, and just be myself.  
Who knows?  Maybe I’ll meet a new friend who loves to organize.  
xoxo, Erin
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29 thoughts on “2nd and 4th

  1. I clicked on your blog because I was waiting, oh so patiently, for a “first day of school post.” It brought tears to me eyes. I swear I tear up so easily. I was the mom who always brought kleenex to all the plays my kids did. Something about those cute faces and how grown up they look. Hard to believe they are so big. It seems like it was ten minutes ago that I started reading your blog. They were so small.

    How cool is the mascot!

    Don’t worry Erin. If I love you as much as I do through your blog. I know for a fact that you won’t have any problems making new friends.


  2. Oh sweet Cathy. Now you are going to make me cry! And trust me – NO ONE tears up as easily as I do. :) Someday we are going to meet and have a nice long hug and chat.

    With a big box of kleenex of course. :)

  3. erin,
    i guess i should have known with a new home your girls would have a new school! duh!!! that is soo hard. i could *feel* the anxiety even just reading your words! they will do great…and so will YOU!

    i cannot believe how old your baby girl looks with straight hair!! she will have to introduce herself all over again when it’s curly!!

  4. To Ellie – Ellie, there is major excitement right now at my local zoo (Edinburgh) as they think that panda Tian Tian (Sweetie) is going to have a baby in the next couple of weeks! It would be the first time a baby panda was ever born here so we are all anxiously waiting for the news!! Love pandas too and can’t wait to see a cute little baby one!

  5. Erin – Thank you so much for sharing this post! The girls are growing up so quickly!! They are beautiful…just like their mom!! Believe me – you are going to have NO trouble making friends – I adore you, and I only know you through your blog! Oh how I wish we lived near you…I would be your organizing buddy!! I know you are all going to have a great school year!!!

  6. Erin, I have been reading your blog and get such great ideas. This post really resonated with me as my kids (4th, 2nd, 1st) started a new school this year. And I was feeling that pit in my stomach and worrying about too much too. Now I will take your advice and hold my head high and smile and meet a new friend too. Thanks for the great post.

  7. The girls look adorable. I’m sure you will make friends too Erin :) I think you’d make such a fun friend!
    My daughter is going into 6th- last year before middle school & my son had his freshman orientation at the High School yesterday…… :( It made me SO sad to see my little boy walking into the high school , He is 6 ft tall & 14 now…. but he will always be my little boy! lol

  8. If I was in California, I would be your friend! I love organizing. However, Wisconsin is far away. My son Noah starts 4K on September 3rd. Wow time flies.

  9. My daughter, also in 4th, started a new school yesterday and was thrilled to find she was in the Pandas group in class and found 2 other girls who are crazy into pandas. The new school will be fine, right? Lots of us are figuring this stuff out right along with you. :)

  10. So glad that the first day went well for your girls! I also have a 4th grader and 2nd grader this year (and a kindergartner and a 3 yr old) – we would so be friends if we lived closer.

  11. Your post reminds me of our first day of school last year–we had just moved across town and there were no familiar faces. After dropping off my 5t grader and 2nd grader I walked out with tears streaming durning face (behind my sunglasses of course)

  12. The first day of school I always get in the car and bawl and bawl. I could cry now and it’s a week away!! Ha!! It’s just such a milestone every year.

    Just wanted to say they look so adorable!! I LOVE the fashion that Addi is strutting for the 1st day! Best of luck to all of you – you will NOT have an issue making friends I know!

  13. Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful to read. Frances starts 1st grade in a new school next week and it is finally hitting me just what that means. How lucky are we to have daughters that teach us every single day about grace, courage and true beauty? She is doing great and her mother is a mess–story of her life, I’m afraid : )

  14. Ahhh, so sweet. Love the “normal” post! Your girls are so big and they have changed so much. I have been reading forever and i don’t think I would have recognized this picture.
    You will have no problem making friends! Change is hard, but I have found that our kids really help us get out there and open up. Good luck and enjoy the school year!

  15. I did a double take with Addison! Oh my she looks so different with straight hair! I LOVE her curls and she looks too grown up with straight hair!

  16. Just an observation…since my daughter MADE me do this for the first day of school (5th)…did you flat-iron their hair? Adorable pics, the girls are getting too big too fast.

  17. We built a house last year and switched our kids school. It was nerve racking for them and me! But I ended up meeting some really nice moms. I don’t know if I’d call them “friends” yet. But I have no problem sitting down and chatting them up at basketball practice, softball practice ect. Kids adjust pretty easily.
    Good luck! I can’t wait to see your finished house

  18. SO much fun hearing from you all! I haven’t had time to check in with comments until just now and you have all made my day with your sweet, encouraging words. Thank you so much!

    Anonymous – I will tell El about the panda! She will love hearing about it!

    Susan – you are so sweet – thank you! You ARE my organizing buddy! Just a long distance one. :)

    Winter family – I hope it goes well with the new school! Change is always hard, isn’t it? We will be brave together. :)

    Reenie! Highschool!? Oh my word – I can’t imagine what that must feel like. Actually yes I can and it gives me a lump in my throat! They will always be our babies regardless, right?

    Thank you so much everyone. We would all SO be friends if we lived by each other. That’s why I love blogging so much. I get to connect with people who I would be best friends with “in real life.” I feel so blessed to know you all – even if it’s just through the computer. :)

  19. Hi Erin!

    Oh my gosh your girls are looking so grown up! And of course just beautiful.
    I’m glad they had a good first day!
    And you are too cute, I bet the other moms spotted you and are just hoping that they will become friends with you too!

    Good luck with your new school year at a new school! :)

  20. Beautiful girls! I know they will have a great year and so will you! All new school years bring so many emotions, no matter the ages of our “babies”

  21. We are in the same boat here…we moved across country last week and started school this week. My 4th grader was in tears as I left her classroom yesterday morning and I was a puddle right after :( She was all smies at the end of the day though and today was much better. We are signing up for soccer, girl scouts and PTA to try to meet some people. Good luck to you and the family! I am sure that you will be all settled in in no time!

  22. Thank you Genn and Dee!

    Jill – we so feel your pain! :) Smart idea to sign up for lots of activities to meet people. Best of luck to you and your family!

  23. Glad the day went well for all! You are right it isn’t an easy transition at any age! You will all have new friends in no time and nice that you are close enough to stay connected and see your friends from your old neighborhood as well. All the best!

  24. Love this post. The girls look great for the first day of school, but I have to say I miss Addison’s curls…Hope you make some new friends. It seems like it would come very easily to you! I hope the girls are enjoying the first week of school!

  25. Meeting other moms to actually form a friendship with is really difficult. Especially, finding one to click with! Good luck to you! :)

    PS had to re-write this three times. Those captcha things suck!

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