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10 things

1)  I am obsessed with pens.  Have been for some time.  The pen aisle in Target is one of my favorite hangouts.  My kids get so bored in the pen isle.  They start hanging off of the grocery cart — “mom, can we pleeease go now!?”  But I don’t hear them.  I am lost in a world of fine point vs. medium point.   Retractable vs. soft tip.  Pilot vs. Sharpie.  Too fascinating to pull myself away.  It is rare that I leave Target without a new pen in hand.  Am I alone in this obsession?  I felt you all should know.  Maybe you already did?  Admitting it is the first step.  

2)  When I shared some of our paint progress several of you asked about Kole’s room.  Here’s a look at how his room is coming along!  I choose another grey (surprise) but one with more of a brown tone (it ties in with his bathroom).  I have fun plans for his room!  But they aren’t happening right away.  His room is upstairs with the girls, but for the next year or two while he is still little I’m going to put him in our guest room because it’s closer to our master bedroom.  He is still in a crib (I wanted to wait until we move and get settled before buying a bed for him) and potty training is still a work in progress.  To say the least.  I hear over and over each day about how the potty is “scary.”  And because of everything we have going on with the new house there has been little time for consistency on my part.  I would have been in a total panic if my girls weren’t potty trained by now.  But that’s what happens when you have multiple kids.  You learn to mellow out.  In addition to learning how to mellow, I am also learning that boys are so different from girls in so many ways.  Speed is one of them.  :)  I told Kenny that if he starts Kindergarten and still isn’t potty trained that is when I’ll start to stress.  SO.  For the above reasons (and because I’m not quite ready to admit he isn’t a baby anymore) I’ll be keeping him close to me and decorating his “big boy room” when I feel like he is a big boy.  And when the potty isn’t quite so scary of course.

This is a fun bench seat in his room with nice, deep drawers for trucks, trains, puzzles, and most likely anything Toy Story related.

And here is a peek of his closet so far.  Similar to the girls’ with drawers and lots of open shelving.  
  3)  Summer essentials: pajamas and sunglasses.  

4)  A couple more of my TV iPhone pics.  These are from HGTV’s High Low Project.  LOVE the striped rug and navy nail head chairs in this dining room.  I’m going to have a striped run in my house.  Not sure what color or in what room, but I will have to have one somewhere.  I have loved them for so long.  Am I alone in this obsession?

I love the rug in this picture too.  And the pop of color that the blue dresser adds.  
5)  We found El’s dream car.  
6)  And she found a solution for all of her too itchy clothes.  And for some of her not so itchy clothes.  

7)  I’d love to share a really sophisticated book list full of classics I’ve been reading this summer, but if I’m being truthful, the above pic (and others just like this) pretty much sums up my summer reading material.  And my Fall reading material.  And Winter and Spring.  I’d also love to share some of the tips I’ve picked up from all of my reading but I’m to busy doing this…

8)  Game of chase at the park. 
9)  Kole said to me yesterday “I want juice mommy!”  And I said “how do you ask nicely?”  To which he responded in his sweetest singing voice “Iiiii waaant juice moooommy…”  
I give up.  
10)  Enjoy your day.  

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “10 things

  1. I love this post. I agree with you. I would keep kole close by also. I always kept mine close by. As far as potty training goes.It will happen. Trying to do it now may cause him to revert back. You guys have so much going on. When everything settles. It will happen.

    I am in love with those blue chairs and the rug. I am so into blue right now.

    loved all of the pictures! I love pens too. :)

  2. i get so happy when i see you’ve posted! i love the pics of your amazing new house!

    the comment about kole reminded me of a few years ago my son asked for something like juice and i said “how does a big boy ask for juice?” and he screached “can i have a big juice!” :)

  3. You are not alone in your pen fetish. I have passed it on to my 12 year old son. Our favorite thing to do is troll the pen aisle at Office Max. They hate to see us coming!

  4. My boys weren’t potty trained until 3 and a half! Not so much in to the pens, but brand new crayons… those really do it for me! I may have asked the kids if they wanted to color yesterday just so I could be the first one to use the fresh and new red!

  5. I am addicted to pens too. You’re not alone. Haha. My current favorites are paper mate ink joys. The ones I’m loving are the color clicky ballpoint ones. Then they have these gel pens that are also the greatest. I’m not sure if they’re out of the ink joy line though. I write in a journal nearly daily so my pens do get used a lot.

  6. Thanks Cathy! That’s what I think too – if I push the potty training we are going to be in trouble when we move! Nothing like a huge transition to derail progress in that area. :)

    Thanks Jenny – ha ha… love what your son said! Made me laugh. :)

    So happy to hear I’m not alone in my love for pens! And yes – nothing like a new box of crayons either Sarah. I’ll take any office supplies really. :)

  7. My boy just turned four and he’s only juuuust starting to tell us that he has to go pee. The other one, we’re fine, but wow, I can’t wait for this whole potty training business to be over! And then it will be time to start with the 2nd (also a boy). *sigh* Potty training is one aspect of parenthood that I would love to outsource. I’d love to give you some great advice, but I’ve got nothing :) Good luck!


  8. I hear you Wilma! I can’t wait to be done with potty training forever! I’m thinking I need to drop Kole off at my mom’s for a week and turn it over to her. Ha! :) Good luck to both of us!

  9. My son is a month younger than Kole and we are slow on the potty training as well. He does okay if I keep him naked, but that’s not really very practical for preschool or life in general! He’s my 5th child and my 4th boy so I have mellowed and figure he will get it at some point!

  10. Can you please share the color that you are using for Kole’s room? I’m looking for a nice gray with brown tone and having a hard time finding it!

  11. Oh, those built ins are swoonworthy! I can’t WAIT to see a tour of the whole house and really get a sense of the flow. I feel like I’m almost as excited for you to move as you are, especially since I don’t have to do any of the packing! Ha!

  12. The colors in Kole’s room are so great and versatile for a little boy. Love all your colors.

    As for potty training, my daughter just did it one day right at 2 yo. Couldn’t say I really had anything to do with it – put the little potty out and done.

    My son, another story. Finally at age 4, when he was completely dry at night but insisted on his diapers, we took him to the Pediatrician. He figured out that my son was afraid his privates would drop in the toilet, esp with #2. Doc said isn’t uncommon with boys and to just keep him in undies and not let him have diapers any more. In 2 days, he was trained. But, he was 4 and completely dry. Hopefully once you get settled it will all fall together. Just thought I would share bc the scary thing was exactly what my son said.

    Good luck finishing up – can’t wait to see all the photos.

  13. Thanks Carrie! That’s good to know! Addison was the same way – practically potty trained herself in a day at age 2. Big difference between her and my boy. :)

    Anonymous – sure! I’ll totally share my paint color for Kole’s room. My painter has my list today so I”ll mention it on the blog as soon as I get it back. At some point I’ll do a post with all of my paint colors in it.

    Thanks for the fun comments everyone! :)

  14. Anonymous – Oh my word! I’m so sorry I forgot to give that to you! You know what’s funny – I remembered a couple of nights ago laying in bed and thought “I need to remember to share Kole’s paint color tomorrow”.. and then of course I forgot. :) His room is painted in “Himalayan Trek” #1542 by Benjamin Moore. It is a great grey/brown. We put it in Kenny’s office too and I really like the way it turned out! Hope that helps! :)

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