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Paint Progress!

 Hello friends.  How is everyone doing?  Well I hope.  I’m well too.  Thanks for asking.  :)  We have two weeks of summer left and I honestly can’t believe how quickly it has flown by.  I was so hoping we would be moving before the new school year started but alas, it is not going to happen.  Instead I think we will be moving a few weeks after the new school year starts.  You know.  When we are right smack in the middle of back to school night and beginning of the year get to know you projects and 10 BILLION forms that need to be filled out and sent back in.  Good times ahead for sure!  Our painters just finished today and are cleaning up tomorrow.  Then we have only a few weeks to the finish line!  I can’t wait.  I’m excited about the house but even more excited to be DONE building the house.  :)

Here are a few pics I took last week of the paint progress…

All ceilings I kept white except the formal living room ceiling you see right when you walk in the house.  I chose a darker grey for inside the box beam ceiling in this room.  This first picture was the ceiling with just one coat of paint.

And this is the ceiling finished.  I’m so happy with the way it turned out! 

This is Addison’s room.  Oh my word.  We had quite a time figuring out paint for the girls rooms.  My plan was to pick colors (and bedding) out myself knowing that the girls would be happy with whatever I came up with.  But Kenny thought the girls should have more ownership in the process and should pick everything out themselves.  Right up until Ellie started talking about panda wallpaper and my little pony bedding.  That’s when I sat back and smiled.  Kenny looked at me like “oh crap” and I looked at him like “see – told you.”  :)  SO!  We told the girls they could pick out the color they wanted for their walls (mom picked the samples) and then they can help with a few other future decisions.  It was a nice compromise for all parties involved.  :)

Addison really wanted a blue wall and I love the way her color turned out.  It’s bold, but not too crazy and I know it’s going to be a fun backdrop for decorating!  I tend to lean more towards blue/green colors myself so I knew I’d like the color she picked.

Ellie’s room on the other hand was a different story!  I have to admit that purple would probably be my last choice for a wall color and I tried awfully hard to convince her to go with something else.  Of course she didn’t budge.  So then I tried to convince her to go with a lighter shade (I put several up on the wall).  But no.  She wanted a bold purple wall so badly.  When we went to see it for the first time after it was painted she squealed.  A huge squeal of excitement and honestly the biggest grin I think I’ve ever seen on my 9 year old’s face.  She looked at me and said “I love it mom.”  And at that very moment I decided that I too LOVE purple.  :)
In fact, it’s my new favorite color.  

 I told Kenny that we may be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few years because the girls’ rooms are going to take priority over ours!  I can’t wait to decorate them.  Kid spaces are so much fun.   And yes.  You know me.  I am equally excited to go to town organizing those closets!  :)

 I’ve loved seeing the process of painting all of the doors.  Doors were placed in various rooms in big circles held together by a piece of wood and nails at the top.

Fascinating, right!?  It doesn’t take much to impress me.  :)  

 Here’s the color I went with for my scrapbook room!

 A lovely aqua.  Of course.  I’m nothing if not predictable.  :)
This was just one coat so it’s a bit brighter now.  

Still debating the dutch door color.  I’ve decided to either leave it white, or paint it a dark grey to match the kitchen islands because it’s located right off of the kitchen.  
This is the only shot I have of our bedroom and it really is mostly the hallway to our bedroom.  It’s another shade of grey that has a bit more blue in it.  I’ll share better pictures once we are moved in. 
 At this point things are still a mess!  Lots of plastic and paper and tape.  
And ladders and buckets and tools.

I can’t wait to go to the house tomorrow to see it all cleaned up.  Then I need to clean me up.  I have paint on my shoes, paint on my clothes, and paint on my camera from walking under a doorway mid spray.  :)  
xoxo, Erin
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69 thoughts on “Paint Progress!

  1. Wow! The woodworking and doors are absolutely beautiful. Just what I would pick if I could build a dream house. (I don’t think that day will ever come, darn it! Ha!) I’m sure you already know how blessed you are to be able to build your dream home! I’m very excited to see how you decorate it…I’m sure it will be stunning. I love your taste. :)

  2. Thank you so much Tiffany! Yes. I feel so truly blessed every single day. It’s something we have planned and saved and worked towards for a long time and it’s like a dream seeing it finally happen. Also thanks for your confidence in my decorating skills… pressure! ;)

  3. Erin! Just looking at your house makes me so happy :-) Italy is (obviously) gorgeous, but after a year and a half of white walls everywhere, I am swooning. Soothing gray! Delightful aqua! Refreshing white! My face is all full of smiles, so thank you. Can’t wait to continue watching it unfold!

  4. I love it all! I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but the rest of this process will go quickly and you’ll be living there before you know it. You’ve made beautiful choices!

  5. You KNOW you just made my day!! I hope yours is great, too! I needed a lift with my boys having returned to college in the last few days. Thanks, Erin; it is gorgeous!

  6. It looks beautiful! It made me smile because my girls’ rooms are blue and purple too. (I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the purple either, but it grew on me!) Can you tell me the paint color of Addison’s room? Thanks so much.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful! I can’t wait to see it when you get in and start putting your finishing touches on each room! You have such an eye for decorating and organizing. When you get in, would love to see a floor plan to see how it all fits together. Good Luck in the race to the finish line(moving day!)!

  8. My daughter’s room is a soft lavender. I was very, very, very hesitant to do it and even called in a decorator because I was so nervous about having a purple room in my house — and even the decorator chose the soft lavender! After we got the room finished and all the art on the walls, I honestly can’t imagine going with a different color now. My daughter is only 2.5 but I think this color will grow with her for a long time and can see how it will transition beautifully from toddler to little girl to teenage girl (if we hold on to it that long). Anyway, so that is my vote of confidence for Ellie’s decision!

  9. God blessed you with amazing talents of being able to plan, organize, and ‘see’ this finished home in your mind! Oh my word – I am just in awe of your beautiful new home. It is so perfectly planned, down to the smallest detail, and I just LOVE it! Thank you for posting the pictures and sharing this experience with your readers. I agree wtih Tiffany – I just LOVE your taste!

  10. Love all the gray!! We are moving in 8 days! What a great idea you did with the girls rooms. I thought I would be fun let my kids pick out paint and things for their rooms and quickly realized that wasn’t going to work so I think I will be stealing your I idea.

  11. Erin, I thought of another thing….at one time you were contemplating two separate kitchen islands rather than one large kitchen island. I am wondering which you decided on!

    I also wanted to tell you that I just LOVE the colors you have gone with, from the grays, aquas, and the cheerful lavendar bedroom! What fun your girls will have in their rooms! And I am anxious to see what Kole’s room is like also!!

    Thanks again – I just LOVE your blog! It’s my very favorite ever!

  12. I love all the gray! We are moving in 8 days. I too thought it would be fun to let the kids pick paint and things for their rooms and quickly realized that wasn’t going to work out. Lol so I think I will be using your idea with them!

  13. I can’t wait to see more! The girls rooms look great! I will be redoing of my girls rooms this spring for her 8th birthday and she wants me to paint Zebra strips on the walls! Oh my!

  14. I LOVE the formal living room ceiling. It looks fabulous!!! Everything looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product :) Hang in there….you’re almost finished!

  15. Oh you guys are the sweetest! Thank you so much everyone!

    Dee! College! Oh my word. I’m sure that’s so hard each time they go back. Hang in there. You need some retail therapy. Or a A LOT of chocolate. And I’ll keep posting house pics just for you. :)

    Jane – you always spoil me with your kind words! Thank you so much my friend. And I went with two kitchen islands! I’ll be sharing kitchen pics soon!

    Lisa – Thank you! I have to run now but will add Addison’s paint color in the comments this afternoon when I have a minute to find my list!

  16. LOVE seeing all the progress!!! So happy for you and your family :) One question . . . . blue, gray, purple, aqua – how about Kole’s room?

  17. Everything looks wonderful! Like everyone else, I am so excited to see it all once the house is finished. After my girls’ rooms were painted when we were building, my MIL looked at their rooms, the bathroom and the playroom and said it all looked like an Easter egg! I loved that! Kids have their whole adult lives to be practical, neutral and sensible. great job letting them express themselves in this way!

  18. It is so mich fun to read and see pictures about your house progress. I love it and am glad you are sharing it :) your blog is my favorite. Cant wait to see how you decorate it all. I love your blog because it motivates me to be more organized. Thanks!

  19. Absolutely beautiful Erin!!!! I see you are going to be busy! When do the girls head back? I know mine go back the 22th this month. Best of luck keeping it all together, I sure couldn’t! :) -Carly in FL

  20. It looks beautiful Erin. Love all the colors. And yes, the girls are only young once (want always love those bright colors) and it is only paint afterall. However, I would have given anything to see Kenny’s reaction the first time he actually saw the rooms after being painted! Quite different than a little paint chip. LOL We take the baby back to school next weekend. The only part I am looking forward to is helping her decorate her new room!!

  21. Thanks so much everyone!

    MML – Kole’s room! It’s a grey with brown tones. I couldn’t take a pic of it because it was full of doors. :) I’ll share more about it soon!

    Nada – I will share all of my grey colors in a post soon! The one I chose for my room actually has blue in it so it might not work for you.

    Thanks Laura! I’m so honored to be your favorite. Such a sweet thing to say!

    Thanks Carly! My girls go back in a week and a half – Aug. 26th and we will probably move mid September. There is NO WAY I’ll be able to keep it all together. But I’ll die trying. :)

    Fun Lauren! I want to see pics of the room when it’s done!

  22. Was so happy to see an update on the house today! It looks fantastic! : ) Am excited to see that craft room in action this Christmas when you make Christmas cards- that is how I found you a few years ago- by googling handmade Christmas cards- ha! : ) I make about 170 by hand also. It’s madness!

  23. Oh Erin!! It’s all just GORGEOUS!! Seriously so beautiful I could almost cry (from vicarious happiness not jealousy! lol).

    And I guess part of what makes me happy for you rather than jealous is that you’ve obviously had the financial means to move out of your current home but you didn’t, you waited for this dream home. I mean yes, you get a whole scrapbook room but before that you didn’t even have a scrapbooking desk it was just a folding table! Where I come from it’s so common to see people want it ALL now and then expect to also somehow magically receive more/better in the future rather than just wait. You’ve waited so graciously that I feel like you truly DESERVE this house, iykwim?

    I can’t wait to see how you fill and decorate this home!!

    Oh and does Kole get a green bedroom in this house too?

  24. Thank you so much everyone!

    Laura – oh my word – what a sincere, kind comment. That means so much to me. I’m truly touched! Thank you. So much. And I will share Kole’s paint color soon! :)

    Lisa – found my paint list! Addison’s room is “Windswept” by Dunn Edwards.

  25. It seems like I never post anything on here anymore. My mom was doing great and then 3 weeks ago, she fell and broke her hip. I have lost track of my favorite blogs. You know that your blog is by far my Favorite.

    Everything is looking so beautiful. I love all of the colors you chose. Your craft room and the in lay on your ceilings is my favorite. The girls rooms look like they will be so much fun to decorate.

    Hoping these next few weeks go by fast for you.

    Take care Erin,

  26. Oh wow Erin, it’s all looking so fab! Love all those sunny colours, especially what you chose for your scrapbook room – it’s so you ;) Thanks for taking the time to share it all xx

  27. Love the blue and the greys you chose! Would you please post a sketch or drawing of your floor plan? I’ve been following along and would really love to know how it all fits together.

  28. Oh, I’m so excited for you! It’s all looking wonderful. Only a few more weeks, wow! I bet you can’t sleep at night! Except you probably can because you’ve been so busy. :)

  29. I am starting to put together a plan for my kids closets finally, like custom shelves, drawers, etc. Not sure if we will have it done professionally or do it ourselves. But I think I am going to wait until I see your closets first…..because if not I might kick myself that I missed out on some good ideas! I just have to explain to my husband why I am waiting for the “blog closets” to be shown first:.)

  30. Hi Jen! So fun to organize closets! :) You aren’t missing much waiting for mine. There are just a few drawers with open shelving above, and then once you walk in them there is more open shelves for toys. I’ll probably fill them with baskets. :)

  31. Oh I just LOVE all of your paint colors!! It’s so great to see some bright colors… I am planning (WAY in advance :) ) to paint my daughter Brenna’s room a very similar color to Addison’s room in our next house! Your house updates are awesome, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  32. Erin!! It’s all so gorgeous! We actually have to decide all of our paint colors by Friday, and I was wondering if you would pretty pretty please respond via email which paint color you used for your doors and for your living spaces. Those greys are beautiful! I know you’re swamped! But I’d appreciate it so much!

  33. I love the color of your scrapbook room. I was trying to look through to see if you posted the color on here, but I don’t see it. Could you let me know what color/brand it is? My scrapbook room is hot pink, black & white, but I’m thinking of changing the pink to an aqua similiar that color. So it would help a lot.

  34. Love the greys with the box beam ceiling. any chance you can tell me the grey you used on the walls and ceiling??

  35. Anonymous – Thank you! Grey walls are “Seattle” by Frazee and the darker grey in the box beams are “Elf” by Frazee. Hope that helps!

  36. Erin, I love how you designed your kiddos closets. Could you tell me what the measurements are for your girls & your son closet? Trying to design my kiddos closets and wanted to know the measurements to see if would work with are house plans. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks Summer! My girls’ closets are around 5×11. Kole’s is more of a square but about the same amount of room. Hope that helps! :) xo

  37. Hello!!! Everything looks beautiful! would you be able to tell me the name and brand of the the gray you used and the aqua from your scrap booking room? its just stunning and so peaceful

          1. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my paint info request! xoxoxox just one more paint question (you’re so in tune with home décor) did you mix the tinted ice and the spearmint to come out with the gorgeous color for your scrapbook/office?

  38. Hi Erin,

    New to your blog and just started following your page on IG and absolutely in love with your gorgeous home, decor and style! Live in the Bay Area and slowly doing some remodeling here and there and will definitely be referring to your blog for ideas :-) I’m sure you have been asked this question a ton of times already, tried to do a search…but can you share what grey paint color you used in your family room? Did you carry the same grey throughout (formal dining, kitchen, entry area, etc.?)

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Rishika! Thank you so much! Happy you found me. :) My main paint color is “Seattle” by Frazee (which is now Sherwin Williams). Yes! I carried that color through my dining, kitchen, entry and hallways. Good luck with your remodeling projects! xo

      1. Hi Erin,

        Thank you so much for getting back to me and also for the new blog post on paint colors used, super helpful! To those living out in the Bay Area….the Sherwin Williams unfortunately did not have any samples of “Seattle”(swatches, sample quarts, etc). Instead they offered a SW Brand color that came very close but a little lighter called “March Winds”. They also suggested “Light French Grey” which is fairly popular. Both are beautiful greys, but completely agree on how greys can be tricky!! Thank you again for your guidance on paint Erin! Have a great day :-)

        1. That is so good to know Rishika! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll have to look into those colors too. They sounds like really good gray options. Thanks again cutie! xo

  39. What color of blue is in your daughters room? And what color is in the master bedroom? Also what color is your sons bathroom and bedroom? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Crystal! This blue in Ad’s room is “Windswept” by Dunn Edwards. I’m going to update my paint post soon with the other colors as I share my kids’ rooms and I’ll announce that on the blog so stay tuned for those! xo

  40. Erin,
    I have passed along your photos of your home to my daughter, brother, friends, and fellow realtors in my office. I have also gotten Sherwin Williams to find the Frazee Seattle paint color and have gotten two different formulas. I have also noticed other people who have posted their Seattle formulas stuck on their cans have slightly different formulas as well.
    I was trying to search your blog to see if you have already addressed this issue by posting your formula but could not find it if you have. Could you please do so or direct me to where this formula is located? It is the color I want to use in my brother home but the first batch seemed too light (eggshell) so trying it in flat and the Black content was over 3 times higher for some reason. Strange. Thanks for your time… Dusty

    1. Hi Dusty! I know.. so many people are getting different formulas! I am typing up a sheet that will be available as a printable on my blog soon with all of my paint colors and the numbers. It is just taking a while to get it posted because of some technical difficulties I am dealing with. Shoot me an e-mail if you need the Seattle number soon. If not I should have that printable up early November! xo

  41. I love coming to your blog ! what is the color on your walls?!?! i love it!

    I feel grey is such a hard shade to pick!

  42. I am seeking that exact color on the island cabinets in your kitchen! Your entire home is just so beautiful, as are you, for sharing with all of us! Would you share the cabinet color, please? Great job on everything! Your blog is so inspirational! Thank you and wishing you continued success!

    1. Oh you are the sweetest Kathryn! You made me smile and so happy.. thank you! Such a kind thing to say. I have a printable with all of my paint colors on it! Just sign up for my email list through the link below and you’ll have access to my printable library and you’ll see the paint printable. I would just tell you but I honestly can’t remember the name of it! It’s on the printable though. :)

  43. Hi Erin!
    Oh my gosh, I was so pleasantly surprised at your personalized email. Thank you! I have subscribed to your blog and will follow along, and also download your paint sample guide. My style is exactly the craftsman/ coastal as is yours is, so it’s great to find inspiration from your posts. I have already ordered the area rug shown in your great room photo. It’s in the way!
    Many thanks again, Erin, and I look forward to enjoying your home beautifying and soul nurturing adventures online!
    Blessing and best always!

    1. Oh you are the sweetest Kathryn! I’m so happy our styles match and that my blog is helpful! You made my day with your thoughtful words. Thank you! Happy spring to you and yours! xo

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