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Scrapbook Room Pack Up

Once upon a time I set up a lovely scrapbook space that looked like this.  It was organized and a perfect place to work on my albums.  
 But sadly, life got busy and my tidy space soon started to look like this.

And this.  
Truth be told, this space never worked well for my scrapbook/office area because it was in a corner of Kole’s nursery and the only time I could realistically work on my albums was when Kole was napping.  Didn’t really think that one through.  :)  So it soon became a dumping ground for any and everything.  I knew this room would take hours to sort through and clean out and organize and pack.  
So last Saturday Kenny took the kids to the San Diego zoo (Kole’s first trip!) and while they were visiting the panda bears and monkeys, I went into attack mode.   
 I grabbed this little packing sack and a set of boxes (my best friends lately), turned on some music, and went to work!  

Two hours in and making progress.  It doesn’t look like it, but it was progress nonetheless.  

 Project Life Organizational Tray?  Don’t mind if I do.  :)  I ordered several of these on-line to help organize my PL supplies.

 Perfect little compartments for journaling cards!

 Love them!  Everything in a happy little spot.  Makes me smile just looking at this picture.  (You can find them here.)

 Good-bye labels!   It will be a fun day when I pull you out again!  

I was sorting, organizing and packing completely uninterrupted.  Listening to music and totally in my happy place.  Then I went to take this picture down off of the door.  {Ellie drew it when she was four.  I remember it like it was 10 minutes ago.  She told me a story about a bee and I told her it was a masterpiece and taped it on the nursery door.  I’ve almost taken it down several times but then I’ve just smiled and kept it up.}  Suddenly I was very very sad.  Saying good-bye to this house feels a bit like I’m saying good-bye to my babies.  It’s a phase of my life that is ending and while I don’t want to go back and re-live it, it makes my heart hurt to know it’s over.  I took it off the wall, wiped a few tears away and turned up my music in an attempt to cheer myself up and keep packing.  I’ve had several moments like that this month and will most likely keep having them until we’ve moved.  It is an emotional time for me.  A mostly happy time.  Just with a side of sadness.

I also came across more of the girls’ art.   I’ve been saving my favorite pieces to frame in the new house.  I just love the colors in this one!  Not to mention the adorable ducks.

Still had pictures up from last December!  So I took them down.  

And put up a few I had on hand.  Just so the walls won’t be totally blank for the next two months. 
I started moving everything into the hallway.  

And after a good five hours of blood, sweat and tears (k – maybe no blood, but definitely sweat and tears)  I had the whole place wrapped up and packed up.  Whew!  What a chore.

 I tossed a lot and only kept the things I know I’ll use.  Felt so good!  The boxes were HEAVY so I slid them in the hall and waited for Kenny to do the rest.  I’m always the packer and he is always the lifter.

Then we made countless trips to our storage shed.  We’ve been visiting the storage shed a lot lately.  And goodwill.  Slowly, one room at a time, I am de cluttering and packing away the things we can do without for the new few months.  It feels so good to simplify!  

The rest of the room still looks like this.  
I will have to gear up for another emotional day when I say good-bye to the turtles.
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Scrapbook Room Pack Up

  1. I am sure it is bitter sweet to leave the home that you brought your babies home too. But, think of all the great memories you will make in your new home.

    Last time we moved I had everything boxed up 2 months before we moved. I got rid of so much stuff too. Love that feeling!!

    I love the kids art. Priceless. :)

  2. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would feel in your shoes. As a child/teen, we moved often (about every 3 years, and no-we were not a military family). But, we have lived in our current home since Elie was 2 1/2…a long time considering will be 24 in January. I guess what would get me through is realizing that while we would be leaving our house to live in another, the memories would go with us, not stay behind. And, the saying really is true, “it’s the family that makes it home”.

  3. It is bittersweet, leaving your home. But an exciting adventure is about to begin. So happy for you as you move into this next phase of your life. Good luck.

  4. Thanks everyone! What you are all saying is so true. Lots of good memories to come! I will remember that next time I have a major crying jag. Which will most likely be before the day is over. ;)

  5. The drawings get me every time. How can you not cry? I would be right there with you, friend!

    Great job packing it up though; it feels SO GREAT to check that one off the list, I’m sure.

  6. Erin, I Love watching the moving/building process! We are hoping the building process is in our not to distant future! I was wondering about the turtles, Do you have a plan for them? My little guy is going to be going in to a toddler bed soon but the set is so cute! I could use the wall stuff, sheets, bed skirt and blanket. Email me if interested.

  7. And I cried a lot too, even though it’s a great change and it’s time to move on. I totally understand your tears!
    I brought 3 babies home from the hospital to that house and the memories and laughter and tears we had there is priceless.

  8. I can’t imagine what it’s like taking down the drawings since I don’t yet have kids, but I bet the rest feels pretty awesome! I’m slowly decluttering knowing that sometime in the next year, we’ll be moving too, and every area I finish up feels awesome!

  9. This is way off subject but we’re going to do-over our son’s room soon and I’m looking for a color similar to the green in the last photo. Do you remember the brand and name by any chance?

  10. Sarah – I wish I could give you that color! I took in a bin from Pottery Barn and had them match it. And that was 9 years ago. Sorry I’m not much help!

  11. We moved 2 years ago from the house that we brought 3 babies home in and it was seriously a hard time! It slowly got better but honestly, sometimes it’s still hard. I still feel like I could make a left turn and pull into that driveway right now. Unlike you guys, we did NOT move into our brand, new dream house tho – so maybe it will be easier for you!!

    Packing is hard and I can totally relate to crying over taking down a drawing. I am working on scrapbooking my now 8 year old daughter’s 5th Birthday (I’m caught up with current stuff, just back-tracking now) and it honestly feels like someone is stabbing me in the heart. I too remember those things and moments like it was last week, how can time fly by so quickly! Both she and I have changed so much! It’s just hard.

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