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Last Day of School

Hello friends!  I missed you all last week!  Quick snapshot of the kids’ last day of school.  It was a good day.  Fun and emotional for me.  My girls will go to a new school next year and while I’m excited for new friends and a new beginning, it’s also hard to say goodbye to a school we have loved so much. Kenny keeps telling me the girls will be fine switching schools.  It’s so close to our old one and they make friends so easily.  I remind him it’s not them I’m worried about.  :)  I will miss seeing so many faces I’m used to seeing each day.

Walking to school with grandma.  
My mom seriously saved me coming the last week of school.  It was still a circus, but so much more manageable with her here.  Thanks again mom!  I know the week wore you out.  Please rest up and come back again.  Soon.  Like next week.  You think I’m kidding, don’t you.  Well I’m not.  :)  I still have plenty of Diet Cokes in the fridge!    
El’s class kept their backpack in the hall all year.  Love the portraits of them.  

My girls had such good teachers this year.  Seriously amazing teachers.  The kind you never forget. 

 I became so close with both of them and can never repay them for all they did for my girls this year.  I cried saying good-bye.  Not just a sniffle, but a full on cry.  Wish I could say that was a first for me.

 Loved helping with Ad’s Hawaiian class party.  My darling friend put the party together and did an amazing job.

All the moms went in on group gifts for the teachers but I still wanted to get them a little something to say thanks and enjoy the summer!
Towel, People Style Watch, sunscreen.  Beach/pool necessities!  
A quick and easy summer gift that is always a hit.  

After the girls’ parties it was time for my little man’s preschool performance.  When I walked in the room he was so excited to see me that he ran to sit on my lap and wouldn’t go back to his chair to sing.  :)  I finally got him back with the class and then he put on quite a show.  This boy makes me so happy.  I get such a kick out of him.

Hello ladies.  So sorry.  Mom says I’m taken.  
Dinner with El’s group of friends and all of the moms.
 And the party just kept on going when we got home.  Sidewalk chalk…


 and Ad performed a “happy last day of school dance” to officially end the year and kick off summer.  
In her pink plastic pearls of course.  :)  

Good-bye 2012-2013 school year!  You will be hard to beat.
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Last Day of School

  1. What fabulous pictures. So glad mom was there to help you out. I would have been bawling too. I remember having the hardest time on Katie’s last day of high school…not so much because she was graduating, but because we would be saying goodbye to all the schools/people we had had daily interactions with for the past 15+ years!!

  2. so funny. I did the same: contribute to the class gift but also pick up something else. I loved that idea and did that one last year. Such a cute thing!

    Your little guy is getting so big.

  3. Cute pictures, This is my kids last week too. My daughter goes into 6th & my son into High school :(
    The last week of school is exhausting! I love the gift you gave the teachers, They look great :) !

  4. Oh what wonderful memories! I’m with you … even with good things to come those goodbyes aren’t easy! Wishing you the best!

  5. Erin, your Momma is so cute! I know she must have loved helping you out this week. Your teacher gifts were so clever! I loved your idea! You mentioned that you loved the girls’ teachers, but I bet the teachers LOVED your girls and LOVED you as a parent!! You have a most wonderful and happy family! And your sweet boy is so adorable!

  6. I SO just used your amazing idea for the teachers’ gifts! Thank you, Erin! You have the BEST gift ideas!
    So when do we get to see those cabinets, countertops, and SINKS!!!??? I am SO excited to see the big reveal!!!

  7. Your Mom is really a cute mom! As are you! And I know Ellie’s teacher! Her kids go to my school and she lived on the corner above my old house. Love her! Last week of school…killed me…first week of summer…..killed me:)!! ahhhh…I might be stopping to empty your fridge of your mom’s DC:)!

  8. just read that the comment above also things your mom is so cute. Swear I wasn’t copying her:)…it’s just true I guess…. and you know I like to leave two comments when I leave a comment:)!

  9. Darci! Please come by! There is a diet coke with your name on it! Always. :) We need to get dinner on the calendar asap!

    Thanks so much everyone! Jane – you are a doll. So sweet of you to say!

    Jennifer – YEA! I’m so happy you used that idea! Such an easy/fun gift. And I am DYING to share the inside of the house with you all! It’s such a mess right now. Hopefully soon! Thanks for being so excited for me! :)

  10. Is the group pressie (present) something that most mums do in the us? Over here they mainly just give a box of chocolates or sweets & flowers. Altho some of them are really OTT – like a holiday!!! (vacation)

    The children here don’t break up till the end of July & have about 6 weeks holiday.

    Have a lovely half-term/summer break.

    When do you hope to move into your house? Have you sold you’re in now or are you in the process of doing that?

  11. Yay! Looks like there are some teachers who are in love with your girls!! Such sweet pictures. And that one of Kole…lady killer right there!

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