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Down Time

We are so enjoying our first week of summer.  Hard to tell?  Movie party.  3:00 in the afternoon.  In our pj’s.  With only the essentials: blankets – pillows – fishy crackers.  Because what’s a mid-day movie party without fishy crackers?  Aside from lounging we’ve also been doing a lot of reading.  And hanging at the park and the beach.  It’s a rough life.  :)  I’m taking a few days off of blogging too.  Much to busy with all the lounging to whip up a post.  Wouldn’t want to wear myself out.  ;)

Really – after such a busy last month it feels wonderful to have some down time with my kids.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Down time.  And fishy crackers.


Enjoy your week everyone and I’ll be back soon!

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. So cute! Is it wrong to still want to have movie days at 3 in the afternoon, while wearing pjs and eating fishy crackers when your children are 19 and 23??? LOL Enjoy your week.

  2. Enjoy your break! When do you guys move in to the new house? I’m so looking forward to seeing how you organize and decorate it!

  3. Enjoy, Erin! xx On the other side of the world, we’re looking forward to two weeks off in two weeks’ time. Yesterday, at home fighting winter ills, I swapped my jeans for red floral pyjama pants at 1pm – my mother in law called round and complimented me on my nice trousers! ha ha!

  4. I totally feel for you and your Mommy emotions with switching schools. We had to do that last year when we bought a new house. I was a complete wreck–totally cried too saying goodbye to the principal and all of the wonderful office staff and teachers. It was a big transition at first–but I’m happy to report that one year later we are all happy and adjusted. Hang in there!! Darcy

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