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Carrara marble dreams!

 I’m having a party.  It’s a Carrara marble party.  And you’re all invited.  :)  

Anyone else out there as crazy about Cararra marble as I am?  I LOVE it.  I actually more than love it.  I can’t really come up with a word that truly describes the feelings I have for this particular stone.  I have mentioned before that I didn’t put Carrara marble countertops in my kitchen.  Even though I REALLY really wanted to.  I’m just way too practical for that little maneuver.  But sometimes it’s fun to be just a little bit impractical, right?  I can’t be sensible all of the time, right?  So I am sprinkling Cararra marble elsewhere throughout the house.

Like in the master shower.  
 And in the kitchen back splash.  

And for the master bathroom countertops.  I may be a bit crazy for that last move – but I can’t help it!  It’s just so beautiful.  Even if it is so easy to scratch and stain and make a mess of.  I will be SO careful.  And most likely learn to love the imperfections.  Because I have kids.  And kids are not SO careful.

Life is messy.  
But at least it will be a beautiful mess.  
xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “Carrara marble dreams!

  1. I LOVE it too! Why oh why can’t it be more durable? We remodeled our kitchen this year, and I just couldn’t use it for countertops either. But, you will still get to look at it every day-yay! Your kitchen is gorgeous, can’t wait to see more! Thank you for sharing pictures along the way with us.

  2. So pretty! You will love it, just be careful setting hair products etc on your bathroom counter and you will be good. We actually got a pretty tray to keep things on, bc my hubby etched a big circle on the counter when he left something on there oops! Still love it though, can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. I also am obsessed with it too!! I’m dying to use it in our kitchen remodel but just can’t …. So I am curious what you did in your kitchen??

  4. I admit to squealing just a little when I saw the title of your post. My husband actually got up and walked across the living room to see what I was looking at. : D Carrara is perfection! Your backsplash is divine! I love love love it! Love. it. all! I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen! I check in every day to see if there are new pictures of the house up! Dying to see what you used on your kitchen counter tops! SO thrilled for you, Lady! xo

  5. Jess – we used quartz in our kitchen and most bathrooms. I will share pictures at some point!

    You are too funny Jennifer! Thank you so much! :)

  6. I have house envy… and kitchen envy… and Carrera marble envy… so I’m hoping you’ll adopt me to put me out of my misery… mind you I’m older than you so really you’d need to just let me move in as the mad old aunty… and let me potter about going “ooh I love this” and ooh I love that” and revel in my madness and get over all my envy, cos of course madness I can cope with!!

  7. I love carrara marble too!! And you know what?? Don’t worry about your bathroom counters. I have carrara marble on both of my little boys bathroom counters and it still looks great! We’ve been in our house for 4 years now.
    Everything is looking so beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the finished house.

  8. Anonymous – oh my word. I am laughing so hard at your comment! Ha ha..! I’d love a mad old Aunty to hang out with who appreciates the house details! You are welcome to come over anytime! :)

    Sara – I’m so happy to hear that!

    Thanks so much everyone!

  9. Hi Erin, I’ve been looking at your website for some time now and I really enjoy all your posts. You seem like a genuinely wonderful person and so do your commenters, could you please do me a favor and say a few prayers for the Monsour family from Michigan. A few days ago they lost their 11 year old son and their 6 year old daughter from a tubing accident on Sylvan Lake and their 10 year old daughter is fighting for her life. A boat hit the tube that was carrying the three kids. They are going to need many prayers to see them through this horrible tragedy. I do not know this family personally but my heart is breaking for them. Thank you

  10. Thanks Michelle and Kami!

    Nikki – Oh my word. I’m sick to my stomach reading that. How awful. I just can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. Thank you for sharing this with me. I will absolutely include them in my prayers! That just breaks my heart.

  11. Thanks Courtney!

    MML – no – you aren’t missing anything! I don’t have a subscribe button. I should get one at some point though!

  12. Hi! I just came across your blog when I did a search for Carrara marble showers. I love it! Just wondering if you would be so kind as to share your floor tile and wall color in your master bath? I am redoing our bathroom and am totally stuck on whether I want to do the floor in Carrara as well and what color I want to paint the the walls. You have such wonderful taste that I thought you might make up my mind for me. :) Thanks!

  13. Hi Anonymous! Thank you! So exciting you are re-doing your master bathroom! I was SO torn on my bathroom floor too! I ended up doing Carrara on the floor. I kept it really simple and did big rectangles of it. It is so WHITE so I hope I don’t regret it! I’m going to lay down several rugs. I really like the paint color I went with – sort of a bluish grey. The color is called “Silver Trophy” by Glidden. I think it goes well with all of the marble. Hope that helps! I’d love to see pics when you are finished! :)

  14. Hi Erin! Your house is amazing!! I love all of the white and gray. Stunning. You’ve mentioned the quartz in your kitchen several times, but I don’t think I’ve seen a specific name. Can you share it??? Please. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much cutie! So sweet of you. The white Caeserstone quartz in my kitchen is “Organic White” and the perimeter counters that are gray/black are “Raven.” :) xo

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