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Weekend Organizing (and other nonsense)

I hope you all had a restful weekend friends!  Sharing a quick re-cap of what went down around here.  
 Friday afternoon we loaded up the car and then I kissed three people good-bye.  

 Well.  More than three if you count the “friends” who were along for the ride.  :)  Kenny took the girls camping (they go once a month with a group of dads and daughters) so it was just my little boyfriend and I left at home (the only boyfriend Kenny is cool with).

A whole weekend to ourselves!  Hmmmm… what to do…. what to do….

I know!  I’ll make a list!  Nothing like a good to-do list and time to actually tackle it.  Not a long list, but each to-do was a major time sucker.  Plus I did still have my little man to tend to who is known to be a bit of a to-do list sabotager.  :)  But despite his best efforts, I managed to cross off most of my list (and a few things not listed!) which has left me starting the week both tired and happy.  There was also a lot of train assembling, pillow fort building, and Peppa Pig watching that went on but I didn’t take a ton of pictures.  Time was of the essence!  Here are a few I did snap…

Quick fridge clean out.  I’m wishing I would have taken a “before” because it was so bad.  Not a lot of upkeep lately on my part and my organized spaces were falling fast.  After a good 45 minutes we were back in business.

And desperately in need of groceries!
Quick pantry tidying.  

 I went to put something away in the craft cupboard and gasped at what was staring back at me.  

Ten minutes and we were back in business in this space.  
I cleaned out the closet under my stairs.  Again.  It’s our major catch all for anything that doesn’t have a home.  I didn’t take pics of the before and after, but here is how I’m storing a few things in that closet…
Because we are short on space I always store suitcases inside of suitcases and bags inside of other bags.  

Summer essentials I keep in a bucket for easy access (I added sunscreen after I took this picture).  This is next to our beach bags so if we are heading to the beach or pool I can have us ready in no time.  Well.  Not no time.  It still takes us some time.  Nothing happens at light speed with three children.  But now we can be ready in less time!  And less is more if you ask me.  But you didn’t ask me so I’ll stop rambling now.  At least about this picture.

When I cleaned out our van (our van requires a major clean out before I can even take it to the car wash!) I realized that our front console was a mess.  I emptied it only to find three umbrellas.  THREE!  And it doesn’t even rain here that much.  Funny.  So I rounded up all of our umbrellas that were living in random places throughout the car and the house and grouped them together in this green bucket I had on hand.  Now when it does rain we will be ready in no time!  Well.  Not no time.  But less time.

You get the picture.  :)  

Our bougainvillea vine over the garage is looking stunning as always but I have to say that while this vine and I were once in love, we have now become mortal enemies.  I decided this as I swept out my garage for the 3,267th time this year.  I also decided that I can’t plant one over the garage in my new house like I thought I would.  Bummer!  As beautiful as it is, it is just way too high maintenance.  These lovely little pink flowers blow off and end up everywhere.  I will have to find a better spot for one in the new place.

There are a couple of things left to accomplish whenever I find a minute.  Girls’ bathroom cupboards are in need of some tweaking and as you can see on my list – I didn’t organize blog posts for the week.   Nothing new there.  Oh well!  I’m a better fly by the seat of my pants kind of blogger anyway.  :)

In between organizing spurts both days my little buddy and I went to the park.  I got a run in and he got  some swing/slide/sand time.  Win win!  We both enjoyed the fresh air.

 He also “helped” me prepare meals.  The two of us had a fabulous time together but after two full days of “where my Ellie go?”  “where my Addie go?”  “where my daddy go?” we were both ready to see our campers again.

Just not so ready for the laundry they brought with them.  

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Weekend Organizing (and other nonsense)

  1. I take it you are not a camper, more of a glamper like me. Sounds like you had a very successful weekend. I on the other hand did not. I pretty much vegged on the patio and got some sun. It will only make Monday a little harder but it was worth it.

    Can Kole come over and help me cook. He would do a better job then me. I put dinner in the oven tonight and forgot to turn it on. I never said I have any cooking skills. He is so adorable.


  2. Thanks cute Cathy! Yes! I’m definitely more of a glamper. But I grew up camping and love that my girls are getting a taste of it. Kole is available to help you cook anytime. He surpassed my skills at 18 months.

    Which isn’t saying much. :)

  3. Hi Erin – what a fun post! I always get giddy when I see pics of your organized spaces! My daughter’s girl scout troop had a sleepover at our public library this weekend. I am a troop leader, so I went too. It was so much fun! That’s about as much “roughing it” as I will do! It was a great bonding experience with the girls! They are heading to middle school next year, so I really enjoyed the time with my daughter and her friends – before they become “too cool” to hang with mom!!

  4. Kole does look older here! He is such a doll always!

    Love this post, I’ve been doing some of the same around here, cleaning out and making things right again! Hoping here in MN spring will arrive so we can get out in our sun porch soon! It saves wear on the house. :)

    I need to work on the fridge too– it’s so much easier to just avoid it. :)

    Have a great week!

  5. Wow – that is so cool they do that once a month … building such great memories and the time it gives you and your help to organize :). Awesome! Glad you had a great weekend.

  6. Erin, I can see that your girls sure do love their stuffed animals! The girls are so clever to store them in the armrests of the car! The campouts with their Daddy make such great memories!

    I love your pictures of your organizing spaces, especially when you show before and after!

    Kole is such a handsome little boy! I love his haircut. He looks like he loves spending time with his fun Mom!!

    Thank you for such a fun post, as always!

  7. Your boyfriend is soooo cute! That smile melts my heart…he’s gonna have ALL of the girls after him once he starts Kindergarten!!

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! So fun hearing from you all today. :)

    Susan – that sounds like so much fun! I love that you did that with your daughter. She will always remember it.

    Christine – I know! It’s taking forever! We started the process last July and my builder told us it would take one year. We are pretty much on schedule so my fingers are crossed we will be moving this July/August!

    Hilda – I’ve totally done that before! Too funny! :)

  9. Thanks for the organizing pics! We sold our house n we r waiting to get in our “new” house! My patience is running out and I am getting antsy to stop living at a family members house. Hoping only 4 more sleeps. Eeeeekkkk! And I can’t wait for the kids to have their own rooms your house pics!

  10. Glad to see you and Kole still had a pretty productive weekend! I hope the girls and Kenny enjoyed camping, too! The fact that you’re able to fit some organising projects in while building gives me some hope that I’ll be able to survive the next year building and packing!!

  11. So, my mom over at SimplyLKJ follows you and I don’t know how I have never popped over to read your blog before because I am officially OBSESSED! You are are awesome, your kids are adorable and I love, love, love all of your organization tips/ideas and of course the gorgeous home you guys are building! I am working on becoming a teacher and I can only hope that I am an as awesome as you are when I am a wife/mommy/blogger in the future.

    XOXO Elie

  12. Thanks you guys!

    Elie! So sweet of you to say! I absolutely love your mom! She always leaves me the nicest comments and she reminds me to enjoy having my girls home with me before they grow up and move out like you did! :) Love that your name is Elie like my oldest. So nice to “meet” you! Thanks again for the sweet comment. You made my day! :)

  13. Aloha Erin,

    Ahhhhh, your post has confirmed how I am organizing for our house build!!!!!
    I am absolutely loving your Blog!!!!

    Are you happy that you went with your Thermador range top? I too am going back and forth with the full range or just the cooktop??

    What is the name of your beautiful black/gray quartz on your kitchen coutertops?

    Thanks again!!!! I am so grateful that I have found your Blog, our style could not be more similar as well as our desire to organize EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Blessings from Kona!!!


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