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We were on the news!

Exciting stuff around here today!  The girls and I were on the Fox 5 San Diego morning news!  I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from the people at Fox 5.  They had read my post on Sibling Love (teaching kids to get along and love each other)  and wanted to know if I would come and talk about a few of the tips I mentioned in my post for their “Mommy Daddy Handbook” segment.  I was excited!  And totally nervous.  Then they told me they wanted my girls to be on too and I got even more excited!  And then even more nervous.  Now we had the unpredictability factor going on.  Now aside from worrying about making a total idiot of myself I also had to worry about what my girls might say or do at any given moment.  :)  But the girls did great and we all survived the experience!  As soon as we were finished I picked up my phone to call Kenny (he was watching it live on TV).  I was going to ask him if I did my nervous laugh too often?  If I talked with my hands too much like I tend to do?  If the camera really does add 10 pounds?  (Which by the way I’ve decided definitely yes!)  Or if he noticed how there were times I wasn’t sure where to look – do I look at the lady speaking to me?  at the camera?  at the people behind the camera smiling at me?  But he had already sent me a text message —

“That was awesome!  I smell an Oscar!  Red Carpet here we come.  Color me Stedman.”

So I smiled and decided to critique myself to death later.  I told the girls they were amazing and drove home.

Pretending to be Oprah all the way.

xoxo, Erin
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58 thoughts on “We were on the news!

  1. LOVED IT!!!!!! you need your own show! Your hair looked amazing (like I knew it would) and I loved Addison’s little voice. So sweet!!! Only wish Kole had been in the mix because that would have been OVER THE TOP adorable! I hope they keep you on as a regular. :-)

  2. You are soooo famous!! Darling Erin..such cute girls and such a wise mamma. Now your blog is going to get crazy busy…hope there is still room for us locals:)

  3. Erin you were awesome. How fun to see you on our local news! From reading your blog it looks like you have done an amazing job teaching your children. I think they picked a great “expert” to interview!

  4. That was amazing. Love your girls. Great advice too. How exciting for you!! It doesn’t surprise me that they would pick you for that topic.

    You are so blessed with all three of your babies.

    Great job!

  5. Wow, so cute! You totally rocked it Erin! Kudos to you and Kenny for raising such polite, articulate and charming girls

  6. You did great, and the girls too! ellie is so sweet and shy! You all look beautiful, and you are born to be in front of the camera! You are a natural!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Oh. My. WORD. You and your girls are freaking adorable. Great tips, too. My girls are 3.5 and nearly 2 and I anticipate using these tips. A LOT. :)

  8. All three of you did a great job! Your girls spoke so clearly and did well acting out a commom scenario. So inspiring for parents! Thank you for sharing!

    Andrea L.

  9. Awwww… thank you so much everyone! You are all so sweet to make us feel good about our little two minutes of TV time. :) And I know El acted so shy! Which is totally NOT her personality. I think she was a little nervous. We all were! Thanks again for your kind comments! So fun to wake up to this morning. :)

  10. A.Dor.Able! It was so nice to hear your voice! I often wonder what bloggers sound like! You ALL did such a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Awesome!!!! How exciting for you you guys! Hopefully that will get some more people reading your awesome blog too:) you sound and act exactly as I thought you would! Good Job!!! The girls did amazing!

  12. Erin! YOU ARE A NATURAL!!! Of course I already knew that:)! Love it Erin, and no the camera only showed your charm, beauty and grace!

  13. Oh my word – you guys are spoiling me with these fun comments!! Thank you!! I am going to read them to the girls. They will feel as touched and excited as I do. :)

  14. This is exactly why I have been reading your blog for three years, you are a true gem in every way! You represented yourself well, you didnt seem nervous at all, you were confident and seemed friendly. And your girls, oh my lord, they were so perfect, and Addison’s voice was so sweet! I wish you would do some videos for your blog, you are that awesome! Kenny must be so proud!

  15. Oh my, you three ladies were amazing!! Your two girls did the perfect job acting the fighting-over-the-toy scene! Such naturals as so adorable! I can’t believe how cool you stayed – you all looked like you were born to do this! (And you have the hair for it, too! :o)
    Yay, for your amazing debut on camera!!

  16. Wow Erin – congrats to you and your gorgeous girls! You were all naturals on camera :) Loved hearing and watching you all (cute accents!) and love your down-to-earth parenting tips too (my girls are 8 and 6 so this was very familiar to me down here in NZ!) xx

  17. Wow – all three of you are a natural! How fun and great job!! I just texted both my brothers to say hi and encourage sibling love :).

  18. You all were too cute! Ten pounds …. NO! Seriously, so cute is what you all were. I am sure that you were nervous but you didn’t show it at all! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog and thank you for not quitting it!

    Maria from Minnesota

  19. P.S. You are an admirable mother – keep it up! And Kenny’s text was THE BEST. You are so blessed!

    Maria (again) in Minneapolis, MN

  20. Okay, Addison’s voice when she said “That’s not fair!” is killing me. Your girls are SO CUTE!!!! And good girls too. You must be so proud. You’re doing good, Erin! :)

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