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Master Bedroom (just a peek)

K – this really has nothing to do with my post, but I have to say that lately I have been having such a hard time staying on top of things around the house.  And by “lately” I mean the past few years.  :)  Ever since child number three came along it feels like housework is such an uphill battle.  Kenny came home tonight and I said “Ahhh!  I can’t wait to move!  The new house is going to be so… clean!”  Kenny was like “um… I don’t know why you think it’s going to be any easier to keep clean than this house…”  But he doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t know that the new house is going to be different.  It’s going to be this magical place.  A magical place where dishes wash themselves, laundry will cease to exist, and floors will stay perfectly vacuumed and polished.  Everything will have a place where it happily resides and clutter and chaos will be no more.  While I’m at – daydreaming away – it will also be a place where delicious, well-balanced home cooked meals appear each evening right around dinner time…  
I have a dream!  Similar to yours?  :)  
Moving on now.  
Sharing a few progress pics of the master bedroom today.
 These were taken a couple of months ago just after drywall. 

The door to this room is down the hall a bit.  Right before the french doors that open to the back porch.

Here is that same space now.  Primed and almost ready to paint!  

This is the wall our bed will face.  
That same wall today.  
 And a sketch of what that wall will look like when it’s finished.  

 A bird’s eye view of the room.  
I’m excited about this space!  
Even though deep down I’m well aware that the bed won’t make itself.  
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Master Bedroom (just a peek)

  1. I think that since you will have a bigger house, there will be more clean spots. I tell Marty that all the time. It seems like when your house is smaller every nook and cranny gets used.

    Your Master bedroom looks beautiful. I bet you can’t wait to get in and start organizing and decorating. I would be going crazy by now. Soon this will all be in the past and you will be settled in your beautiful new home making beautiful new memories.


    P.S. We only have carpet in the bedrooms but I have always wished that we had wings so no one would walk on my clean carpet…lol.

  2. Looks awesome Erin! I love the picture of Kole w/ his hand up on the window , cuteness!
    I saw plantantion shutters on the blueprint you showed, I absolutely love plantation shutters! Its goig to be beautiful. We bought our house new & its much easier to keep a house clean when you start new.

  3. I just LOVE it Erin!!! Kole is such a cutie <3 I hope that once you move and get settled, you will consider having someone clean for you weekly. I think that you will have your hands full with 3 kids and furnishing and organizing everything…and the house is HUGE…there is only so much you can do with out going crazy :)

  4. Haha, we just moved less than a month ago, and I had the very same dream! … although ive learned that I use about the same amount of effort to clean, and it doesnt just magically happen. Lol.

  5. It is a wonderful dream, and having three kids myself, a dream I realize is only possible if you allow the children only to live in part of the house and never enter into other rooms. Ha! And the kitchen will stay beautifully clean if you don’t cook or eat in it. ;)
    The bedroom looks lovely, but I have to laugh, cuz I got to the end of your post and my thought was, “Wait, where’s the closet? She didn’t show us the closet?!?” Now I have dreams of your closets. =)
    Excited to see what you do with the place, and can’t believe you are so close to being finished!

  6. I low the idea of bench seats. My next house must have one or I’ll create one…somewhere. Just a quick question, where is your closet?

  7. GORGEOUS!!! Love it – it’s beautiful. It will be a nice spacious retreat.

    Yes, sorry to burst your bubble but those bigger houses require even more work!! However, with more rooms and square footage there will be more areas that can stay neat for longer, I think. Having a house that you designed – a place for everything and everything in its place – will help!

  8. I agree Cathy! We use every square inch of our current house and every room is a complete mess on and off all day. Hopefully having a few rooms that stay unused most of the time will give me a feeling of a cleaner house! Although I do know that with a bigger house there will be more bathrooms to scrub. Not looking forward to that!

    Lynnsey – NOOO! Don’t tell me that! :) I know. It will most likely be harder to keep clean! I’m just enjoying my daydream until we move and reality sets in. :)

    So sorry I forgot to show you all the closet! It is off of our master bathroom which you turn into before you enter the bedroom. I will share it in a post at some point. Most likely when it’s nice and organized. :)

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  9. It is going to be beautiful! As a mom of 2, now 19 and 23, be thankful for the messes because someday you will walk by their bedrooms and bathrooms and wish they were a mess!!

  10. So I have been reading your blog for a long time but this is my first time commenting :) I am OBSESSED with your master …. seriously loving it! We are looking for a new home right now and you give me so much inspiration! So I have two quick questions …. Who is your Designer?? I live in Utah and I know before you said your interior designer does too? Also who is your architect? I LOVE how amazing, neat, and organized your plans are! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Erin, I can’t wait until it’s done!!! It looks so amazing. Will you be able to use the pool at all this summer?

    Also, I think I remember Kole taking awhile to start walking. Is that right? My little man is 16 months and still would rather crawl. Driving me nutso!!!

  12. first of all – that bedroom looks amazing! i can’t see it all finished and decorated :)

    second of all (the REAL reason i came here to comment) – can i just say how GOOD it makes me feel to hear you say, “Ever since child number three came along it feels like housework is such an uphill battle.” i feel this way 110% of the time!! i don’t know what it is about that third child… but, oh my goodness!!! i can’t EVER stay on top of ANYTHING!! the house is never clean, the grocery shopping is never done, meals are never planned, homework is never done, etc, etc, etc… it’s crazy! i don’t know how people have MORE than 3 kids :) but it really felt good to read YOU (of all people) say that. you are so amazingly talented at organizing and cleaning, so to hear that YOU struggle, too, makes me feel a little bit better :)

  13. So true Lauren! I’ll try to remember that when I’m tripping over toys every time I turn around!

    Jess – thank you! Send me an email ( and I will tell you all about my designer and architect. My designer is in Utah but my architect is in San Diego. Love them and would highly recommend them both!

    Shari! Will you come and visit me and we can lock ourselves in that room with a huge pizza and never stop talking! Say yes and I’ll throw in a balsamic grilled chicken salad. :)

    Thank you Traci! I’m hoping we will have time to use the pool! We are supposed to be moving in towards the end of summer (July/August) and our hottest months here are September/October so unless we go way over our estimated finish time we should have a couple of months with the pool! And YES. Kole didn’t walk until 17 1/2 months! Drove me crazy too. :) Hang in there!

    Emily – you are too sweet! It really is true. Something about #3 just makes you feel like you are always one step behind – never able to catch up and get on top of things. We are way too out numbered! :)

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