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iphone dump

 A favorite hang out.

 Life with sisters.  
 Ever so patiently waiting his turn.  

 So happy I caught this moment at the park.  
Girls being especially quite upstairs always = fun surprises for mom.  
 Turtles taking a soak.  
Open House in Ad’s class.  Made me miss teaching 1st grade!
And 4th.  And 5th.  
Swim lessons with El.  
Working hard to get ready for a swim test she has to pass next month before she can take her favorite lifeguard summer camp at the beach.  El is such a good swimmer – WAY better than her mom 
although that’s not saying much.  Nose plugs anyone?  :)
Lessons are on her early out day at school so Kenny comes home for lunch to stay with (napping) Kole and Ad while I take her.

What do I do during El’s swim lesson?  Nothing!  Highlight of my week!  
Although it’s officially time to lose the jeans and boots and let my white legs see some sun!  

Girls were in charge of Kole’s birthday cupcakes for our little family party.  
Sprinkles anyone?  
 The birthday boy didn’t mind much.  
He enjoyed them so much in fact that we had to sing and let him blow out the candle oh.. 
about 18 times.  

The men in my life.  Kole is holding his remote control.  He uses it to make the “diggers” move.

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “iphone dump

  1. The first two pics of Kole are so cute! The second two made me LOL.
    The girls holding hands is priceless.

    I want to be in Ad’s class. Love the whole rain forest theme going on.
    What a stellar dive El has. I use to be able to dive. IDK what happened. I am scared to now. Kole blowing out the candle melts my heart.
    AND…Your house is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. PS– That dive is terrific! Oh–and a swimming pool with no roof? Love. This girl from the far north never gets to see such a thing!

  3. Love your blog Erin and your photos are always great! El has an awesome dive! Wish we lived in a warmer climate so my kiddos would be more willing to take outdoor swimming lessons (the water is freezing here in Maine – I don’t blame them). Indoor swimming lessons for us.

    I love seeing the progression of your house being built! We went through the same thing – Not a fun time really… had to prod the builders along.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  4. I absolutely love “every day stuff” posts like this. You have such a cute family, and I look up to you as a mother so much! I didn’t realize you used to teach elementary school! My first is starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and I’m a nervous wreck about it. (And my second will be going the year after! Help me!) I would love any tips or advice you have on how to handle kids starting school, how to make sure they are prepared and doing well, etc.

    Love your blog! Wish I knew you in real life! :)

  5. So ADORABLE, Erin! I have to say the bathtub picture might be my favorite – that is SO Frances : ) And the ‘quiet’ playing that girls do (at least at this age) is far less destructive than the ‘quiet’ playing boys do, right?!

    Enjoy those swim lessons. They look like my kind of heaven!

  6. Hi Tiffany! Thank you! Oh my word – what a sweet comment. That made my day. :) You also asked such a good question. If it’s ok with you I’ll answer it in a Q&A post on the blog sometime soon. It’s so hard sending your first little one away to school! And your second! Have tissues ready. :)

    ahughes – thank you! So kind of you. If you ever do decide to build e-mail me! I will give you all sorts of tips! I’ve learned so much through this process!

    Lucy – yes! Kole is never quiet! Ha! The difference between girls and boys really is funny. So lucky we get to experience both! :)

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