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Valentines Day

Valentine Ideas

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is in a week!  It snuck up so fast this year.  My fingers are crossed that we have some time this weekend to work on the kids’ Valentines and a few other little projects in the works.  I ordered Valentines for my girls this year because I knew our time would be limited (I’ll show you them next week!) but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ideas I stumbled upon on-line.  I love these three creative Valentines and if I didn’t have so much going on right now I for sure would have duplicated one of them!  Maybe if you have little ones one of them will work for you this year?  

So cute, aren’t they!?  It’s probably good I didn’t have time to make them because I don’t know which one I would have picked!  My girls are making their boxes in school this year but here are a few pictures of their past Valentine boxes if you need some ideas…

More details in this post.
I have the best childhood memories of Valentines Day.  Wasn’t it fun?  Making and receiving all of those cards and candy from friends.  Having a school party. Icing and decorating sugar cookies.  Delivering fun treats to neighbors’ door steps.  Getting that Valentine from a certain someone that made you smile and blush.  
Now Kenny and I are like – k – let’s give each other a great Valentines day gift this year by NOT giving each other a Valentines day gift.  Ha!  :)  Then we get each other a gift anyway – nervous that the other one will show up with something.  
Ahhh.. marriage.  
Predictable and wonderful.  :)  
Kenny is indeed the love of my life, but below are a few things I shared last year that take very close seconds!  
Happy V-Day planning everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Valentine Ideas

  1. You’re so dang cute!
    Got your text yesterday. You can tell how I’m doing by the fact that I have not even had time to reply.

    But I will!


  2. i’ve already bought the supplies to do the “ofFISHally” one..that will be Luka’s for his Mother’s day out class. For my daughter Sienna, I found these adorable owl cookie pops, and I’m going to attach a tag saying something like “Whoooo is a great friend? YOU! that’s whooo!”

  3. Erin. Love your blog! You’ve shared the multi-bran chex’s you eat for breakfast. I like them too. Wondered what you put on your turkey sandwich?(Bread type, lettuce,etc. ). Trying not to eat junk for lunch! Thanks!

  4. This year for Valentine’s day I asked for tix to see an Aztecs basketball game. I’m really looking forward to it! (My husband’s not a sports guy and neither am, but I did go to state and just thought it would be fun and different)

  5. Hollie AND Holly :) – love both of those ideas!!

    Anonymous – thank you! You know – I am so boring when it comes to food. All I put on my sandwich is turkey (peppered turkey sliced really thin is my fav.) cheese, lettuce and a little mustard. Wheat bread. Then I cut up some strawberries or an apple or cutie – whatever fruit we have around and then grab a handful of Baked Lays (my favorite chips). Nothing too fancy, but I like it. :) And I think eating the same thing most days helps me to control my weight. I don’t get tired of eating the same things so this works for me. Hope that helps!

    Angie – This year I ordered Valentines from Persnickity Prints. They are small and simple but turned out cute! I’ll share them on the blog next week. :)

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