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making me happy (picture dump)

Sharing some pics from the past couple of weeks.  Most of them are from my iPhone.  Just a few things that are making me happy right now.   :)

Ahhhhh!  I’m home.  In the Martha Stewart office supply section of Staples.  I had a particularly lousy day last week so I decided to cheer myself up with a quick trip to one of my favorite hang outs.  And I bought a new planner!  With accessories!  Squeal!  And I haven’t had two seconds to organize it and it’s killing me!  Hopefully this weekend.  Gives me something to look forward to.  :)

Thank you for the pick me up Martha.  

El made “food” for her pandas.  They’ve been eating with us at the table for every meal.  Tonight we had homework and food and stuffed animals and art projects all over the place at dinner time and I felt like I was losing my mind!  So starting tomorrow there is now a “no stuffed animals on the table” rule.  I’m assuming the pandas will still join us.  Just most likely nearby on the couch or floor.

Speaking of art projects – here is one the girls came up with last week.  (And yes, it’s typical for my kitchen floor to look like this.  No room at the table you know.  The stuffed animals need their space.)  They took one of Kole’s Huggies diaper boxes and cut it to pieces.  I wasn’t sure what they were up to but before long they had made these…

El made a home for her pandas.  
The foot prints are my favorite part.  
And Addison made a home for her horses.  


These two make me smile.  When I’m not tripping over their toys and crafts.  I just took my Christmas cards down.  I was hoping to keep them up until Valentines Day but as you can see in this picture a few of them slowly started to fall so I took it as a sign.  But I loved having them up for a while greeting me each day when I walked down the stairs.

My smart pop popcorn from Costco.  This always makes me happy.  When I hear it popping in the microwave it signals kids are in bed.  Time to relax and blog and crack jokes with Kenny and veg out in front of the TV.  I was not happy a few weeks ago when I went to Costco to buy it and it wasn’t there.  I wasn’t about to leave that store without my smart pop!  I went to the help desk and had them look it up for me and sure enough they had some but it was in the back and would take a minute to pull it out.  I told them I’d wait.  The man helping me clearly found me amusing and said “you’re pretty serious about your popcorn, aren’t you?”  My reply: “you have no idea.”  :)  
Making me beyond happy right now is this picture.  Our crew is getting ready to wrap the house for drywall and yesterday I got a call to come up and approve the window molding.  Giddy doesn’t begin to describe my reaction when I saw this window!  They nailed it!  Exactly what I told them I wanted.  I met the whole siding crew and hugged them all.  They were excited that I was so excited.  I don’t think they usually get that big of a reaction from some window molding.  :)  But ahhhh!!!  Just picture that in white!  My idea of heaven is a combination of The Container Store and white trim.  
Oh and I guess Kenny and the kids would be there too.  ;)  
Snapped this picture driving yesterday.
I love seeing the reflection of the Palm Trees.

And speaking of trees Kenny and I started picking out the trees to go in our yard for the new house this week.  It was so much fun tromping around the nursery!  I’m going to have trees with leaves that change colors in the fall!  I’m so excited about that!  Not a big deal to many of you, but not so common around here.  I tried to pick out a good mix of San Diego flowering trees/vines with a few trees/plants that remind me of Utah and Virginia.  Next year when I decorate my mantel for fall I will have real leaves baby!  :)

And a few pictures from the Cove during our last visit.  It was a cloudy day but still fun to check out the seals and the scenery…

Kole was getting so mad at the birds for running away from him.  It was hilarious.  

The last time I took pictures at the Cove my girls were three and five!  Oh my word.  
That feels like last week.  Look how little they were.  
And here they are now.  Obsessed with a game on dad’s Iphone instead of playing at the park with their little brother.  As soon as I took this picture I took away the phone and told them to go and play and that they weren’t allowed to grow out of the park for at least another five years.  If any of you have tips on how to make that happen I’d love to hear them!  
Anything making you happy lately?   :)
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “making me happy (picture dump)

  1. Loving the picture dumps. I will FINALLY start dumping pictures on my little blog. I can’t wait. After a crash course from Elle on how to do that. I know, I am pathetic!!!! I promised I would do that on my blog tonight.

    The girls are so cute. I love their imagination.

    I am also in love with Martha. That sweet lady keeps me organized. I love the colors too.
    I have to admit. I haven’t done anything with my coupons yet. I went grocery shopping and I kept saying. I have a coupon for that. “at home” That makes me so mad! I need to get on top of that soon. My cute little teal file is calling my name!

    Your house is really coming along. I am so happy for you!!! :)

    Kiss and hug your sweet babies.


    P.S. Enjoy your popcorn.

  2. What a great picture dump it was :) tells about the real family life….dreams, kids, work and laughs, cries and happy moment <3

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The kids are very crafty! I aways enjoyed crafting w/ my kids when they were little. My son is older now (14), so he is not into the craftiness, But my daughters 10 & still loves crafting, she has taken up knitting. We just made our Valentine gifts up for the teachers. Are you doing anything special for the girls teachers for Valentines?

  4. I’m going to be frank with you, I think its a big mistake for you to let your girls at their age, mess around on the iphone and internet. It takes away from their innocence and the exposure makes them grow up to fast, it is odd that they would prefer that over actually playing at the park, that isn’t normal for their age range, and you should know this since you were a teacher. You can’t complain about them growing up to fast when you are exposing them to adult toys like an iphone with internet. Just my 2 cents!

  5. This post brightened my day! What a great idea to highlight and focus on the good things in a week! Given how creative & imaginative your girls are (love the horse hoof & panda paw prints) it looks like you & Kenny are doing it right :)

  6. Oh fun Reenie! I remember knitting when I was younger! Yes – I am doing a little something for the kids’ teachers. Hopefully I’ll have time to share it on my blog before Valentines Day. It’s creeping up so fast!

    Anonymous – I completely agree! And I assure you that it isn’t very often they are on the phone or the internet. They like to play a little game on the phone called “cut the rope.” Very age appropriate. I assure you we have things like that under control around here.

    Thank you so much Kel! I appreciate you saying that!

  7. The kids are getting so big Erin! Love the molding! And for the record, I agree with Kel! It definitely looks like you and Kenny are doing it right:))))

  8. I saw this post this morning–and have been craving smart pop every since–ha ha! And I could not agree more with your love for the martha line. I bought the disc bound system from Martha for my planner this year–the bight aqua one (you would like that:). I LOVE it and posted about it here–
    ok I am off to pop some popcorn as soon as my boys are in bed:)

  9. Thank you so much Tracy! You know I feel the same way about you!

    Love it Melanie! That is what I bought too! The aqua disc bound system. I can’t wait to try it out! And my popcorn is popping as we speak! (type) :)

  10. I love the M.S. line of planners. While at Staples I could not decide between that and the ARC system. Come to find out some of it is interchangeable. I bought the medium planner from MS because of the metal rings and used some of the ARC accessories that I liked better.I am so glad that it works out. It would be great for you to show us how to organize our planners. I am still clumsily working at perfecting mine. There are too many redundant sheets and I am ocd on having my blanks filled in. I m having trouble getting it to work for me.

  11. Hi Erin – just looking at your pictures makes me smile! You and Kenny are doing an amazing job with your kids! Please share your planner when you have it organized – I am always looking for ways to tweak my system!!!

  12. Thank you Susan! You are so kind to say that. Parenting is so hard! We are trying to do our best. :) I will for sure share my planner once I have it put together. FUN! I can’t wait! Nothing like a new planner. :)

    Anonymous – so nice to know that the two are compatible! I looked at both in Staples too.

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