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Weekend at the hospital

Well!  We had quite the weekend.  My sweet Addison woke up not feeling well Saturday morning.  By noon she was having a hard time breathing and by mid afternoon she was having a severe asthma attack (despite the breathing treatments we had been doing all day).  Her little chest was heaving up and down so hard and she just couldn’t get enough oxygen.  (Ad has childhood asthma and every time she gets even the littlest cold it goes straight to her lungs.)  Kenny rushed her to Instacare and as soon as they saw how low her oxygen levels were they put her in an ambulance and rushed her to Children’s Hospital.

And that is where we spent the weekend.  Well.  Kenny and Addison spent the weekend there.  
I popped in and out as much as I could with El and Kole.   
Addison perked right up when she saw her sister.  Especially since Ellie packed her a bag of her favorite stuffed animals, coloring books, and treats.  In fact, when I took Kole home for a nap Ellie insisted on staying at the hospital.  She and Addison thought it was quite the party hanging out on the bed, eating Popsicles and watching High School Musical 2 all afternoon.  :)  
 The room had a beautiful view.  Kole especially seemed to enjoy it.  :)
Ad is home now and doing so much better.  Her parents on the other hand are completely exhausted.  I think I’ve cried more and slept less this weekend than I have in a long time.    
She gave us quite a scare!  
I am so grateful for my husband who didn’t think twice about missing the Superbowl and sleeping on a hospital couch so that he could park right by Addie’s side and take care of her every need.
I am also so grateful that it wasn’t worse and that she is home with us tonight.

These kids are aging me.


xoxo, Erin
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49 thoughts on “Weekend at the hospital

  1. Oh I’ve been there and it is very scary! I’m glad that she is home and feel better. Hopefully now you all can get some rest. And what a sweet big sister :)

  2. Aw, glad to hear she’s doing better! Children’s is a great hospital. My son had surgery there and they were wonderful! (we used to live in SD, now we are in Virginia.)

  3. I am so glad she is better and at home! Thank God!

    You are lucky- I took my daughter in because she wasnt feeling good exactly a year ago and we ended up staying at Children’s Hospital for 15 nights and two surgeries!! Yyeaooo – yes, I aged a ton. I kept thinking of families who have children with cancer and battle it all the time!

    Rest up!

  4. That’s so scary! I’m so glad she’s doing better and able to come home. It’s so sweet the way your girls are such good friends.

  5. So glad your little girl is home and better now. Thank goodness for modern medicine! Can you just imagine what mothers in the past had to go through with their babies? Two of my kids were both hospitalized at the same time, when they were 3 and 1, for bronchitis/pneumonia. It was absolutely heartbreaking. But it did give me an appreciation for their overall health — I just can’t even comprehend what parents of terminally ill children go through.

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. It is so scary when a child has asthma. I am so happy to hear she is doing better. Praying that everyone is on the mend now!!!

    Love and hugs,

  7. Oh wow Erin! I’ve spent a ton of time with my daughter in the hospital for her open heart surgery and related issues. Whether planned or a surprise visit, hospitals absolutely exhausting!!! Give yourself a week or two to recover from the trauma.

  8. Awwww!!! That is scary!! So happy to hear she is feeling better! wishing her a great recovery :) And wishing you some much needed rest :)

  9. Oh my goodness, Erin, I’m so sorry! I have have asthma since birth and I know my mother spent many sleepless nights in the hospital. If it makes you feel any better, it’s never as scary for the child as it is for the parent : ) Isn’t that always the case?!

    Wishing you as much sleep as possible!

  10. Yikes! Hang in there.!!

    My now 16 year old son had childhood asthma since he was 9 months and had RSV. Scary scary times in the hospital most of his little life. BUT the good news is he is now outgrowing it. It can get better!!

    I hope your little sweet girl does the same.

  11. Thanks for the sweet comments and well wishes everyone! We are so grateful it wasn’t worse. My heart just breaks for families who deal with cancer and other issues that force them to be in and out of hospitals so much.

  12. Same thing happened to my daughter (6 at the time). She was hospitalized with pneumonia and with her asthma it made it so much worse. I feel for you! I was so scared! Rest up and take care!


  13. Poor Ad! So sorry for her and especially for you! I’m sure the girls had a ball though, I remember some fun times in the hospital with my sisters and friends when I was in for 4 weeks, there were definitely good times and lots of presents! Hope your week goes much better!

    Love you Addie! We miss you and LOVE you!!

    I know how does it feel!
    All of my kids are same way, when they get a cold it goes straight down to their lungs.
    I wonder when it will be our turn to run to the hsopital….so far nothing…I keep my fingers crossed!

    Good luck and try to catch up some sleep and relaxing time with your little girl <3!!!

  15. I’m so grateful she is ok!!! How scary, Erin. So sorry you all had to go through this. :(

    Wish I was there to bring you dinner for a week.

  16. I am so so so so sooooo happy she is doing better. I work in Peds at our local hospital and I too was there all weekend! So many sick kids this year. I’m glad you have your baby home :)) Get some sleep my friend.

  17. Big cyber hug for you and Addison! We went through that a few times with Lily. Good news is that she grew out of her asthma by age 8 or 9. She still has exercise induced asthma, but she just takes her inhaler to basketball and has no problems. Hopefully it will turn out the same for Addison!

  18. Hi Erin, belated hugs & get wells to Addison! I had childhood medical issues and only now do I have an appreciation for how hard it was for my parents – while I was thinking about what would be for dinner and laughing at our clown entertainer or giggling at the cute firemen who turned up when the alarms all triggered, yiu know all that important stuff my poor parents were suffering sleepless nights, agonising waits during my surgeries and heartwrenching decisions about my care and the while thanks to their way if handling it I was oblivious and what could be really traumatic and scarey memories for me are actually things I can look back on with fondness. And thats exactly what I can see shining through from you and Kenny in your love concern and selfless devotion to your children’s care. I thank my parents metaphorically pretty much every day for what they did for me and Ive no doubt yours will too. Its clear from your writing how much you cherish them & feel blessed – just wanted to let you know I think theyre blessed to have you & Kenny.

  19. Thanks Sue! That is what I’m praying for!

    Mags – oh my word. I read your comment earlier today and it made me cry! Thank you so much. What a thoughtful thing to say. It sounds like you have amazing parents and I am so humbled that you think Kenny and I are doing a good job as well. Thank you! Your kind words meant so much to me.

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