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Winner and Lemon Water

Thanks to everyone who entered the book giveaway!  
Here are the winners (picked by…

Winner of Deliberate Motherhood:

Jenny who said:

Oh my gosh, either one of these books could help me out in so many ways!!! I am a mother of 5 boys, two of which are disabled…. So being a good mom, keeping my sanity and staying organized are pretty much three of my top priorities!!! Great giveaway regardless who wins!! ;)

Jenny P. from Racine, Wisconsin

3 Winners of The Staying Organized Survival Guide:

Sue who said:

Hey, Erin! Hope you’re having fun with all your crew taking pictures instead of cooking (that’s how I weasel out of stuff I don’t want to do, I’m the self-appointed photojournalist!)
I’d love to win either of these books. Cokeville, WY. Can’t wait to see your weekend report!

Cathy who said:

I would love to win either one of those books for my daughter. I think she would really love either of them. 

Hope you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Ileana who said:

Love, love, love your blog! I would love to win the Staying Organized book!
Fairmont, WV

YEA and CONGRATS!  If you are a winner, e-mail me (erininsandiego at gmail dot com) and I’ll get the books to you!  If you didn’t win and still would like a book, I linked to them on Amazon in my last post.  They are both very reasonably price so pick one up for yourself for Christmas!  You deserve it.  :)


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was wonderful.  Except that I was sick.  That wasn’t wonderful.  Kole and Ad are sick too so we are very much still in recovery mode around here.

My mom made me countless glasses of lemon water.  Heavy on the lemon.  Did you know that lemon water makes your sore throat feel better?  It really does.  Or maybe it was less about the lemon water and more about being taken care of by my mom.  I’m not sure, but sitting by her Christmas tree next to the cozy fireplace sipping lemon water was my favorite memory from Thanksgiving this year.  

One of my quartz samples made a perfect tray for my lemon water.  Still trying to find counter tops for my kitchen that look like marble but aren’t real marble.  I want my mom to be able to come and visit and squeeze lemons all over my counters and not worry about them staining.  I am a fan of lemon water.  And worry free quartz counter tops.   :)
Being sick over Thanksgiving certainly didn’t stop me from eating way too much food.  Kenny went on a strict pie diet while I devoured an unhealthy amount of turkey.  You all know how I feel about a good turkey sandwich.  
The two of us will be attempting to eat a bit lighter next week to make up for our incessant gorging.  
We’ll see how long it lasts before the Christmas festivities start.  
I might as well pull out the stretchy pants right now.
Any of you doing the same?
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Winner and Lemon Water

  1. I am so excited about the book. My daughter will be more excited when I tell her about it tomorrow. Thank you so much. :)

    I am so sorry to hear that you are all sick. My mom has always said that lemon water and tea and honey do the trick for soar throats. It has always worked.

    I hope you guys start feeling better soon. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family though. We had a great day. Elle and the kids spent the night while her sweet husband went out for black Friday deals. That man has some mad skills. He did great. I was happy to have all of my babies here.

    Get well!! Oh, and I am sporting my stretchy pants as I type.

    Cathy :)

  2. Well, My anniversary was on Thanksgiving, so after gorging that day, we went on an all-day date which included going out to eat twice, with dessert. Not to mention the treats my sweet hubby bought me as a gift…so yeah…stretchy pants all the way! :)

    Hope you all get feeling better soon.

  3. So sorry you’ve been sick. :( I love the lemon water in the very cute glass. How great that your mommy could take care of you. Love her.

    The eating has been utterly out of control here.
    I live in my stretch pants. Pathetic.

    Love you!

  4. Erin, I loved hearing about your Thanksgiving, but was sorry to hear that some of you were sick. Bless your sweet Momma’s heart for taking care of you and nursing your sore throat with lemon water! That not only helps your throat, but it hydrates your body during sickness.

    We ate entirely too much on Thanksgiving Day also! I thought it was funny that you said Kenny was on a ‘strict pie diet’!! :-) I loved the turkey most of all, especially with lots and lots of turkey gravy. I am also wearing my stretch pants, as I do most of the time. ha!

    Hope you get better soon!!
    Jane from Missouri

  5. Hooray! I won! Thank you so much! I can use all the help I can get in the organizing department because we’ll likely be moving in the next 6 months and I haven’t even unpacked some boxes from when we moved here in March.

    Excited to see pics of your St. George Thanksgiving. This was my first year in 16 years of marriage actually having Thanksgiving in my own home. I’ve concluded that I desperately need to buy some nice dishes. Plastic cups and tupperware pitchers just didn’t cut it!

  6. I hope you feel better soon Erin and can get back to enjoying your favourite time of year again! It’s warming up here in NZ so our sneezes are due to hayfever season rather than winter ;) In our cold season we have hot lemon drinks for colds and my husband gives the kids a teaspoon of honey for night-time coughs – it seems to work as I can’t recall the last time we bought cough syrup. Take care and keep warm xx

  7. After the Thanksgiving gorge-a-thon, I joined a gym (and brought out the stretchy pants). I’m sorry to hear that you all were sick! Fell better soon (or, as my favorite sick card says, “Heal at your own rate…Because saying “Get Well Soon seems a little sassy.”

  8. So glad to learn this tip about the lemon water! I’ve been nursing a sore throat and tried it the last 2 days–I’m amazed at how well it works!

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