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Catch up day

Happy Friday everyone!  Kole and I are enjoying a nice morning at home.  A bit of a catch up day for me that I’m so grateful for.  Which basically means that I will be doing lots of cleaning and laundry and organizing while Kole does lots of…
 piling and stacking 

and climbing.  :)

I pinned this beautiful picture last night because I love the look of every day dishes organized on open shelving.  I’d love to do this in my new kitchen, but then I start to think about my everyday dishes.  I just don’t know that the blue and green sippy cups would have the same affect?

Have a great weekend everyone! 
xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Catch up day

  1. Kole looks to be having a ton of fun! My boys just discovered paper airplanes and they have been using all my computer paper to make them! :) I love the open shelf concept. I say if you want to display your everyday dishes, only display the ‘grown up’ dishes and put the kid dishes in a closed cabinet. In my house we have two sets of dishes, momma dishes and everybody else dishes!

  2. Two thoughts:

    1. That boy is so adorable!!!

    2. That open shelving is a nightmare
    waiting to happen when an earthquake hits.
    Looks really pretty though. :)

  3. Open shelving can be a huge hassle and not every dish is gonna be put back in the same space, or correct color order every time you put the dishes away!

    2 options:

    1:Try closed shelves!

    2:Curtains! It’s a great way to still have an open shelf without seeing what’s behind!
    Hope this helps!

  4. Omgosh Erin, Kole is so stinkin cute! As for the open shelving…I think they look so beautiful in other people’s homes but they would literally drive me nuts. My ocd would never allow it:-) I can not wait to see this house start to come together…it’s going to be amazing!!!

  5. Totally appreciate the posts you have about Kole. Isla is a few months behind him and when I’m banging my head against the wall over the things she is getting into and the ‘fun’ she is having…it’s nice remembering that I was kind of warned….
    The other day as I was rebooting the washer, she got into the cereal cabinet, took an opened bag of frosted mini wheats out of the box. Crawled upstairs with bag in hand and smiled and proudly said, “Siweeoo!”
    Miraculously there weren’t crumbs everywhere, but the cereal inside was smooshed to bits for sure!

  6. Love that boy’s antics. Need to hear more about him!!! :)

    I guess I’m not a fan of open shelves cause when I saw that picture I thought “oh she’s showing us all the stuff she’s been gathering to pack away.” As if you’d just been jamming the shelves full of stuff (not realizing those aren’t your items). My OCD doesn’t like the cluttered look, I like to close the cabinets! :)

    However, the colors really appeal to me! :)

  7. Have you thought about having a few clear glass cabinet doors instead of open shelving? I love all of your house updates :)

  8. That picture you took of Kole is taken from an angle I had never seen. I thought your kitchen and dining area were bigger than that. No wonder you have been nuts over your new house kitchen. HURRAY FOR A NEW DOUBLE ISLAND KITCHEN. WOOT WOOT

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