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Siding and Stairs

SO many things have been going on with the new house!  My intention was to blog a lot more than I have been about decisions being made, but everything is coming at me so fast that I don’t have time to sit down and write about it all.  Here are a few things I am working on at the moment —

I was torn about the siding for the peaks on my house (staggered edge vs. straight edge) so my siding guy put some up on the house for me to see…


(obviously these aren’t painted the right color yet)
I love that he did that because I’m such a visual person.  I was still a little unsure so last night I pulled up some of my exterior inspiration pics that have the shingle siding on them.  I love all of these houses and pulled pieces from a lot of them when we were in the design stage…

What do you know!  Every single one of the pictures above have the straight edge shingle siding.  And I love every single one of the pictures above.  

Decision made!  Thank you Pinterest!  :)
A few other house happenings in the past 5 days.  We have completely re-designed my girls’ bathroom to give them a separate tub and shower vs. a tub/shower combo although I had to shrink the linen built-ins to do it so I’m still debating that change.  We’ve decided to change the location of our family room fireplace to the side wall instead of the corner of the room like I originally had it.  LONG story on that one!  I still need to see and approve the new sketches but I think I’m going to like the new plan better.  We’ve started talking about swimming pool options (fun!).  I’m still debating some open shelving in my kitchen.  SO torn about that one.  I love the look but don’t want to do something that I’ll regret like having too many clear/open cupboards and not enough closed cupboards to store things that aren’t so pretty (thoughts on open shelving anyone?).  We’ve changed and finalized the formal dining built-ins and ceiling plan.  Kenny is sending our builder an e-mail this very second about all of the soffit plans throughout the house.  I didn’t even know what a soffit was six months ago and now I could write a book about them.  Kenny is also working on finalizing plans for the solar panels that will be on the side of the house (I lost one of my fireplaces because of them – boo).  Air conditioning and heater ducts have been established throughout the house.  The block wall between us and our neighbors that will be in the whole development has been chosen and agreed upon.  Fireplaces just arrived at the store and are waiting to be installed.  And Thursday I have a meeting to go over stair case design.  
See why my brain is fried?  I’m sure there’s more but right now I’m too tired to keep typing.  
Who’s crazy idea was it to build a house!?  
Here are a few inspiration pics I’m taking to my stair meeting this week — 

This is what I want the banister to look like.  Love the window seat in this picture too.  I don’t have a window seat in my stair landing, but I have others throughout the house.  I hope Kole ends his pillow obsession at some point so they will actually look pretty and not completely bare like my couches and beds currently do.  :)  

I’m thinking of doing a wood/carpet combination on the stairs like this picture.  I love all wood stairs, but want them to be safe and comfy for the kids.

And I’d LOVE some planks on the walls (or any other type of molding), but I doubt that’s happening near the stairs.  Every time I say the word “plank” Kenny gets a nervous twitch.  I’m trying to reign it in and not over plank the house (if there even is such a thing).  And I’m trying to not blow the budget.  And I’m trying to not send my husband off a cliff.  Especially since he is dancing awfully close to a very steep one.  :)

To be honest, we both are these days!  
Did any of you build your house?  I’d love to hear some survivor stories.  
xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Siding and Stairs

  1. We built our dream house 2 years ago and it is a very stressful time but all I can tell you is keep your eyes on the prize. The process is so worth it in the end! We built out in the country on the same land as my husband’s family (parents, sister and family, brother and family) and we built last, so I leaned on them a lot to help with decisions. As far as stair options go, everyone else on the farm has 2 staircases and I wanted something different. So we ended up with a unique design of a few stairs up from the kitchen (because who really comes in the front door of their house and goes right upstairs anyway??) then the staircase splits and each set of stairs goes to opposite sides of the upstairs. Does that make sense? I can take a picture if my description is lacking =) I also went with a carpet runner down all of the stairs with a hardwood floor landing that matches the kitchen floor. Enjoy this time even though it’s hectic. I love reading your updates and seeing the progress!

  2. I think painted stairs are dangerous, especailly for people with a disability & elderly people. They’re not so bad if you’ve got shoes on but a lot of people wear slippers when indoors.

    I guess they might be a bit more safer tho as they are partically carpeted.

    Do most houses in the US have stairs that are painted? Over here they usually have carpet on them.

  3. We built our house 15 years ago. Needless to say it was the most stressful thing we’ve ever done! The window company delivered the windows at 5 p.m. and the builder didn’t have time to install them. They were stolen over night. We went through a huge hassle with the builder and insurance company over who was going to pay for new windows!

    It will be worth it though. We love our home and I realize all these years later, even though we made some choices that are outdated (hello hunter green carpet and countertops!) they are easily fixed. Good luck with your home and your beautiful family.

  4. I have just finished rebuilding my house due to the Floood in 2011 OMGosh I sure dont want to do that again but it was great to get to do some changes that I had wanted to do. I know what you are going thru with so much being thrown at you all at one time and decisions that need to be made like NOW.. I cant wait to see yours done

  5. We moved into our dream home a year ago TODAY! Like yours, it was very custom and a million and one decisions had to be made! It was stressful but so fun! A year later, I’m still happy with all the decisions we made and it was totally worth the hours and hours hours of planning!!

  6. I love open shelving, but I wouldn’t want all open/clear pane shelving. If it were my house, I’d have one set of cabinets in the kitchen with clear shelving/open for pretty dishes, other decorative things, etc, but make the rest solid/closed. I don’t want to have to think about how all the other dishes, sippy cups, and what not are arranged all the time. I think that would be extra work for nothing!

  7. Oh, and I like the idea of the carpeted and wood stairs. Best of both worlds. Solid wood stairs scare me a little, especially with little kids, and I always feel like I have be especially mindful even for myself when I’m at house with them. But the wood/carpet idea is great because you get the look of both with the comfort and ease of the carpet.

  8. OMGosh, Erin! You guys have so many decisions, I can see why you are a bit fried at the moment.

    And like I have said over and over, I am going to LOVE your house. You and I have very similiar tastes in homes. You are making me so very excited for our next move and building again! Yay!

  9. Hi Erin! I’m excited to see it when its all done! I have never built a house but my husband and I are in the process of buying land in the Hungarian countryside and building a vacation home! Building a home from about a million miles away??? Should be interesting!

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Julie – the stairs in the pictures have wood on them. I think there is a good mix of wood stairs vs. carpeted stairs in the US.

    Glad to hear some of you have built and survived the experience! I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize while I’m drowning in decisions! :)

  11. I must be seeing those pictures incorrectly because I thought for sure they all had the staggered edge, but your saying they have the straight edge?

  12. Yeah I just looked again and most of the inspiration pictures have the staggered ege, I dont see where your getting that they have the straight edge? Just mentioning this because I dont want yiu to be hugely diappointed when your house doesnt have the same exact look.

  13. Hi anonymous!

    It’s hard to tell because the siding pieces themselves are all different sizes! I’m pretty sure the houses I’ve shown are the straight edge – the yellow one from Better Homes and Gardens might be staggered – I can’t tell on that one, but I’m going to show the pics to my siding guy and double check. Thanks for watching out for me! :)

  14. My two cents on open shelving: I don’t have them but even if I was re-doing my kitchen I don’t think I would put them in. I think they are going to be a fad. Who wants to only have the pretty things out and you would have to keep them organized! I also think things could get dusty. I personally would rather just have some glass front cabinets. Your house is shaping up to just be gorgeous! I have written before you before saying that I LOVE your house posts because I am getting to live vicariously through you! Keep on keeping on! Jana

  15. We built our house while we were leaving overseas. My husband came to the USA to see the options and basically we decide everything in two days and in different countries with 10 hours time difference.
    It is not perfect but I think turn out beautiful.
    Good luck with your house.

  16. Glad you didnt mind me bringing that up Erin, And I was looking out for you :-). I think that is really smart to show your siding guys the pictures. I hope Im wrong and that its a straight edge. Really though either look will be fantastic, your house is going to be amazing!

  17. We built our house 11 years ago. My husband travels a lot so I made most of the decisions. I loved the whole experience and felt very little stress but then again I did not have 3 children, I had 1 at the time. We recently finished our basement and for that my husband wanted to be in on most of the decisions…that was stressful! Like, lost sleep stressful. Like, falling asleep thinking about tile color and counter top decisions stressful! Like disagreeing on black granite vs. butcher block. Enjoy Erin and good luck! I hope your husband allows the planks on the wall.


  18. Erin, we built our house 8 years ago. It was awful! My marriage barely survived and I vowed I would never do it again. Then I had a reminder of the stress and how awful it all was when we finished our basement over the last few months. I’m sorry but I hated every minute of it… too much stress for me. BUT… we survived it and now live in a home that is ours! That we designed and built on our own and I love my home. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I’ll still never build again ;)

  19. A friend of mine just sent me the link to your blog. My husband & I are just in the beginning stages of building. I can tell that my tastes are similar to yours because I’ve pinned many of the same pictures as I see just quickly scrolling through your blog! I’m looking forward to keeping up with your decisions! I also have 3 young children, good times! :)

  20. We are currently building. Almost done actually. We move in Dec. 1st. We have 2 girls (8&6) and a boy (4). Every week there is a crisis. EVERY.WEEK. But you will get through it. Good luck!

  21. We built our house 4 years ago. The day we broke ground I found out I was pregnant with number 3! We were renting and in a huge rush to get in the house before he came. I am happy to say we moved in a few weeks before he was born and we didn’t kill each other! It is stressful but it is sooo much fun – in fact we are starting plans for our forever home! You’ll be happy you did it.

  22. Shew I am tired just reading your post:) We are building a house currently and it is our forever home, because I can say without a doubt I have NO plans to ever do it again! They just sent our specs to the city yesterday and should start digging out our basement this weekend!

    I am so not good at making these kinds of decisions and I am the most indecisive person ever! I have enjoyed reading your posts and have gotten some great ideas. Our house will be all brick, but I love the straight siding and all of the pictures are beautiful! It’s so neat to watch you build a home in California, because obviously the process is much different here in Kentucky!

    I do have a question for you! Is your bedroom on the same floor as your children’s? My husband and I will be on the main floor, but Kendall will be upstairs and it makes me a nervous wreck! I am use to her being right next to me (her bedroom was across the hall from ours in our previous home!) I am sure I will get use to it and luckily her bedroom is right above ours and I have a video monitor. I told my husband that Kendall will have video monitor in her room until she is 18. Just trying to figure out how I will pull that off:)

    Love reading your progress posts!! So much fun:) And I can’t wait to see how you decorate your home! Wish I could hire you to come to Kentucky to decorate mine when it is built!

  23. Hi Erin! I haven’t commented for a while but I so enjoyed your recent Gratitude post :) I like the mixture of wood and carpet on your stairs, and all your pinned stairwells are gorgeous! Your kitchen dilemma is a hard one, but I know that the natural born organiser in you would find a solution if you ended up regretting any open shelving :) As for building stories…our first home was a new build and plenty of blood, sweat and tears went into that one – mainly because my husband was the builder! And just in case building our own home wasn’t stressful/expensive enough, we also planned our wedding at the same time! (well, we all know by ‘we’ I actually mean ‘me’!) Come to think of it, maybe that’s how we survived that busy year – he did the house, I did the wedding ;) Our second home (the one we’re currently still in) was a renovation, which my husband worked on for the best part of my second pregnancy (contrary to popular belief, builders CAN get their own building work done on time!) Good luck – I am so impressed and grateful for how much you do find time to share on your blog xx

  24. Actually, I do prefer straight edged siding rather than the staggered one. It looks more polished. By the way, all your pinned stairwells are fabulous! Although, your mixture of wood and carpet for your stairs looks much nicer. Building your dream home (or even remodeling it) is such a stress! But, seeing the outcome makes everything else better! Good luck on the other projects going on there!

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