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Thanksgiving Book Giveaways!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Popping in on turkey day for a fun giveaway!  I’m giving away two books and I’m so excited about both of them!

I’m grateful for a long list of things each Thanksgiving but motherhood is always at the top of that list.

Being mom to these three pretty much tops everything.  They drive me crazy on a daily basis and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And yes, I know I need a more recent picture of my three kids all together, but once Kole started moving we said good-bye to calm, posed family pictures.  Most of my recent pics of him now are of the back of his head running away.  :)  
The first book I’m giving away is all about motherhood.  In fact, it’s a book written by a group of mothers.  A group of wonderful mothers who all have such inspiring words to share.  
The book is titled Deliberate Motherhood: 12 key powers of peace, purpose, order and joy and was compiled by the women at The Power of Moms.  I’ve been to one of their motherhood retreats and learned so much.  I knew I would really enjoy this book.  Motherhood is such a journey of highs and lows and this book is full of wonderful stories and uplifting ideas from over 60 mothers.  I just received this book and have enjoyed reading it so much!  I started with the chapter written by my friend Sarah from Clover Lane and couldn’t put it down!  She is always so inspiring to me and so were all of the other mothers who’s chapters I’ve read so far.  I’m so excited to give one copy of this book away to one of you!  You can also check out 71Toes and MaisyMak (two other fun blogs) for another chance to win because they are also giving away one copy of this book.  SO fun.  :)  
OK – so if motherhood is my ultimate favorite topic a very close second would have to be organizing.  I know – this is not news to anyone reading.  :)  I’m so excited to give away three copies of this fabulous on-line book:
The Staying Organized Survival Guide.  You guys.  When Chloe wrote me and asked if I would do a giveaway for her book I told her that I needed to check it out first.  Obviously I’m pretty protective of my blog and only want to do giveaways for things I really stand behind.  (Which is why I politely turn down most of the giveaway offers I receive).  I was planning on just skimming this book to see if it would be a good fit for my blog and before I knew it, time had flown by and I had read the whole thing!  I loved it!  I felt myself nodding the whole way through and have blogged about a lot of the same things Chloe mentions in her book.  This book is great for someone who wants to be organized but doesn’t know how or where to start.  You will spend just 15 minutes a day for 30 days organizing your home and along the way you will learn strategies to help you get and stay organized.  What a great way to start out the month of January!  *You do need to have an Amazon account to get access to this book.  
I have truly enjoyed both of the books I mentioned above and think either one of them (or both!) would make a great Christmas gift for you or someone you know.  You can read more about Deliberate Motherhood here and you can read more about The Staying Organized Survival Guide here.  
If you would like to win one (or both) of these books, leave a comment below that includes your name and city.  Let me know which book you are interested in winning and I will pick some winners on Saturday.  YEA!  :)
I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  It crept up so quickly.  If you are planning on starting your Christmas shopping on black Friday good luck!  For those of you who are new to my blog (hello and welcome!), here are the links to some of our favorite toys and gift ideas if you need suggestions… 

I’ll be posting a few more fun gift ideas during the next month!
Happy shopping, good luck with the book giveaways, and have a fabulous Thanksgiving everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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153 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Book Giveaways!

  1. My name is Cindy from chatsworth, CA. I would love to win the staying organized survival book. I struggle with organization and thank goodness to you I am getting better. But it would be nice to have a book you recommend.
    Have a happy thanksgiving.

  2. Tara D from Nampa, Idaho. I am new to your blog…thanks for the giveaway! I would love the Deliberate Motherhood book. I have been feeling defeated lately and could really use this book!

  3. Wow, I’m pretty sure I need both those books!! I definitely need help with both motherhood AND organization! So I’m hoping to win either one! :)

  4. Hi Erin.
    I would love to win either one of those books for my daughter. I think she would really love either of them.

    Hope you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving.


  5. Hi Erin. I rarely enter giveaways because I never win anything. But I couldn’t help to through my name in the ht for the organization survival guide. I’m in desperate need to read that book. Lol.


  6. Hi! My name is Christina from Milptas, Ca. I would love to have the organization book! I have three children under 5 (two girls and our youngest a boy, like you!). And I feel like I’m drowning in unorganized chaos. I need heeeeeeelp! Thanks! LOVE your blog!!! You are truly an inspiration!


  7. Hi! I am Holly from Bountiful Utah. Either of these books looks so wonderful and helpful! By the way I have never commented, but I have so enjoyed your tips on organizing, parenting tips and your recipes-yes YOUR recipes. The cashew broccoli chicken recipe has become my hubby’s favorite! Thanks so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Hey, Erin! Hope you’re having fun with all your crew taking pictures instead of cooking (that’s how I weasel out of stuff I don’t want to do, I’m the self-appointed photojournalist!)

    I’d love to win either of these books. Cokeville, WY. Can’t wait to see your weekend report!

  9. Hi Erin. I could really use the Deliberate motherhood book right about now. Just stopped working in August with the addition of my son to the family, so now I am getting used to being home with a rambunctious 4 year old and 3 month old all day. I am struggling trying to find a schedule to keep as all sane and I could definately use some good advise! Happy Thanksgiving:-) Thanks!

    Ashley R.
    Philadelphia PA

  10. I would love the staying organized book! I love the feeling of getting organized but have a hard time staying that way:) Corrie from Nashville.

  11. Love your blog!! I would be thrilled to win either of these books. I am the mom to two crazy girls, and I am in desperate need of organization…haha. My name is Jennie and I am from Mesa Arizona!!

  12. I would love love love either of these great book! I moved into a new home this year and would love some help getting everything in order.
    Lots of love from Houston, TX

  13. Hi! I’m Amanda Bateman from Newark, Delaware! Love reading your blog! I’m a teacher with two lively, little girls, ages 3 & 5, and I thrive on organization, so I’d love that book. I’m also building a house, so I love seeing your updates! Have a wonderful holiday season with your beautiful family:)

  14. Oooh! I’d love either one! They both look great.

    Jen from South Jordan (aka SLC, aka up North — since everything north of Beaver is up north, yes?)

  15. My name is Mindy from Cincinnati. I could really use either as they both look very interesting and as fairly new mom I could use :) Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the giveway!

  16. Hi! I have been eyeing the Deliberate Motherhood book since reading about it on Clover Lane and 71 Toes! I would love to win a copy of it!!

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Valparaiso, IN

  17. I’m Anne from Mesa, AZ and I have been dying to read the motherhood book (though I can always use some organization ideas!) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

  18. Hi! I’m Jeni from Oklahoma City! The organizing book looks wonderful! I’ve been so inspired by some ideas you have on your blog! Thank you!

  19. I would love the Staying Organized book. I try to read everything I can about getting and being organized because it just makes life that much easier. Easier means more smiles!

    Bette from Cohasset, MN

  20. I would be interested in the organizing book as we too are building a house and my hope is to start off on the right foot with an organized house!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sussex, WI

  21. Hi Erin,
    I’m 3 weeks away from having Baby #3 and possibly closing on a house! So needless to say, I could really benefit from both books:)! I would like to enter both giveaways!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Hi Erin … I would love the chance to win the organizational book … I sure need the help!! I want to change and don’t know where to start … this sounds like the right book for me to read … LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it each day!! Thank you …

    Sue from Ilderton, ON, Canada

  23. My name is Kate from Pinehurst, NC. I would love to read either of these books and think that it’s SO appropriate that you are giving these away. They are both totally YOU! :)

  24. I’d love to win either! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first book… one of my good friends took the photo that’s on the cover and the woman and her two kids that are in the picture are friends of mine as well! So exciting to see the book come up on your blog, all the way in CA! How fun is that?!

  25. Hi Erin,
    Although I do not live “around the corner” I would love to participate in your giveaway. I landed on your blog via 71toes. I would love to read “the Staying Organized Survival Guide”, the “12 Powers” seems good too. Anyway, both books seem interesting.
    Have a special Thanksgiving!
    Greetings from Nampula, Mozambique

  26. Hi Erin! I would love to win the Deliberate Motherhood book. It’s been sitting on my Amazon wish list since it came out!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  27. We just had a little boy (also a third child) a couple months ago so I can relate to the part about trying to take pictures of little wiggly ones. Thanks for doing the giveaways – I think I could use both books. Organizing is a challenge for me..

  28. Happy Thanksgiving! Among my many blessings, I am thankful for YOU!! I am so thankful to have stumbled upon your blog a few years ago! I look forward to seeing what is going on in your life!! I also LOVE Sarah from Clover Lane, so I would love to win the motherhood book. Thank you!!

  29. I just started listening to the Power of Mom podcasts and they have been so inpsiting. I would love to win the Delibrate Motherhood book.

    Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

    Heather from Charlotte, NC

  30. My name is Kala Winter and I live in Crowley,TX. Both of these books sound really neat! I would love to read the Deliberate Motherhood Book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. What a great giveaway (giveaways!)! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I would love to read the Deliberate Motherhood book. It looks fantastic. Thanks for the giveaways!

  32. I have been meaning to look at Deliberate Motherhood after hearing about it. I have yet to get to the bookstore but with your recommendation am sure I would find it wonderful as well. That’s my pick! Erin from Indianapolis, Indiana.

  33. Erin my dear,
    I LOVE 71toes blog. I am faithful at reading every post. I am SOOO inspired by her and her family. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on her book too. So that’s the one I want to win. :)
    Call me, lets get together while you’re in town.

  34. Hi Erin. I love reading your blog. I would love either of these books as I have 3 boys and I Love to organize.
    Thank you,
    Albuquerque, NM

  35. My name is Mika from Wellington, New Zealand!

    I would love to win both books…they sound FANTASTIC!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway

    I will be crossing my fingers, my arms, legs and toes in hopes of winning this book.

  36. I’d love to win the Deliberate Motherhood Book!! The other one looks awesome too. Thanks for posting quick links to all the gift ideas – so helpful!! Love your blog and amazed at your gorgeous home that you are building!!
    Jill from Mendon, MA

  37. Hi Erin,
    I forgot to put my hometown in my comment!
    I’m Sompa from Miami. My original comment is:

    Hi Erin,
    I’m 3 weeks away from having Baby #3 and possibly closing on a house! So needless to say, I could really benefit from both books:)! I would like to enter both giveaways!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2012 11:00 AM

  38. I am Kristin from Fremont, CA. I would be grateful to win either book. Both look like they would be useful to me right now. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Hey Erin! I’m Cortney from Fayette, MO. I just love, love, love your blog! I think the Organization book would be awesome for be as I don’t have any kiddos of my own yet. Thanks for sharing on your blog.
    Can’t wait to see your new house all finished.

  40. Oh my gosh, either one of these books could help me out in so many ways!!! I am a mother of 5 boys, two of which are disabled…. So being a good mom, keeping my sanity and staying organized are pretty much three of my top priorities!!! Great giveaway regardless who wins!! ;)

    Jenny P. from Racine, Wisconsin

  41. i would either one od these books. I am a HUGE power of Moms fan. LOVE Sarah and her constant inspiration. Also love a good organizing book. Thanks, Danee from Loomis, Ca

  42. Hi Erin! I would love to read the motherhood book. Clover Lane is also one of my favourite blogs so I’d love to read Sarah’s section. Thank you so much!! Kath – Perth, Western Australia

  43. Fayetteville, TN
    I have no kids, so I would love the organization book. Goodness knows I could use it.
    I did use some of your suggestions for toys the other day for some picks for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday and in getting started on my nephews’ birthdays and Christmas. Thanks!!

  44. Not sure if I’m too late but I’d love to have the organization book or either of them! I recently found your blog and have started using a lot of your ideas. Thanks for adding strategies to my organizing arsenal!:)

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