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Ellie and Addison

A Thanksgiving Performance

Hello friends!  Slow week on the blog.  Like so many of you we are preparing for Thanksgiving and spending time with family.  Plus I got a nasty cold last weekend that has forced me to actually go to bed at night instead of staying up until 2 a.m. blogging.  My late night blogging habit and lack of sleep in general is probably the reason for my nasty cold.  Not that it’s going to stop me from blogging.  Merely a minor set back.  :)  But I need to get feeling better by Thursday!  I can’t be sick on Thanksgiving!  This time of year is the best.  My mom and I are laying the bread out to dry tonight so that we can make my grandma’s stuffing.  My mom always assigns me simple tasks to help with Thanksgiving dinner – break the bread, peel the potatoes, set the table, come up with a craft to keep the kids entertained…  she clearly knows my limits in the kitchen.  :)  My family was all joking tonight that next year we are having Thanksgiving at the new house and breaking in my new kitchen.  I said “NOOOOO!  I would love to have you all come and we can ohh and ahh at the new appliances, but we can’t actually use them!  We will call Claim Jumper and I’ll treat everyone to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner – Erin style.”   ;)

 Last week my toothless pilgrim put on quite a show for our school’s annual 1st grade Thanksgiving performance.  Ad was one of the few kids who had a speaking part and we practiced religiously all week to get it right.  She ended the show with “We hope you all have a groovy Thanksgiving!”  She was brilliant and will no doubt be making her debut in Hollywood or on Broadway.  It’s really just a matter of time.

I went to her classroom after and the two of us enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast together.  

Then we watched a slide show where the kids had all drawn a picture on the computer and shared what they are thankful for this year.  Addie’s was so precious.  Clearly she has mad artistic skills as well because our family has never looked better.  I especially love Kenny’s pink pants.  Super hot.

Watching the slide show reminded me of just two years ago when I was at Ellie’s 1st grade performance.  It also reminded me of what she was thankful for:

I accepted my “mother of the year” award shortly after her picture debut.    
Pilgrim #1 with mom two years ago.  
I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing up on me.  Ellie’s 1st grade performance feels like last week.  
 These two were so little two years ago.  Just look at all of those chubby cheeks!

Addison and her darling teacher who we both love.  She and I have become instant friends and Addison adores her.  We are so grateful for both of my girls’ teachers this year.  Good teachers make a world of difference.

Addison was anxious to change out of her pilgrim hat and put her headband back on.  She was supposed to wear all black to the performance but really wanted to wear her silver sparkle skirt.  I tried to convince her to wear black pants and to lose the big flower headband but she wasn’t having it.
I said –

“Ad – I don’t think pilgrims wore stuff like that and you are supposed to look like a pilgrim.”  

“Mom – the only reason they didn’t is because they didn’t have a choice.  If pilgrims had a silver sparkle skirt they would have chosen it over black pants too.”  

How am I supposed to argue with that logic?  So I didn’t.  I replied “sliver sparkle skirt it is!”  And she was one stylish little pilgrim.

I took countless pictures of her so that I wouldn’t forget our fun morning together.

 Until I started getting poses like this.  
That’s when I know picture taking time is over.  :)

And now we are ready for the big day!  Our house is decked in Thanksgiving decor (along with the beginnings of my Christmas decor) which makes it official.  Time to bring on the turkey!  We have so much to be grateful for this year.

If you are traveling, be safe.  I’ll be popping in tomorrow with a fun giveaway, but until then happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Performance

  1. Happy Thanksgiving (a little early) and feel better!

    Precious pictures, now if we could just get our kids to stay little awhile longer.

    :) JC

  2. So sweet of you to say JC! Thank you! I know. I often wish I could freeze my kids in time.

    Have a good night! I’m off – time for my date with some NyQuil. :)

  3. i remember that post from two years ago like it was YESTERDAY! where the heck is the time going?!!!!

    oh, and erin- I really need to get some advice about project life stuff if you’re still doing it! if you do a post about it again, could you answer my question. I want to do an album for my oldest (age 6) for JUST her swim team stuff. it will have to fit her certificates (8.5×11 size) plus her ribbons. i want to do an individual page for each swim meet – with a spot for her times, her events, and then her ribbons. i want to do project life but i am not sure the ribbons will fit! ribbons are 8 inches long by 2 inches wide. any idea what to do??? i checked out the project life site last night but i was a LITTLE overwhelmed by it and left clueless. the only thing i took away was when i went to the samples and saw one of your pages! :-) so cute!


  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Can we say so adorable! She is stunning and made the cutest pilgrim, and a trendy one at that! I went to Jeremy’s performance today also. He was a pilgrim too. I watched through my sunglasses (Yes, it was inside…lol.) I am so glad I had to wear them because for some reason, I always start to tear up. It was beyond cute!
    Erin, you made me laugh so hard about dinner in your new house. I tell my husband all the time, “The appliances are for looking. Not touching!” Ha!
    I hope you and your entire family have a great Thanksgiving!!


  5. It is unbeilable how quickly the kids are growing! I have a 5 and 7 year old. I wanted to respond to Erika about project life. project life has envelops that can fit in the binder those might work for your daughter ribbons. They also have tons of different size page protectors like 6×12 that might work for ribbons and you can use the 8.5×11 pages in the binders as well. They sell pages that size too that are horizontal. I would also love to see your project life progress.

  6. I love Addison’s silver sparkle skirt and tights (& headband)! She has a very good sense of style, just like her Mommy! I like her logic also, about the Pilgrim women not having a choice in what they got to wear. LOL!

    My very best wishes to your whole family for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! (I had to look up Claim Jumper to see what it is – we don’t have those in Missouri!)

    I hope your cold is better by now!

  7. So sweet, Erin! Happy Thanksgiving to your family and get well soon : )

    PS – our daughters can’t ever dress each other because there would be nothing but hairbands, sparkle and skirts. Frances would have MELTED for that silver outfit!

  8. Lol! I love Addison’s reply…smart girl:-) Wow what a difference two years makes, huh. They look so much older and even more BEAUTIFUL and I must say you have not aged a bit. Oh, and btw I finally ran out of mascara and I bought define-a-lash and I am in love!!!! Thanks girl! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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