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Favorites on Friday

Happy Friday friends!  It was so fun hearing from so many of you yesterday!  Your “boy” stories cracked me up.  I’m so glad I’m not alone!  That thought brought me comfort today while I cleaned up destroyed spaces and chased my wild 2 year old up and down our street (he has learned how to escape out the front door so if I forget to lock it I can plan on a good workout at some point).  The good news is that I don’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape.  Kole has taken my workouts to a whole new level!  :)  
Sharing a few more favorites today!  
I have had zero time for cooking dinner lately (not that I would even if I had the time – ha!) so here are a few of my favorite quick and easy go-to’s for dinner.  
 A lot of mornings I toss some chicken in the crock pot.  Then I shred it around dinner time.  

Then I toss some of this Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce over it.  I love BBQ sauce and this is by far my favorite store bought sauce.  Toss the BBQ chicken in a roll, boil some corn on the cob and dinner. is. served.  DONE.

Another one of my favorite go-to’s for quick dinners is “boil-in-bag” rice.  LOVE this stuff.  You pull out the bag and plop it in some boiling water.  It’s done in 10 minutes.  Cut the bag open and let the rice sit for a bit to cool and wa-la!  Easy, tasty rice that was no mess to cook.  (The “no mess” is my favorite part.)

I did make one new recipe last week.  Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas and they were SO good.  You can find the recipe here.  A total Erin recipe.  Easy and fool proof.  Great for leftovers.  They reminded me a little of my Mexican Chalupa’s.  Have you tried those yet?  They are SO good and easy and fool proof too.  
Other favorites include:

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath magazines.  I can’t get enough of them!  I am always drawn to the same things in kitchen/bath photographs which makes me feel a lot more confident in the way I am designing our new house.

Cetaphil lotion and daily facial miosturizer/sunscreen.  This stuff is THE BEST.  I mentioned in my make-up post that I wear sunscreen every single day under my make-up and Cetaphil is my favorite.  I have to wear sunscreen daily because my skin is so fair and I live in such a sunny climate.  Best secret to looking young – wear your sunscreen.  Or so I’m told.  :)  My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil for daily sunscreen (and lotion) use.  A little bit goes a long way so one bottle lasts a long time.  It has a little shine to it which I like because I have dry skin.  It gives my skin a bit of a glow!  I always order it through Amazon (I included the link above) because I can’t ever find the facial moisturizer in stores.

Another favorite product of mine is regular old Pond’s cold cream.  Several of you tried my favorite mascara out and loved it (YEA!  Makes me so happy!) but wondered how I remove it.  Pond’s is the best for removing make-up.  I’ve tried several other products for removing make-up but always come back to Pond’s.  I use this every night to remove my make-up before I wash my face.

These are my favorite newish pajamas that I have LIVED IN this summer when I’m home.  I bought them at the Gap Outlet and the material is so soft and comfy and stretchy.  I never want to take them off!  Another favorite are my Ugg house shoes.  A fun Christmas gift last year.  I know.  You’re thinking who wears Ugg house shoes in August?  Um that would be me.  Weather doesn’t change that much around here and my kitchen tile is so hard and cold.  I always like house shoes on when I’m home.  I’m excited to put less tile and more wood in my new house.  But I bet I still wear the house shoes.  :)

 Close-up of the print on the pajama pants.  Grey with coral flowers.  Cute, right!?  They make me want to join Ellie in her crusade to pass a law declaring that every day be pajama day.

I know I mentioned my favorite cereal Bran Chex in my last favorites post but I have to also say how much I love the containers that hold them.  I found these at the Container Store and this one container holds three boxes of Bran Chex!  Talk about a space saver.

 Really ALL of my pantry containers and baskets are favorites of mine.  This is by far my favorite organized space.  I love that it looks good but is also so practical and easy to keep organized.  The OXO containers have been perfect for keeping food fresh and visible.  I doubled my pantry space when I got rid of the boxes and started using these containers.  WOOT WOOT!  Love them all.  (You can see where I bought all of my pantry containers in this post).

We bought these necklaces for the girls on our back to school shopping spree.  They are from Justice and my girls begged me to buy them.  It wasn’t a hard sale because I love the necklaces too.

The relationship these two have is one of my favorite things.  
My favorite of all the favorites.  :)  
 Addison likes to wear them both.  

 We always tell her how special and lucky she is because she gets to be a little sister and a big sister.  
My last favorite I don’t have a photo for.  The girls and I have been doing a lot of dancing in the kitchen lately and I have to say that our daily jam sessions have become a favorite part of my day.  Some of our dancing is choreographed.  Some of it is on the fly.  We even sing a bit too.  Oh yes.  We do it all.  Our recent favorite song to dance to is Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce.  (Who runs the world?  GIRLS. GIRLS!  Who runs the world? GIRLS. GIRLS!)  I’ve thought about filming our jam sessions to share with you, but frankly I just don’t think you all could handle it.  
We’ve got moves that would blow your mind.  
Happy weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “Favorites on Friday

  1. You’re too funny. I have to admit I love my UGG house shoes too (mine arre gray)! We have a lot of tile too, but they’re just so comfy :). the necklace is really cute my girls would be all over that…they’ve already started to love jewlery! I’m in trouble I know ;). As to the kitchen dancing, you go girl! Haha. My kitchen tends to be our “goof off area”/ dance and sing as well. I’d never make a video of it, ’cause after hearing myself i’d probably never sing again! Lol {which my hubby would probably be thankful for}!!!

  2. My 4th will be 2 in about a week and he is about the naughtiest little boy around. I just wrote all about him yesterday on my blog…how do little ones get into so much mischief?! Good thing they’re such cuties :)

  3. Hi Christine! You can read the post about my favorite make up (including mascara) if you click on the link to that post. I highlighted it in the paragraph under the Cetaphil sunscreen (click the words “my make-up post.”)

    Hope that helps! :)

  4. love your Pj…… just an off topic question, is there any way i can stop that robot thingy word in comment section. I love to enter a comment,,,but sometimes it is so hard to see what’s spelling…and after couple tries, I give up.

  5. Hi Erin. Thanks for the recipes ideas. My kids started back to school and sports a couple of weeks ago and I have been looking for simple/crockpot recipes.

  6. Dina, that robot things gets on my nerves too! Often when I try to comment on blogs etc I have to give up as the letters/words as all jumbled up & too hard to read, no matter how many times I refresh it:(

    What are oxo containers? Oxos here are cubes of yeast extract things, sort of like gravy. People also have them with hot water as a hot drink.

    Anyway, if I can get that robot thing to work hope you enjoy my comments:)

  7. I love cooking BBQ chicken in the crockpot too and I recently learned a life-changing tip! Did you know that you can shred up the meat super fast using a regular old hand mixer? Just stick the whole breast (or roast, works great with pork too) in a tall-ish bowl (so the bits of meat don’t fly out at you)and then let the beaters do the work! It’s so awesome and makes a quick dinner even faster. Just thought I’d share :) Oh, and my son was INSANE until he turned 4. Now he is so easy and laid back (he is almost 8). I love that he not as much drama as the girls. So, hopefully someday he will be the easy one :)

  8. Thanks everyone! Fun comments. :)

    Dina and Julie – I’m not a fan of the word verification either – drives me nuts! I’ve taken it off before and started receiving SO much spam in my comments and inbox so I ended up putting it back on. I’ll try taking it off again and see how bad the spam is. Sorry you are having problems with it!

    Evaly – you are giving me hope! Thank you! :)

  9. I read your mascara post a while back, and had to run right out and buy one. I absolutely love it, no turning back. My usual go-to was Lancome, so I was happy to find a mascara for less than half the price.

    I love your blog, and look forward to checking in every day! Have a great weekend!

  10. I saw that you use the Cetaphil moisturizer, but have you tried the cleanser? I have been having awful breakouts. I have tried everything, and nothing works. I was thinking about trying the oil free Cetaphil cleanser, but didn’t want to spend the $15 and it not work. Also, I got your mascara, and I love it!

  11. Thanks Carolyn! So glad you like it too!

    Jeanna – I haven’t tried the cleanser, but I bet it’s good since all of the Cetaphil products are. Let me know what you think if you decide to try it!

  12. Erin, I hadn’t realized about spam. I’m gradually getting the hang of it now, I think I was missing the numbers out before.

    Have a lovely weekend, especially as it’s a bank holiday one for you. I’m not sure what you call them in the states – is it a national holiday? Anyway, enjoy:)

  13. So glad to read your post about your energetic little boy. I have one child – a little boy who has just turned 2. He wears me out! If we go to the park or anywhere outside he will not stay near me – I end up chasing him round the park! Even the rides and other children can’t contain him! Yesterday my friend felt so sorry for me she suggested we went and played in her garden instead so he was ‘contained’!!!! I was beginning to worry that I have a hoodlum ( and he’s so bossy!). His favourite phrase is ‘go way’ with his palm outstretched – charming!!! Trouble is they’re just soooo cute and funny at the same time!!

  14. Those necklaces are so sweet!! Also, I have perhaps a helpful hint regarding your little escapee! We have had two kids who were the same and what has really helped is getting a door alarm thingy. Not sure what it’s called but we got it at OSH. There is a little plastic piece that goes on the top of your door and then some speakers that plug in to your outlets. I have one in the kitchen and one in the back of the house. Any time the door is opened, the chimes go off (sounds like a long door bell). So if I’m in my room folding laundry and I hear those chimes, I know a kiddo is opening the front door! It’s no fun chasing them down the street, praying they won’t decide to run IN to it. Hang in there!

  15. This is such a fun blog! I wear my slippers all summer too and it keeps my floors much cleaner! I really love your header – is that Picasa made? I will have to mess around and figure it out. The necklaces are darling. Have a great weekend!

  16. Erin, we had the beepers on the door too in my last house, anytime an exterior door is opened it beeps.
    And my son was wild too when he was your sons age. But now he’s 13 & very calm, quiet! So it does calm down lol. My mom would always say “This too shall pass” & it always does ;)
    I love favorites posts, I still use the mascara & chap stick you recommended . I recently tried Bath & Bodys Cherry Bing Lip Gloss & its awesome ! Kinda pricey, but worth it.
    And I have tried the crockpot chicken fajitas & they are so easy ! :) I love a quick easy recipe .

  17. Love that I’m not the only one who does “lazy rice.” I haven’t seen the kind you pictured but Trader Joe’s carries an awesome version in their freezer section. Better yet, it’s actually done in the microwave instead of stovetop (told you I was lazy!). They have brown rice, jasmine rice, or rice medley. All are tasty and literally only take 3 minutes

  18. Oh I love shredded (pulled) bbq chicken! I use the same sauce, but just cut up an onion, toss the chicken and the sauce in the crock pot and let it cook in the sauce. Then I shred it right before dinner! Sooo good! And the chicken never gets dry!

    And thank you for the fantastic mascara tip! Absolutely amazing!

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