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Fashion Friday/ Queen Bee Market

YEA!!  Weekend is here!  And this is a week I’m thrilled to have over!  I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon getting my house back in order and I feel so much better.  When my house is a mess so is my brain!  I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do in the next few weeks (who doesn’t, right?) but give me some wiped off counters and clean floors and I feel like I can tackle the world!  
The weekend before we left town for Thanksgiving I called one of my BFF’s and told her we had to go to the Queen Bee Market.  The Queen Bee Market (if you haven’t heard about it before) is a fun San Diego craft fair for vendors to set up shop and sell their homemade goods.  They have done this several times, but I’ve always had something else going on (out of town, sick kids…) so when another good friend of mine told me they would be in my neck of the woods in November I was thrilled I could finally go!  

Darci brought along her darling sister-in-law and the three of us were ready for a wild girls night out!  Sadly, this is about as wild as we get.  :)
Queen Bee didn’t disappoint!  There were so many beautiful homemade things for sale.  It was hard to choose what to buy!  Ok.  I never really have that  hard of a time figuring out what to buy.  
Wanna hear another neat thing about my trip to the market?  I was recognized by some people who read my blog!  How cool is that!?  This darling girl came up to me and introduced herself and told me she loves my blog.  Well.  She was so sweet that I of course immediately fell in love with her.  We had such a fun time getting to know each other.  Actually I had fun getting to know her.  She already knew everything about me.  What my kids are like, what my house looks like, what my bathroom drawers look like, what I eat for dinner…   :)  I love making new friends.  So. Much. Fun.  
Then we walked around the corner and I was recognized by another sweet reader and her friend!  It was honestly so much fun meeting these darling girls.  I love feeling like it’s people like them (like you!) who read this blog.  Instead of, I don’t know, some sort of psycho (hopefully not you).  Anyway, I had my two minutes of fame and quite enjoyed it.  Just call me Julia Roberts.  I’ll be signing autographs surrounded by bodyguards tomorrow at noon.  And my bodyguards all look like Matt Damon.  Actually one of them is Matt Damon.  Oh wait.  I have Kindergarten pick-up tomorrow at noon.  
Guess autographs and Matt Damon will have to wait.  ;)

10 minutes later it was my turn to get an autograph when I ran into Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy.  So fun to meet the “What I Wore Wednesday” girl herself!  She had a darling shop and I bought the sweetest little tie for Kole there!  I had also just purchased a fun yellow scarf so when I saw Lindsey in one similar looking oh so fashionable I knew I’d made a smart decision!

I also bought some cute things for the girls for Christmas.  It was a great night.  Fun with friends (old and new!) and good shopping.  I don’t think it could have been better!  Well.  Maybe if Matt Damon would have shown up…
On to some fashion!
Heading to the “Favorites” party last night.  Like I said, purple shirt barely won!  But several of you did suggest wearing it with the black headband.  I wore it with a different headband that matches the shirt better and then wondered if it was too much accessorizing with the necklace.  I finally decided to just go with it and follow Addison’s life philosophy — the more accessories the better!  
Fancy Nancy has nothing on me.  

Here is a better look at the headband.  I’m so in love with it!  It’s actually the one I was wearing in my hair tutorial video, but the lighting was so bad in that video it really didn’t do it justice.  

Just look at those sparkles!  I saw them at Banana Republic and instantly knew I had to have the purple and grey.  It was love at first sight!  But the black was also calling my name!  What to do…what to do…  of course I bought them both.  I figured the black would look great with my newish black dress for Kenny’s fancy schmancy firm Christmas party this year.  The headbands are $25.00 each and you can find them here.  Kind of pricey for a headband, but I’ve found I wear these things SO much with so many different outfits that they are definitely worth it!

Here’s the purple top I wore in the hair video

and here it is looking totally different with my yellow scarf from the Queen Bee Market!  Isn’t it fun!?  I love scarves, but like I mentioned before, our weather isn’t practical for winter scarves very often.  This is more of an accessory than to actually provide warmth so I named it my “San Diego scarf” and the two of us have been getting along famously.  Wanna see?  

Isn’t it great!?  I feel like I could wear it with about everything I own!  
An easy way to get a new look with a not so new shirt.  

This is a simple brown top I’ve had forever from The Gap.  It’s fine, but nothing special.  

With my San Diego scarf – it’s special!  (Jazz fingers are coming to mind.)
Add some fun fall boots and I’m ready to party!  

Oh look!  My party guests just arrived.  :)
Have a great weekend everyone!  
**Linking up at The Pleated Poppy!
(Hi Lindsey!!)  :)
xoxo, Erin
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32 thoughts on “Fashion Friday/ Queen Bee Market

  1. Hi Erin, Love the new scarf, the yellow of it is so pretty. I have to say, when I saw the title of your post, I had to check it out and see if Lindsay (from Pleated Poppy) was in the pictures (I read both your blogs :) Lo and behold, there she was, and two of my favorite bloggers together :) It’s a small blogging world I guess:) Have a great friday and weekend.!

  2. Yay for Queen Bee! Such a fun event, right? The yellow scarf is super cute, I’m bummed I didn’t pick one up for myself :/ Anyhow, it was so nice meeting you, you’re just the sweetest and tell Darcy she made it to the blog again-hooray!

  3. Ooh I want to go to the Queen Bee Market! Actually someday I would love to have a stall there, or somewhere similar. Will have to look & see if there’s anything like that here in the Bay Area.

    LOVE the yellow scarf! I can’t pull off yellow all that well, but you certainly do!! And look at how it goes with everything!!! (think I could use any more exclamation points?)

    So fun that you are a big celebrity now….with Matt Damon as your bodyguard, no less ;)

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, Erin!

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    Anonymous – I can’t remember the vendor who sold it! So sorry about that. Yellow was the only color I saw. Click on the ‘Pleated Poppy’ link I mentioned in this post and visit Lindsey’s on-line shop and I’m sure you’ll find something very similar!

  5. You are so funny!! I feel completely honored to say that I went to school with you and that I was on drill with you!! He!! He!!
    What a fun craft show! I wish I could have gone! That would have been so much fun. I’m kicking myself for not making it over the the “Santa’s Workshop” over Thanksgiving weekend in St. George either. But that Queen Bee market looks like a great one! Much better than the St. George one!

  6. Erin you make me laugh… um maybe Matt Damon could hold you a park at school pick up ;-)
    Love the way your new yellow scarf totally changes your current tops – I never thought to wear a scarf over tops with detail… I will now thanks to you!

  7. Erin! Love your yellow scarf, and I didn’t even get a chance to tell you how much I loved your headband you wore with the purple blouse. You looked so super cute! And, of course I loved our wild night out! And Jessica…so funny, and honored that you remembered me!!:) haha! Erin, I promise if we ever meet Matt Damon together…never mind I will totally act like a fool..can’t help myself!

  8. Oh you are so fun. I would totally be one of those that got so excited to meet you :). Thank you so much for your so very sweet comment. Happy Weekend!

  9. Hi Erin, I am a new but totally hooked reader of your blog all the way from Singapore!
    Your blog totally speaks to me. I am constantly organising and re-organising stuff in my humble abode ( a fraction the size of your place but I’m happy!)

    And your video on how you do your hair actually made me go out and buy myself a hair curler which i used all of ONE time and is now sitting on a shelf. Think my natural curls will do cos the curler made my hair all frizzy!

    I have yet to start scrapbooking cos I well, never seem to have the time! Yep and I only have one lil’ one unlike your 3! So my supplies are bought and sitting pretty.
    Coincidence too that you used to teach and I am currently a teacher. Think that’s what made us compulsive about organising?

    Oh and what your lil’ Kole did was exactly what my girl used to do when she was his age. She used to keep throwing all of the diapers off of the diaper organiser hanging by the side of her cot.

    Seriously I feel like starting my own blog after reading yours but…u guessed it, TIME!Not enuf of it.

  10. Hi Erin! I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but what kind of bra do you wear?? Your breasts look amazing under your t-shirts (lifted, but still smooth) It is so hard to find a good bra that looks good under t-shirts. :)

  11. You wore the purple top and a headband like I suggested – why do I feel like I won some sort of contest because of that? Will you do a post about what items you gave/received at that Favorite Things party? I still need some Christmas ideas.

    Love love LOVE that yellow scarf! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, and it looks fantastic with all of those tops.

  12. Anonymous-

    I don’t mind you asking at all! My bra is from Victoria Secret. It is one of their strapless push up bras (it has the straps, they just come off if you want them too). They have a great selection there and if you go in someone will help you find a perfect bra for you. Hope that helps! :)

    Mary Beth-

    I’m planning to share favorite things sometime this week!

  13. Hey Erin. I really could care less if you take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you will…since I’ve already told you of my first love…yer booty. But, um, yeh. I was thinking the same thing as anon #2. I am so happy for you and your other *ahem* “two girls”, you hot mama, you! But I digress, I really really love the yellow scarf. Yellow and purple were the winners from your blog today.

  14. i can’t believe i’ve never heard of the craft market! i’ve been to a ton of farmer’s markets around san diego – but no craft faire. I’ve gotta put it on the calendar for next year! and yes, LOVE the scarf!

  15. You are so cute and stylish. I have naturally curly hair,and I have always had trouble curling it to make looser curls. Maybe my problem was the curling iron. I’m going to Target right now! Ha!

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