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Tuesday Tidbits

Slowly getting back into the swing of things around here.  Bags are still packed.  And my house is a disaster.  I wish you all could have witnessed my son at dinner time.  That boy can toss food like no one’s business.  And scribble on doors.  And tear up homework.  He is trouble and I am tired.  I had so much on my to-do list today and I didn’t do any of it!  Instead I spent the morning at Pottery Barn and the afternoon pulling out all of my Christmas decor.  Much more appealing than my to-do list which included things like laundry and scrubbing bathrooms.  No wonder I put it off.

The girls and I decorated the tree.  Our tree is quite a sight this year.  No decorations on the bottom half –  completely Kole proofed.  And the top?  Well.  Since I knew our tree would look a little off this year anyway I just handed the decorations to my girls and told them to have at it!  Ornaments are all clumped together.  Toys somehow made their way onto the branches.  Usually I let my girls decorate the tree and then spend the next week re-arranging everything so that it looks a little more put together.  Not this year.  I’m not even touching it!  We are going with the flow around here and embracing the CRAZY stage that is our lives right now.  Our tree seems to convey that message loud and clear.  :)

I am, however decorating a few spots in my house that are out of reach of little hands.  Our situation with Kole is forcing me to think out of the box with my decorations and I’m excited about a few changes I’m making to our normal Christmas decor.  Of course a little painting was in order to make some of the changes happen.  Bet you can’t guess what color these are going to be.  :)

My mantel was my first priority today and I was in desperate need of the perfect candles to go on my aqua candlesticks.  Hence the morning run to Pottery Barn!

Aren’t these just beautiful!?  Pottery Barn’s Basilica Pillar Candle.  They are perfect!  Just what I needed to tie my mantel decor together!  The only problem was the price.  $13 for the short ones and $23.50 for the tall ones.  And that’s on sale!  I thought ok – I can spend $30 on candles but $50!?  That’s a bit much.  So I bought the short ones.  And they are beautiful!  And perfect!  Except they need to be taller.  Of course.  Still debating if I can go back and buy the big ones and slip this little purchase past Kenny live with the fact that I spent such a crazy amount on candles.  
Speaking of shopping and sales… my mom bought me this adorable little zipper pouch a while back (I think it was $5 bucks at TJ Maxx). 

It has become such a perfect way to organize all of my “extras” that don’t fit in my wallet.  I know it looks like a mess, but it’s actually quite organized.  Coupons are in the front opening.  SO many coupons this time of year!  I’m normally not much of a coupon person, but when the good ones from places like Banana Republic, The Limited and Gap kids start rolling in I’m all over it!  Receipts are in the middle.  I save all of my receipts.  Drives my mom crazy.  But you never know if you might want to return something later on!  I return about half of the stuff I buy.  That also drives my mom crazy.  Ok.  Not half.  But I have been known to return a thing or two when it doesn’t work out.  Like my too short Pottery Barn candles.  Back to the organization.  Gift cards are in the back opening and change/cash is in the zipper pouch.  This has been so handy!  It helps me keep my purse organized and my wallet from busting at the seams.  

Remember last year when I posted about my friend Ann’s Favorite Things party?  It was such a fun holiday party that we all decided it needed to be a tradition.  This year’s party is this week and I’m so excited!  I got so many e-mails asking about this party and the items shared so I will take pictures and explain everything after the party this week.  Such a fun way to get gift ideas and share favorites with everyone!  Pretty easy to guess my favorite thing last year.  See the Conair curling irons on the front row?  Always a hit.  :)

I was wanting to buy a little something new to wear to the party, but don’t think I’ll have time to shop much this week (and I may be spending my clothes money on candles instead – HA!).  So instead of looking in my closet for what to wear, I looked back through all of my Fashion Friday posts!  Those posts are coming in pretty handy after all.  :)  We are having a hot week so I narrowed it down to three appropriate options and can’t decide.  I’d love your opinion!  Which one should I wear?

Thanks for your help!  I love it when other people make my decisions for me.  :)
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
xoxo, Erin
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45 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Ok, here’s what I love:

    1) Your tree. Mainly because it resembles ours! We put ours up tonight and I managed to keep my perfect-tree-nazi-self in check (most of the time) and let the girls have at it and just enjoy it. We had a lot of clumping too, haha. We do have decorations on the bottom half this year (finally we are past the baby-proofed tree) and it looks ok….but I may do just a little straightening up tomorrow ;)

    2) Those PB candles! Just gorgeous, love them. I can completely understand your short/tall dilemma. Can’t wait to see your mantle set up.

    3) The pouch your mom bought you. Fantastic idea for keeping your wallet from exploding….will be implementing that myself just as soon as I find a suitable pouch. Thanks for sharing!

    4) The black outfit. Black top + black headband = simply stunning. But you do look gorgeous in all three outfits, so really you can’t go wrong :)

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Oh thanks Megan! So fun to get feedback so soon after I posted! And now after reading your comment I feel totally justified buying the big candles! Which is exactly what I wanted. ;)

  3. we are doing minimal this year on christmas, too. life with 3 is throwing me for a loop! :-) it is a crazy time of life…but fun! i think you should spring for the tall candles. didn’t kenny make partner this year? time to celebrate- and nothing says celebrate like tall pottery barn candles. ha! i love the purple shirt- they all look great- but there is something really beautiful about that color and the ruffles are so festive!

  4. Great minds think alike Erin ;-)
    I’m doing the same with my tree this year! My 3 year old is helping me decorate just the top and we are leaving the bottom empty to keep my 13 month olds fingers away!
    A quick question… did you buy the compartment boxes for the baubles or are they homemade? (cant remember if you have already shared this sorry)
    To throw a spanner in the works (hope you know what I mean – Aussie slang) I love the first outfit :-) But I argree you do look great is all 3!

  5. You look amazing no matter what! I would choose outfit #1 though! You have such a beautiful family! Enjoy these days even though they are tiring, they go by so fast! Before you know Kole will be in school so make the best of it! Thank you for having this blog it brightens my day, everyday! We love you Erin! (:

  6. Love the tree, and you’ll be glad you left it as is! Great memories. Love the PB candles!! I have a similar type wallet and it is the best for staying organized (oh and yeah, I save my receipts too). Love the party idea!! I would love to host one of those. And finally, I was going to say black top, but I really do love the purple.

  7. I can’t decide if I like #1 or #3 better. But to me #3 is a little dressier, so if this is an evening event then I would probably go with #3.

    The candles are gorgeous. I wish we had a pottery barn here!

  8. You crack me up! our house is a mess as well and we did not go away! I love outfit two on you. Really loving the headband.

    I’m a PB addict as well. Sometimes I just can’t justify it. I have to ask did you get the credit card there? they have a great reward program and in addition to that they will often send out $25 off $50 purchase cards which is a nice perk!!!! I am in no way trying to contribute to your PB shopping just passing on a friendly suggestion : )

  9. Well those candles are gorgeous, regardless of the price!! And I’ve already had to start putting ornaments up higher and higher. Eli thinks they are his personal chew toys! And I say outfit #1 I love it!

  10. All super-cute…natch! But the purple talks Christmas to me! (PS Get the big candles…it’ll drive you nuts if you don’t…just cut a corner somewhere else!)

  11. Love those PB candles, so pretty! I had a hard time choosing between outfit #2 and #3. The purple top is so nice and festive with the ruffles, but I would go with the black top and headband for sure. Have a great day, Erin, I’ll be thinking of you as I too catch up on laundry and bathrooms (hmm maybe I’ll blog surf a little longer :)

  12. I’m going to disagree with a bunch of people. I don’t think Outfit #1 is dressy enough for a holiday party. I think #2 and #3 are more festive, but I actually think you should wear the purple top AND the black headband. That’s my vote.

    The PB candles ARE lovely…but could you make something similar yourself by covering some plain candles with lace? I remember seeing an idea on Pinterest for something similar:

    Have fun at your party – I love the Favorite Things idea! :)

  13. I love the PB candles and the black top and the cute headband :) Our tree will probably be looking the same way this year, too! And if you have any suggestions on how to store all those receipts, I could definitely use the tips! I’m kinda notorious for saving all my receipts and they can take over if I’m not careful! Have fun at the party!

  14. I agree with one…. The purple shirt and the black headband. Wear one of your favorite jeans and some dressy heals…. I don’t know if you can have shoes on in the home you are goin gto. I always prepare for that. I hate going barefoot unless it is winter. Some cute wedges would look cute too. Do you have black skinny jeans? That would rock and totally go with the headband! Def purple… or your green shirt with the ruffles sleeves with the bow in front. The one you wore for the hair video…. Hope that helps! Make it cute but simple.

  15. I vote for #3! The purple shirt is so pretty! I am on a purple kick this fall, I like it with dark jeans.
    I love that your kids decorated the tree! I think when we like to have things looking like a Christmas card we have to step back and remember how magical Christmas is for our little ones! I can’t wait till my daughter can help me decorate our trees next year.

  16. I love your Cute Blog and feel like I know you. Keep up the great work of inspiring us all. Your a darling mom and I truly love all your posts. I love the Purple Shirt it just looks so festive and cute on you for the Holidays. Have fun at your party. I host my own Favorite Things party on Thurs I can’t wait.

  17. I came back to see if you made decision…. I also noticed that I said I do not like to be barefoot unless it is winter… I ment in the summer. But you live where its warm so I guess it doesn’t matter. LOL

  18. Erin – I so connect with you on so many levels! Last year the boys started to ‘decorate’ the tree while I was in the garage, getting out the decorating boxes – I came inside to a lopsided tree, with paper and broken ornaments all over the place, and radiant, happy, shining, excited little faces – “It has to be the most beautiful tree I have EVER seen – and I have seen a lot” I told them. What I remember now was their joy and delight. Good for your for releasing and relaxing and going with the flow!

    So I have a couple of requests for you. Could you share with us us about a couple of things . . .

    1)Your camera work is great – did you take a class? or read a book – or just read the instructions manual that came with your camera LOL!!

    2)Do you and Kenny budget? I’ve heard a lot about budgetting, but I have never done it – do you have a clothes allowance, a decorating allowance? or is it just all in available funds?
    I know it is a little off the wall to ask, but with the holiday season on us – we have the funds, but Christmas shopping always makes it a little more strained – my husband and I never agree on how much to spend for family gifts for his family, my family . . .Ijust curious how yuo do it . . .

    Thanks Erin!! and keep on blogging! your energy and creativity are an inspiration!!
    God Bless

  19. Hi Krista! Black top is from a store in Southern Utah called Urban Wear. I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not?

    Hi Amy! – I’ll do a post on how I organize and store my Christmas decorations when I take everything down this year. Great idea! :)

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