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Thanksgiving “Pinspiration”

Last week I shared some of my favorite Christmas “pinspiration” so I couldn’t let this week go by without sharing some fun ideas for Thanksgiving too!  I feel like Christmas is a holiday that requires a little more planning and organizing ahead of time where with Thanksgiving (at least in my family) we tend to throw things together sorta last minute.  The meal is planned and thought out (thanks to my mom) but I’m always looking for last minute ideas for table decor or fun things to keep the kiddos occupied while the meal is being prepared.  So if you’re like me and need a few last minute ideas, here are some of my favorites!

{Let’s talk TURKEYS!}

This is so darling for a kids’ table.  Cute centerpiece and then they can color while they wait for the food!

I’m going to attempt this.  Isn’t he adorable!?

I love this art project.  Doubt it will happen this week but I am saving the idea for next year.  Those feathers would be so easy to make with random scrap paper and my kids would be all over stepping in paint for the foot print/body.

Seems you can make all of your appetizers turkeys with just a little creativity!

Fun for breakfast on the big day – or any day in November for that matter.  And so easy!

My sister in law just made these and they turned out adorable!  

I love this for a November snack/lunch for the kids.  Apples or peppers make great feathers!

Another fun and easy craft for the kiddos.

{Thanksgiving Decor}

The next three ideas are so simple and inexpensive.  Great ideas for last minute decorating!

Candles, clear containers, popcorn kernels, candy corns, nuts.  I can handle that.

Pumpkins are so fun to decorate with.  I know everyone is about ready to put pumpkins away but I love this farmhouse decor and plan to do something like this on my table next year.  When Kole isn’t crawling  all over my table on a regular basis.

I thought it would be fun on Thursday to have my kids go in grandma’s backyard and gather leaves and then let them hang them with clothes pins like this.  Very similar to my leaf banner we made last year

I just cut out leaves and had the girls watercolor them and then attached them to a ribbon to hang.  Fun and easy.  Nothing says fall like leaves.  Whether they’re real or painted.  :)

Here is another fun leaf display I want to try next year.

And one last fun Fall decor pic.  I love how all of the white makes those orange and red leaves just pop!

{Crafts for the Kiddos}

Just a few more fun ideas to keep the little ones entertained while they are waiting around for Thanksgiving dinner.  Q-tip art is great.  I always loved these kinds of projects when I taught school because they keep the kids busy for a really long time.  :)

This is another project that would keep the kids occupied for a while.  And use up all of those extra buttons you have laying around!

How cute are these Mayflower ships!?  Love the personalized sails.

Not in the mood to get creative with crafts this year?  Here are a few free Thanksgiving printables for the  kids to color.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Visit Reading with Kids and Living Locurto to print them.

Happy Turkey Day planning everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving “Pinspiration”

  1. Great Ideas!! And, I must confess, I bought the $9.99 curling iron at Target on Sunday after watching your video. I don’t think I have owned one for 10 years! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  2. Thanks again for the amazing pinterest finds!!! I am getting more and more tempted to head over there! LOL!!!! I SUPER want to make that turkey cheese ball!!!! Hmmmm…. :-)

  3. We don’t do thanksgiving over here in Australia, but please, please, please can you do the same thing for Christmas!!

  4. Thanks everyone! So glad these ideas were helpful!

    Katy – I DID post some fun Christmas pinterest ideas. Click the link in this post in the first paragraph where it says “last week I shared some Christmas inspiration.”


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