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More Christmas fun (pinspiration!)

Ok.  I really didn’t mean to turn this into Christmas week on my blog, but I just can’t help myself!  I’m popping in to share a few of my favorite Holiday ideas from the wonderful world of Pinterest.  And then I’ll return from the North Pole and tomorrow’s post will NOT be a Christmas one.  At least I don’t think it will be…  :)

How fun is this!?  A hot chocolate “station” for the month of December.  If I had room in my kitchen somewhere to make this happen I would be all over it!  Especially if I had those fun numbered mugs.

This picture is a little grainy, but I’m so in love with this display!  I know.  Predictable me and my love for white pitchers and vases.  But don’t the green wreaths and the single ornaments look beautiful mixed in with the decor!?  They say Christmas without screaming Christmas.  Fun inspiration for my hutch this year.

Isnt’ this little guy cute!?  And so easy to make.  I love holiday treats like this that are easy and require NO baking.

My mom makes something similar to this with cinnamon sticks every December and her house always smells so heavenly.  I can’t wait to make this!  So maybe I won’t wait.  That’s it – I’m making this tomorrow.  Probably right as you are reading this post I’ll be in my kitchen making my Holiday Potpourri mix.  Can’t you just smell it!?

This is the most creative elf on the shelf idea I’ve ever seen.  She painted her kids’ noses red while they were sleeping and then left this note.  How fun is that!?  My girls would love it.  Our elf is going to get pretty creative this year!  (If you don’t know about the elf on the shelf, you can read about him here and see some fun places he likes to hide in our house.)

This is such a simple and inexpensive way to create a Christmas centerpiece.  Everything you need can be found at the grocery store!  Well.  Most of it anyway.

I’m so in love with the next three images.  They are all simple and creative ideas for a window display.

I especially appreciate the simplicity and how these are all things the kids can help with.  My girls love to help decorate for the holidays.

More white pitcher love!  Last one.  I promise.  This image got me thinking about all sorts of things you could put in them and on them to decorate for this time of year.

This is a fun free printable.  Wouldn’t it look cute blown up in a thick black or white frame?

An easy mantel display anyone can pull off.  Love the ornaments in the white vases.  (They’re vases, not pitchers so I didn’t break my promise.)

Another creative winter treat idea.  Ellie’s birthday is in January and these would be so fun to make for her class.  And by “make” I mean buy the sugar cookies and just decorate them cute.  :)

Or I could go with something simple like this.  Aren’t these snowmen adorable!?

Love this fun and simple place setting for Christmas Eve dinner.  Then the kids can eat them for dessert!

And isn’t this a beautiful decor idea for the front outside steps!?  Just cranberries, candles, and salt.  SO pretty.

I just love this cute and simple December snack idea.  Probably because we eat a lot of pretzels, cheese, and sugar snap peas around here.  Well.  I eat a lot of sugar snap peas.  Remember what my girls do with them!?

Have a Happy Christmas Thursday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “More Christmas fun (pinspiration!)

  1. Ok, Erin. LOL I literally scrolled down a bit further when you said you were making the potpourri… I scrolled down… and down. and down. Just WAITING for you to say, “just kidding!” But it never came!!! And then when I went past several more DIFFERENT pictures, I scrolled BACK UP to the potpourri part, reread, tried AGAIN to find a “Just kidding” comment, and still didn’t find it!! Even though it’s not cooking or baking, I just didn’t imagine you mixing something up! ;-) So funny! Had to give you a hard time! It looks amazing! Hope you blog about it!

    I love it when you share your pinterest finds! I have not allowed myself to join pinterest and hopefully won’t for awhile. I get too caught up in blogland… ahem… to take on anything else!!!! So… I love it when lovely ladies like you post your fab pinterest finds on your blogs! Obviously, I follow the blogs of people that I have “like interests” of, so the things you, for instance, like on pinterest are about 98% of the time things that I like, so it works out! (You’re doing all my pinterest-work for me!! Don’t stop though, okay?!?!)

    I also LOVE the “i heart organizing” blog, introduced by you, of course! Can’t remember if she posts pinterest finds, but she is always posting lovely things, and linking to others’ blogs… lots of eye candy and inspiration over there! …And MaryAnn Perry? Do you check her fabulous Project Life inspiration out at Love all the extras she adds to her albums and all the fun sizes and assortments of page protectors! Introduced to her by Becky, of course- can’t wait to see this new creative team in action!!

    Oh!! Sidenote! (Thought of this b/c of MaryAnn!) Do you use the We R Memory Keepers 12×12 leather albums or just Becky’s albums that come with Project Life?? Right now, has the albums for 50% off, making them $14.99. Not sure how long the sale is good for… however, Thursday, 11-17-11 ONLY, J’s has FREE SHIPPING w/ no minimum purchase, which is phenomenal!!! Normally, it’s $35 minimum and that’s with a coupon! Use coupon code PGR321 at checkout for shipping! Also, I think the page protectors and such are 50% off as well! Love all the different ones out there for my albums. (Who cares if they’re just sitting in a drawer… in 10 years, they MIGHT be in albums! :-) And I will know that I got an excellent bargain on them!!!!)

    Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration! I think I’ll frame that printable! Love it! Also LOVE the pine cones in the window, especially b/c I have about 500,000 of them in my backyard that currently need a new home- besides my lawn. And loving the wreath/hutch idea, too. I have a hutch with a beadboard backing, too! Love the green on white look, my hutch is kind of a maple (??) color and the beadboard part is slightly darker tone. It’s a recent purchase- not sure I convince the hubs to paint it for 1) just one project for 2) just one holiday! I still think the wreaths would look fab just the way my hutch is, though!

    LASTLY, PLEASE share your Elf on the Shelf ideas!!!! And do so BEFORE Christmas :-) :-) Please!!!! :-) This will be our first year with “Fred.” Ha– that was one of the names on the page in the book where they are naming the Elf, and that’s what DD decided she liked. I found Elf on the Shelf and Barnes and Noble for $14.97 with free shipping! Score! Would love some fun ideas, but will have to stash some away for when Leighton (who will be 4 months old ALREADY on Saturday!!!) is old enough to participate in the fun!)

    Okay girl, sorry for my book! You get me all excited with your fun blog posts!!!

  2. Love, Love, LOVE all of this and am I not following you on Pinterest?!? I mean that just doesn’t seem possible and yet I could swear I haven’t seen any of that stuff pop up on my home page! Must check out right away :)

  3. OMGosh! My head is spinning with all the fabulous-ness you just posted! I absolutely ADORE the hot chocolate station! I can’t wait to prepare some of those CUTE snacks for our baby girl when she gets a little older. LOVE everything!!!!

  4. These are all great! I am having a cookie exchange party and I pinned an adorable idea with a hot chocolate station. I cannot wait to set it up for the party.

  5. Valerie! You are too cute!!

    Loved your book of a comment. It was fun to read this morning. :) I’ll have to check into those binders! So far I have been ordering Becky’s full kits so I just use the Project Life binders that come with them. I’m excited about the creative team she has pulled together too! I can’t wait to get started on my new albums after the holidays. I’ll try to post some Elf on the Shelf ideas throughout December. You will love that tradition! My girls are so into it. They ask me everyday now “when is our elf coming!?

    And I know! I really am going to mix that potpourri up! Impressed!? Let’s see if I can pull it off without burning something first…. :)

  6. It has been on my to do list to find a recipe for the potpourri–I am so glad you posted it! What is Santa bringing your girls for Christmas this year? My girls are 7 & 5 and I am having trouble this year–any suggestions of a must buy?

  7. The hot chocolate station is so cute- I really might have to do that, I will need cute mugs though too. The candy canes from the window, darling too, I saw those the other day and just thought, why haven’t I thought of that. So simple.

    So my mom likes your blog too and actually put a link to it on her facebook status today, so if you get a lot of visitors, you can just thank me!!

  8. Ok, I loved so many of those cute ideas…even though I’m ANTI craft. I think I’m going to do a few of those!

    Loving that potpourri mixture. Gotta do that one asap.

  9. I would like to just pause for a long big sigh…ahhhh! So many beautiful things, and I would love to have a hot chocolate station, but you know where all that chocolate powder would end up at my house? And the marshmallows, and the candy canes? Okay, another deep breath:)!! Fun finds Erin. Thanks for posting!

  10. Thanks for putting me in the mood and inspiring me to get out the christmas decor before we leave for San Diego. Have I mentioned how I love your commentary — so much fun! Happy Thursday!

  11. ok, love the christmas stuff!!

    oh and today i was at nordstroms and got one of those adorable BP scarfs. i’m in love! and might need to go back for a second and a third!

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