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Fashion Friday – rain and vests and scarves

Kicking this week off with a little rain gear!  I wore a lot of stuff like this at the beginning of the week while we were sloshing around in the rain.  Obviously without the belly.  (I was too wet to get a picture!)  The picture above was taken two months before Kole was born and I have to say that looking back at it makes me pretty happy I’m not toting around the basketball this Fall.  A basketball that soon became a watermelon which did bad things to my back, my personality, and my overall sanity.  BUT.  Still cute rain boots, right?   A gift from my sister from Nordstroms for my b-day one year.

And speaking of cute rain boots, I’m still over the moon about Hunter rain boots.  
They come in so many fun, bright colors!  I fell in love with the green Hunters two years ago and still hope to someday own a pair.  They would just make rainy days more fun, wouldn’t they?
These two also make rainy days more fun.  This is an older picture too, but these boots still fit!  And my girls still love wearing them.  Rain is SO exciting around here because we rarely have a change in the weather.  San Diego has no need for a weather person.  You can pretty much bet that it will be in the low 70’s and sunny in my neck of the woods.  In July.  And October.  And January.  And April.  And every other month I didn’t mention.  So when we get a rain storm everyone gets excited and brings out their winter wear and people crash their cars (because we only know how to drive when it’s 70 degrees and sunny) and all sorts of crazy things start to happen. 

This is another fun gift from my sister.  Last year for Christmas she gave me this Michael Kors vest (also from Nordstroms).  I love it so much and am always bummed I don’t get to wear it more so as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees I bust it out of the closet!  

I wear it with just a plain colored turtle-neck underneath.  
Or I’ll take a fitted long sleeved top like this grey one from Express…
and put the vest on over it.  I love how puffy and comfortable it is!  Feels like I’m wearing a pillow. 
 A stylish, comfortable, warm pillow.  :)
K.  So since we’re talking Nordstroms, I have to share with you my most recent finds.  Went there last week to try on boots that Kenny is getting me for Christmas.  He doesn’t know he’s getting me boots for Christmas yet, but he is.  Anyway.  Didn’t find a pair I loved BUT as I was cruising around B.P.  I spotted the most beautiful scarves!  They were so soft and warm and fresh and fun!  They are called Ruffled Pointelle scarves and it was love at first sight.  I don’t have many scarves because again, not needed much in my climate, but I do visit Utah and other cold places now and again.  I quickly convinced myself I couldn’t go one more day without one of these scarves!  But which one!!?  They come in so many fun colors!  I debated between the two colors I knew I’d wear the most (cream and grey)  and then finally did the only sensible thing left to do and bought them both!  
These scarves are only 22 bucks by the way!  What a bargain!  

Here is the grey one.  I love the different shades of grey together, but this scarf will go with so many other fun colors too.  See!  A staple, right!??  Even if I’m sweating to death in it!   

This is a simple green V-neck sweater from Forever 21 I bought last Fall.  
 And look how much more fun it is with my new cream ruffled pointelle scarf!  
Now I’m wondering how I lived without these my whole life!  And I’m so tempted to go back and buy more in different colors!  But since I know that might be a bit much (especially since my cold weather days are few and far between) I’m thinking they would sure be fun Christmas gifts! 

Kole agrees.  He wants his in turquoise.  
I wore this sweater and scarf with my Italy boots the first time, and then wore it again to the park last Saturday.  Since my boots are not exactly park attire, I wore it with my Uggs.  
Which are seriously almost falling apart because I wore them so much when I was pregnant. 
 My feet (along with my stomach and butt) were also starting to resemble watermelons.  
The morning at the park was a fun get together for Addison’s Kindergarten class.  

The whole family was invited to come and play and visit and eat.  Addison was so excited to take us to meet all of her classmates.  She picked out her clothes, accessories, and hair style for the occasion.  Ellie just wanted to be in whatever was the most comfy.  Kenny decided to wow us all with one of his many Chargers sweatshirts.  

And I was happy as a clam in my favorite color green and my new scarf.  
Some might call us a bit predictable.  
I like to think we are just a family who knows what we like.  And are comfortable in our own skin.  
And yeah.  We’re a bit predictable too.  
Have a great weekend everyone!  God bless our Veterans!
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xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – rain and vests and scarves

  1. Ok, I seriously neeeeeed some of those scarves! For $22, maybe I can sneak one in before Christmas (it is my birthday month after all) and then decide on a couple more colors for my Chrissy list :)

    The cream one looks stunning on you with the green sweater & your lovely hair color! Love me some Uggs too (it’s the Aussie in me), I pretty much live in them. Many more days to wear them here in Nor Cal.

    Your girls are adorable….love that one is a fashionista and the other just wants to be comfy :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. HI Erin! What a cute post! I love those scarves, think they make the best gifts too, and last year gave some from there as teacher gifts! And it is going to rain tomorrow they say!! So quick run and get the rain boots.:) Can’t wait to see the boots Kenny gets you for Christmas! Oh, and I was so excited to see Charlie and Kole in their strollers! It really make me want to get out there again….so this week!! xoxo

  3. I am dying for that cream scarf! The colors are perfect on you. I love the weather here in San Diego. Our cold and wet weather clothing can be wore just enough for my liking!

  4. Fashion question for you: do you only wear boots with skinny jeans? If not, how do you avoid the bunching at the knee when you put your boots on? Is there a secret? I dont wear skinny jeans because I dont have the figure for them, and I dont want to buy a pair just so I can wear boots over jeans. But, I can’t get boots over my boot cut jeans without them bunching at the knee.

  5. Oooh I love those scarves! Must get my self one next winter. San Diego weather sounds lovely..I always wondered how you managed to wear jeans so often. I’m in Australia and it ranges from 70 – 100 hot hot :) Looks like Addison has her mummy’s sense of style :)

  6. Hi Heather!

    This is such a good question. Yes. I do only wear skinny jeans with boots. They just don’t work with regular jeans! They will always bunch up and not look right. I used to not wear skinny jeans either because I felt like they made my thighs look heavier but I finally broke down and bought a pair just for boots and after a while I started liking them better on me than my other jeans! My advice is to give skinny jeans a try. You can find some really affordable ones at places like Target just to have a pair for boots. (They look more flattering with boots than with flats) My bet is that you’ll start to like them on you more than you think! :)

  7. i love these scarves so much and we dont have a nordstorms, i went to los angeles this weekend and hit up 2 differnet nordstorms and ended up with 10 scarves HA! they were on clearance for $9 so i bought out both stores and now have 5 awesome gifts for my girl friends and 5 new colors for me yay thanks for this post!

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