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Random Thursday

Have you ever taken a picture of your TV before?  I do it all the time when I see decor ideas I love.  Isn’t this picture collage cool with different mirrors?  I so want to do this somewhere in my house.  I just don’t have a wall to do it on.  Next house for sure.  Genevieve is my idol.  I LOVE her show.  And I want her to come and decorate my house.  Like tomorrow.  Or the next day because tomorrow is looking a little busy.  

Costco run.  It’s crazy to me how much we buy in BULK now.  Every time I make a Costco run I am reminded of the fact that I now have a full on FAMILY to feed and take care of.  Duh.  But I still feel like a 16 year old so much of the time that sometimes this fact hits me over the head.  Like it happened over night.  Like I went to a sleep over at my friend Koni’s and we watched Dirty Dancing (because nobody puts baby in a corner) and we ate an entire pizza and stayed up late talking about the cute Senior who was flirting with me in school.  Then we went to sleep and I woke up and was 34 and married to that cute Senior who was flirting with me in school and we have three kids.  And we buy everything in bulk.

And these are my thoughts when I buy super sized paper towels and fishy crackers.  If you didn’t think I was crazy before, you do now.  

My girls and their go to spot for TV viewing.  Why they would rather sit there than on a perfectly comfortable couch with back support and a better view of the TV I’ll never understand.  
Heading to school.  Kenny takes the girls most mornings on his way to work.  He is super dad and I love him for this.  It makes things so much easier for me in the mornings.  That way I only have to focus on getting two people ready and out the door instead of four people.  On days that Kenny has early meetings and can’t take them, Kole and I head to the school in our pajamas.  And the girls get mad at me because I don’t know the “super secret passage ways” that daddy uses to take them to their classes.  I’m glad the three of them have their morning bonding time.  Kole and I have our morning bonding time too.  It includes breakfast, cleaning up the breakfast mess, an episode of The Wiggles (so that I am able to clean up the breakfast mess), and exercise.  
I mentioned in the post I did about my exercise routine that I’ve gone through stages with my babies where I couldn’t go to the gym and do aerobics like I love to do.  I’m going through one of those stages now.  Kole is NOT having it at the play care at the the gym.  Major separation anxiety.  Bawls his head off until they come and get me and then clings to me for dear life for an hour after, afraid I’m going to leave him.  With my girls, this stage was so hard for me.  I felt like I would never have “me time” again.  Mom’s can’t even go to the bathroom alone at this stage!  Let alone exercise.  But I have something this third time around that I didn’t have when my girls were babies.  Perspective.  I now know how quickly this stage really is (even though in the thick of it you feel like it will never end).   So I am ok without my “me time” at the gym.  Kole and I have been walking every morning together.  Sometimes with friends (pic above is with one of his favorite walking buddies at the beach) and sometimes just the two of us.  I am cherishing this time I have with my little buddy.  Who will have no problem being away from me before I know it.  And when that time comes, I’ll go to aerobics.  And to the bathroom by myself.  And I will miss my little shadow.  

Cleaning out my purse and balancing my checkbook.   Julie and Elizabeth (my “grand kids” as Ellie calls them) wanted to help.

These two could play for hours together every day.  They can’t wait to get home from school, change into their pajamas, and play play play.  Their creativity and imagination is endless and I love peeking in on them to see and hear what they’ve come up with this time around.    

I find so many funny little notes and stories around the house that Ellie writes.  She amuses me like nothing else.  This note I found was so random it made me smile.  I bet you didn’t know that Cheetahs are freaky.  :)  

Major rainstorm last weekend.  I loved it.  It made it actually feel like Fall around here.  

Kenny took the girls camping at some cabins with a group of other dads/daughters.  They had a blast stomping around in rain boots and roasting hot dogs by the fire.  And while I didn’t enjoy the clean-up that followed their little weekend adventure, I did enjoy some peace and quiet in the house.  I put Kole to bed early and a certain werewolf and vampire kept me company.  :)

Cleaned my make-up brushes today.  I keep thinking I should do a post on my favorite make-up.  Just for fun.  But I never get around to actually doing it.  Kind of like my hair post I promised so many of you.  Thanks for being patient.  It will happen at some point.  :)  

A few weeks ago I decided to try a new recipe.  I made a chicken/chili soup.  It took forever to chop everything up.  Then I got ambitious and decided to also make banana bread/muffins at the same time.  WHAT was I thinking!?

 I got in over my head quickly and made a huge mess in my kitchen.  Which always puts me in a bad mood.  But the chicken dish did turn out pretty good.  Kenny really liked it.

The first two batches of banana bread/muffins turned out great too.  But then when I was cooking the third batch, I got distracted upstairs with the kids and didn’t hear the oven timer.  


And I haven’t cooked since.

Have a beautiful Thursday everyone! 

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. OMGosh…this post brings back so many memories of when our girls were younger. Your daughters remind me of our girls at that age. Always loved playing together with their dolls. I remember the days of the Costco bulk runs too…heaven forbid we should run out of those fishies!

  2. In first reading I thought of the little restaurant on main with the cute turquoise frames in st. george? i thought of you last time we were in there! Loved your random sharing. I love how you really treasure the time with your family. It does fly by so fast. (I know that’s what older people say so I guess I’m there!) Enjoy and Happy Thursday to you.

  3. Hi Erin. I use to work at a daycare. Trust me. I’ve been through a lot with other peoples kids. We had this poor little girl cry for 3 weeks nonstop. Then she used to nap for 3 hours because she woule be so exhausted. She didn’t ball her eyes out loud or anything it was just a sad wimpering. Just enough to break your heart. Then one day she just stopped. Just stopped. She opened her heart to us! Success! Here’s a tip if you haven’t tried it yet. Otherwise disreguard this. Take Kole to the gym daycare 2 or 3 times a week for about 15 minutes and stay in there with him. Do this for about 3 weeks and maybe each week add another 5 minutes longer. Try not to hold him but just simply sit on the floor and play with the toys. Don’t let him sit on your lap. Then the following week try to play with the other kids or talk to the teacher that’s in the room and try to “ignore Kole” <–that’s sounds harsh. Maybe avoid him is better? Then by the 3rd week stand the whole time and just talk and hang out. Hopefully by the 4th week you can go in for a few minutes and then just slip out when he is not looking. Might work? Just a little tip if you wanna give it a try. Although i think I would choose walking at the beach over the gym any day!

  4. Oh how I love that you married the cute senior that flirted with you in high school, soooo sweet!

    Yep, mommyhood brings Costco runs, doing the same thing here today (and also picking up toilet tissue, paper towel, fishy crackers….we’re out of the diapers stage now, and I can’t say I miss it!).

    I bought Natalie (my oldest, who is 6) new Hello Kitty pj pants at Target yesterday & as she was leaving for school this morning (love Daddy drop off days!) she says “I’m changing into my comfy Hello Kitty pants as soon as I get home!!” Ha, obviously gets her love of pjs from her mother ;)

    It’s also lovely to hear you are embracing the separation anxiety period with Kole. I worried about it with Natalie, but with Emma (now 3) I knew she was probably my last bubba & I just held on tight!

    Wish I could walk at the beach, looks gorgeous!

  5. This made me giggle like the highschooler I still think I am too :) There are times when I stand with my 7yr old at the bus stop and 2 little ones and think “I bet those kids think I look sooo old” but the truth is I don’t feel much different than I did when I was 15 years younger! Hopefully it’s that type of thinking that will KEEP us younger!

  6. Hi Erin. I love the Twilight series as well. My girlfriend was over the other day and we were talking about the upcoming movie and figuring out what day would be best to go and see it. My daughter heard us and rolled her eyes. She is 11 1/2 (no, she has not read the books, still to young in my opinion) and thinks it’s hilarious that my friends and I have read Twilight and seen all the movies. I can’t wait till she is old enough to go and see all the girl movies with me!

  7. Erin, love the random posts. :) Wasn’t that rain storm just awesome?! Love the occasional rain to mix things up a bit.
    If you are ever looking for someone to walk with on Tuesdays or Thursdays just let me know. I go walking with a friend on those days when Audra is at preschool. She sometimes can’t make it & I end up walking alone. Not bad…but, I would love to have the time to chat with you as well. So, if you don’t think my prego belly would hold you back too much just let me know & we’ll figure out a date we can go walking. I would love it!

  8. I love that you are so honest about your cooking endeavors. I like baking, but not cooking so much.

    I would love a post about makeup. And what do you use to clean your makeup brushes with? I am just using warm water, but it seems there is something else that would work better.

  9. I am loving the “perspective” phase of being a mother. It has made mothering a lot more enjoyable for me. Love how your girls play. Love Ellie’s handwriting. Glad you guys are doing well. :)

  10. LOVE these fun comments everyone! Thank you so much.

    Lauren – I use a little shampoo to clean out my make-up brushes. Just rub a little on each with some water and it gets all of the make-up out. Then it rinses right off! A make-up artist gave me that tip and I’ve had clean brushes ever since. :)

  11. Ha! What a fun post, Erin! I was about ready to throw you a party for your homecooked meal you prepared. Way to go! Of course, the Erin we know and love came back with the burned muffins. :) I laughed, not gonna lie.

    And can I just say….I’m totally one of those who changes out of the jeans and into the PJ pants the second I get home or my company leaves. Bravo to your young ladies. :)

  12. I love your Fashion Fridays but gotta say your Random Thursdays are great too! My name is Julie and my first ‘big’ doll was named Elizabeth! Ha ha! And my big tip for you today is about muffins – these days I never bake them without first lining the trays with paper cases – cuts down on the washing up after!

  13. Thanks Sheila! :)

    Julie! Such a great tip! I so wish I would have thought of that before I ruined my muffin tin! Next time for sure! If there is a next time. :)

  14. Oh my gosh you make me laugh. I do that too…the muffin thing-but usually mine are cookies. And those sweet girls playing…I remember when Abbey would play for hours and hours with her stuffed animals. And Ellie’s printing is amazing! It is so neat and perfect!
    I could never deal (I could but I didn’t want to I guess?) with separation anxiety crying. What is worth it, really? Nothing. They are such babies and so darn cute and one day they won’t care if you are gone or not. I love that you made adjustments. He is the cutest little guy ever. And he looks like all my boys at that age…BUSY!

  15. LOVE seeing the pics of the kids! You know I love all your posts, but I start to miss the pics of the girls after so many organizing posts! :) I always love the pics you snap of them and their toys, they always make me laugh. And Ellie’s note, where did she pull that from?! An interesting list for sure. Love that girl. And I totally know what you mean about shopping at Costco. I’ve had a lot of those moments in the past year, like- what the heck, I’m driving a mini van because I have 3 kids, I’m such a grown up! And the sad thing is, shopping at Costco is one of my favorite things to do!

  16. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean, when I shop at Costco I’m always bothered that we’re BUYING SO MUCH. But then I realize that we have four little girls and we’re mostly just getting the necessities of life. Who knew bulk would be such a big part of our lives . . . .

    You have a darling family, by the way. Will you do a question/answer paint post? I love the yellow in your girls’ playroom (maybe bedroom). I’m up in Seattle, so warm colors are always good!

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