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Fashion Friday/SYTYCD

Friday is here!  Made it through another week.  Barely.  I swear I’m still recovering from Halloween.  At least that’s the excuse I’ve made all week as to why there hasn’t been a decent meal on the table and why the same load of laundry has been sitting in the dryer for five days surrounded by piles of dirty clothes.  And the reason I’ve been eating so lousy (seriously need to chuck all of that extra candy out the window!).  And the reason I was terrible about taking pics and don’t have a lot of outfits to share with you today.  But I’ll share what I’ve got!  
And the first thing I’ve got is quite a show stopper!  Modeling the latest in elf wear…
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  You know the funny thing is that I honestly grabbed my camera to take a picture of this after putting it on Halloween morning just out of habit.  It has just become part of my routine.  That’s how committed I am to Fashion Friday people!  Then I laughed at myself and took one anyway.  Not at all going to be surprised if this outfit doesn’t show up on the cover of Vogue soon.  Very flattering for all body types and a must have for Fall.  ;)
This is a simple jacket shirt (at least that’s what I call it) that I bought at Nordstroms (Brass Plum).  I just wear a white tank under it.  I bought it a couple of years ago when I was going through my green phase. 
I bought so many green tops one year.  I didn’t even notice it until I organized my closet and color coordinated everything.  Then I went “WOW.  Over half of my closet is green!”  And that was the end of my green era.  It was fun while it lasted.  
Wore it with my favorite first love Sevens.  
About to take another pic of the outfit and decided Kole brushing his teeth was more interesting.  I can’t even tell you how many tooth brushes we’ve gone through in the past three months.  He steals them and wanders off “brushing” his teeth and then we never find them again.  I know someday I’m going to be cleaning and hit the mother load of all toothbrushes.  He’s gotta be stashing them somewhere…
The rest of the week was boring and I wore stuff I’ve already shared like the top above.  It was HOT here this week so we broke out the summer clothes again.  San Diego is weird that way.  Sometimes October and November are our warmest months.  

Which is why I wore this summer top for a fun date on Wednesday night.
Kenny and I realized this was our 5th year going to see SYTYCD live and it has become a tradition I hope never ends.  
 We went with our fun friends Marc and Ann again this year.  This is a picture of all four of us last year.
And here are some pictures of us in front of the arena this year…
My cute friend Ann had on a fun outfit so I made sure to get a full length pic so you could see the clothes!  Our husbands were rolling their eyes at us.  We were like “ok – now take a close-up, now take a shot that shows our boots, did we look fat?  K – take that one again.”  Kenny usually humors me and my picture taking for a good 2-3 minutes and then he is DONE.  With a capital D.  

But he was good to let me get a quick shot of the two of us.  Kenny knows how much I love this show and always pre-orders our tickets so we can get awesome seats.  Then he grins and bears it through picture taking because he knows how much my pictures mean to me.  
That is a good man.  
One who has been trained well.  :)
Pics from past seasons of SYTYCD.  This show never disappoints!  The dancing was incredible and we all had a great time.  
Went to the grocery store today to get stuff to make dinner and instead bought a frozen pizza and the new People Style Watch!  I’m ready to kick off the weekend NOW.  Looks like some great tips on jeans in this issue.  You know I’m all about a pair of good fitting jeans.  
And since I’m not sharing anything too fabulous that I wore this week, here’s an outfit I love on my sweet Ellie.  

Skirt and top are from The Gap.  I love this on her because it just seems to fit her personality.  And it’s not “itchy” so she’ll actually wear it.  Win win.  

And here’s Kole a.k.a “Ariel” in his or should I say “her” latest ensemble.  This is a long shirt that Ellie wears with leggings.  Honestly, about three times a day I turn around and Kole is out of his regular clothes and wearing one of Ellie’s shirts.  I can’t help but laugh out loud every time he waddles in the room in something like this!

Ellie and her dress up doll.  The two of them are pretty tight.  And I’m sure they will be.  Right up until Kole grows up and sees these pictures.  :)

But for now, Ariel doesn’t seem to mind one bit.  
Have a great weekend everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Fashion Friday/SYTYCD

  1. Hi,
    I just wondered if you ever find it hard to find church standard clothes for you & your children?

    Here in the UK it’s often hard to find tops that aren’t low-cut or skirts that are too short, even for children!

    People here also find it really hard to wear a wedding dress that they can also wear in the temple. (We get married in a chapel here first & then sealed in the temple later that day)

  2. The whole Ariel thing is hilarious. I’m still laughing about Kole only being a boy because “some doctor said he was.” But I do have a cautionary tale:

    When I was a little girl, there was a family down the street who had three little girls close to my age. We played together all the time, and everything we played involved dressing up. With three big sisters, I had lots of great dress ups. This family eventually had a little boy, and because I was the youngest of my family and thought babies/toddlers were the bomb, I would force my friends to bring their little brother along to play. Well, it wasn’t long before he wondered where his dress ups were, and we started dressing him up in dresses–that was all I had. Problem was, before long, he thought that’s what he should be wearing ALL THE TIME. His mom would send him off to get ready for church, and he’d come out in a dress. They were late for church more than once because of the huge temper tantrums he’d throw over wearing…pants. Unfortunately, it was a phase that lasted more than five years. His parents were so stressed about it, my mom actually made boy dress up clothes and hid all the dresses his size at our house.

    I’m laughing so hard remembering this, I’m almost crying! The good news is, the neighbor boy did recover from his gender identity issues. I think he’s a mechanic and volunteer firefighter in our hometown, now.

  3. Hi Erin,
    Just wanted you to know that I look forward to your Friday Fashion posts every week! Can’t wait for the long anticipated HAIR post!!! Have a great weekend with your sweet family.
    p.s.-how do you organize your belts? Do you still organize your closet by colour? I’d love to see a post about organizing clothing (both yours and the kids!)

  4. I am always so impressed with all that you do as a mother of 3! I aspire to do everything you do. Please, please share where you got the necklace you are wearing with the striped shirt? I adore it!

  5. Poor, poor Kole. He does make a cute girl though, that’s for sure! Maybe he is throwing the tooth brushes in the garbage and that’s why you’re not finding them? My friend Kathryn started loosing shoes that way and had to start checking the garbages all the time!

  6. Kole cracks me up with that sly smile of his. He will most likely not be to happy when he looks back and sees all the photo’s of him dressed up as a girl, but that is what big sisters are for, right?

    We use to dress up Eli in Zoe’s princess gowns, hair accessories, and bathing suits, you name it. He was all for it and even dressed himself up in the garb from time to time. He actually looked like a girl and was quite pretty. Now, when he looks at the photo’s he denies they are him and he wants me to delete them. He is sooo embarrassed and he is only 7 :)

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Jelly – yes! It is hard to find modest clothes. A lot harder in the summer than the winter. I haven’t had a hard time with my girls YET. Only because they are still little. But I have friends with kids only a few years older and they have a really hard time finding clothes for them that is modest. You definitely have fewer options!

    Ruth – that story is hilarious! I can’t let Kenny read it or he will put a quick halt to the girls dressing up Kole! :)

    Littlebee – Thank you so much! I’m going to post kids’ clothes organization soon and sometime I’ll get to my belts! :)

    Jewels and Cyrus – Thank you! You are so kind. The necklace I wear with the striped shirt I bought at a specialty store here in San Diego. I can’t remember the name of the store! Sorry that isn’t much help!

  8. I love reading your posts and seeing the great clothes. I sure hope they have the elf outfit in my size! :)

    LOVE SYTYCD!!! I saw this year’s tour in Chicago. Sasha was sick, so we didn’t see her, but the performances were amazing and we had great seats. Jess surprised me. I didn’t love him on the show, but in person, WOW! He was fantastic! (Plus, he winked at me!)

  9. Erin! You really could post yourself in anything and it would be fashionable! Love the pics and the posts, and Ariel:). Glad you had fun at sytycd…so fun! YOu are just fun and fashionable, and so glad you are my friend! xo!~

  10. Kole is adorable but you can tell he is a little boy. He has that look on his face! Ellie, Addison, and Kole are all beautiful and such a blessing!(:

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